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Welcome to one of the Blog Tour stops for Blood Street by Carl Alves Today Carl is going to tell us about his first experience with the movie that might have caused many a nightmare…that’s right none other than the crab walking, green projectile vomiting possessed by a demon needing to be rid of her demons, yes its THAT movie…The Exorcist.  *shivers*

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The Exorcist, A childhood nightmare

When I was a wee little tyke I saw a movie that scared the hell out of me — The Exorcist.  To this day, it’s the scariest movie I have ever seen.  Being a horror movie aficionado, I was psyched when they re-released it, since I was too young to see it on the big screen on the first go around.

The movie had already been out in the theaters for a few weeks when I finally had a chance to watch it with my wife.  We went to see the late showing in a small, dinky theater, and were the only ones watching the movie.  It was kind of creepy, but it fit with the theme of the evening.  I hadn’t seen the movie in years, and was wowed that it still worked.  The same things that scared me when I was little, still had me on edge.   There’s nothing like Linda Blair as a little demon child.  Just when the movie was getting toward the real scary parts, the movie stopped playing.  My wife and I were alone in the movie theater.  The theater was dark, and the only sounds came from our breathing.

Being the man in the relationship, I went to find someone to start up the movie, but the rest of the theater was also empty.  When I returned, my wife was petrified.  We saw something shadowy at the front of the theater.  I could have sworn there was someone inside with us even though I had not seen anyone else come or go during the movie.  Just then, the movie started right before the part where Linda Blair did her 360 head turning.  My wife jumped out of her seat.  Somehow we managed to stay for the rest of the movie, leaving the empty theater and going to the empty parking lot.  We arrived home safely, making sure to shut all the windows and lock all the doors, glad that we managed to make it home.

Blood Street

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Alexei chose the wrong neighborhood to claim his latest victim. Now Philadelphia mob boss Enzo Salerno is determined to hunt down the man who killed his associate in such gruesome fashion in his South Philly row home.
Perplexed by this unnatural murder, Salerno uncovers clues that lead him to believe that this was not a mob hit, and that a vampire was responsible for this death. Magnus, the leader of Alexei’s brood, must now use all of his resources to save them from both the mafia and the FBI.



After graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Engineering from Boston University and later an MBA degree from Lehigh University, Carl has worked in the pharmaceutical and medical devices industries.  His debut novel Two For Eternity was released in 2011 by Weaving Dreams Publishing.  His short fiction has appeared in various publications such as Sinister City, Alien Skin and Behind Locked Doors anthology.  He is a member of the Horror Writers Association and has attended the Penn Writers Conference.

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