BLOOD KISS starring Neil Gaiman & Amber Benson

June 9, 2013 Announcements 0

Do you LOVE Neil Gaiman? Do you Love Vampires? Do you Love 1940’s Hollywood? Well then this is just the movie for you!


The only thing is – this movie isn’t made yet! But we can all help out by jumping on the bandwagon – I know I did because I want to see this movie bad! Thankfully they made their initial goal so it’s going to be made – but there are 4 days left to make this an even greater movie!

Here’s the excerpt from the Vampire Philosophy monologue by Michael Reaves:

We are creatures of a day; our time spent in this world is no longer than a breath, a blink, a barely noticeable instant when held against the turnings of the cosmos. It seems impossible to have and hold anything, so quickly do we go from wombs of flesh to wombs of dust. If the entire age of the Earth were to be represented by the outstretched arms of a grown man, then single-celled life, from its simplest beginnings to the present day has lasted, essentially unchanged, from one wrist, back along one arm and both shoulders, and the down the length of the other arm to its wrist. Which means that the entire complex multicellular pageantry of life is represented by the length of that hand only, from the second wrist to the tip of the longest finger. The entire age of dinosaurs can be encapsulated by one pointed index finger. And mankind, from the first time his feet touched the ground and his eyes first noticed the stars until now … can be encapsulated by the thinnest paring of the nail on the longest finger.
And yet we feel.
And yet we care.
And yet, we love.



There are a lot more videos you can watch from Neil on their youtube channel! They hit their

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