Guest Post & Giveaway: Amy Carol Reeves Goes to London for Ripper

April 10, 2013 Author Feature, Giveaway, Guest Post 5

We’re stoked to have Amy Carol Reeves, author of Ripper and Renegade with us today! She shares with us some insights  – *cough* shenanigans that she and her sister got up to during their trip to London for research on her Ripper series.  You can read Pab’s review of Renegade here. Read on for the post AND the giveaway!

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Amy Carol Reeves

I recently returned from a research trip in London for the Ripper series. My sister Kristen traveled with me as my fearless research assistant. Since I’m in the middle of promoting Renegade and writing Resurrection, I had a lot on my mind, and, although I’d like to think we were a cross between Indiana Jones and Charlie’s Angels (scholarly and suave), I’m afraid we were a bit more like two of The Three Stooges. I’ve compiled here five of my favorite quotes from the trip.

  1. “Geez…um…do you mind making sure no one snatches my camera while I take these photographs?”  

Royal London HospitalAmy Carol Reeves with Ripper victim poster  

One thing about Ripper territory is that Whitechapel was dodgy during the Victorian period and it’s STILL DODGY today. I should have known it wasn’t a wise idea to run to the East End at nightfall to take some photographs of the Royal London Hospital and The Ten Bells Pub. But I was crazy and ambitious, more focused on writing this series for Ripper fans than I was about good sense. I should have remembered from when I was in London a few years ago on the Jack the Ripper tour, how my guide had told us to stay close. He told us that the area was pretty dodgy and that once when he was giving a tour, an inebriated man had tap danced on the rooftop of a taxi just for his tour group. Anyway, I didn’t see anything that cool, and I was determined to get my pictures so I asked my sister to be my bodyguard while I pulled out my very nice camera and started taking photographs. Not my brightest. Here is a picture of the hospital, and one of me at the Ten Bells Pub with a picture of one of the Ripper victims. (Sorry, I think there is a penis drawing in the picture—like I said, quite dodgy.)

       2.“Excuse me, what on your menu is gluten free?” 

Yes, I do have to follow a gluten-free diet, and I wish that I had a photograph of the British servers’ expressions when I asked for gluten-free items in hole-in-the-wall pubs.

         3. “Holy ****!” I just saw a mouse run across your suitcase!”

I’m not nearly as brave as my main character in Ripper, Abbie Sharp. There are certain things that I can’t tolerate, and mice, rats, cockroaches, etc. are among a few. We stayed at a charming, but as the British would say, “slightly dodgy,” hotel, and yes, a mouse did run across the room. And yes, my sister and I did jump up on the bed screaming. And yes, we did set feminism back about thirty years.

       4.“Your new boyfriend sounds cool. I think you should buy him a Dr. Who souvenir. It will be sort of a litmus test to see if he’s REALLY cool.”

David Tennant Dr. Who Dalek

My sister, has a new boyfriend and she left him behind in the states while we traveled, and I think you can totally judge a boyfriend’s character and intelligence by whether he likes Dr. Who or not. For the record, my husband, like all awesome men, loves the Dr. Who show. I told her that if he didn’t like Dr. Who, then she should “exterminate” him. *snort* *snort*   

      5. “Sit on this bench and try to look really cool like the Beatles.”

Amy Carol Reeves sister on bench

One of the main places that I needed to see for my research was Old St. Pancras Church. It is a little but fascinating church, one of the oldest churches in England. The church is a main setting in Resurrection. Anyway, apart from the many fascinating historical markers there (i.e. the Hardy Tree, Mary Wollstonecraft’s tombstone) there is a beautiful little enclosed garden around Johann Christian Bach’s grave. The Beatles had part of their Mad Day Out photo shoot in this area.


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5 Responses to “Guest Post & Giveaway: Amy Carol Reeves Goes to London for Ripper”

  1. Anne

    That would be one of the best perks with being a writer, being able to write off trips for the sake of research. I’d come up with a series where the heroine travel throughout the world.

  2. Wendy Darling

    I took a Jack the Ripper tour once while I was in London, so I recall these locations well. And I can imagine those pubs did not take kindly to being asked for gluten-free options, hah.

    Fun guest post!

    Wendy @ The Midnight Garden

    • Tabitha the Pabkins

      Jealous you went to London! I wonder if its mostly the US that has all these people allergic to gluten. muuwhahaha. Hey I hope you entered the big blogversary grand prize giveaway Wendy!!

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