Comic Craze: Hack/Slash & Great Pacific

June 29, 2013 Book Review, Comics 0 ★★★★★

Every weekend I’ll review some comics, graphic novels or manga that I’ve read recently in either of these three features Graphic Novel Goodness, Comic Craze or Manga n’ Mind. I’m quite the cartoon and illustrations addict – so I’ll read pretty much whatever I can get my hands on. Feel free to tell me your favorite picks so I can check them out! If you also review graphics then leave me your link in a comment and I’ll come check it out!

Today it’s a few comics I picked up at BEA! from the Image Comics booth!


Hack Slash

At the end of every horror movie, one lone girl survives… in HACK/SLASH, that girl is Cassie Hack – who not only survives, but becomes a killer of killers! Partnered with monstrous gentle giant Vlad, they travel wherever there are slashers looking to do harm! In this first issue, their paths cross with Dr. Gross… a confrontation that Cassie does not emerge from in one piece!


My Thoughts:
Grisly, with a touch of sad and just enough gore! In my mind Hack/Slash is an entertaining read for any horror comic enthusiasts. But maybe that’s just me. You’ve got your girl who was picked on growing up, and her crazed mom who goes all psycho whack job on the people that did that to her. What makes it bad is she’s got to take care of that mess when old crazy lady comes back as a ghoul. I really like Vlad – he’s so sweet and big you can’t help but love him.  He’s a nice element that balances things out. I’ll definitely be checking out more of Hack/Slash!

Art – 5 stars – loved it, every splatter of blood and fishnet stalking-ed bit of it! – net time more fishnet please!
Story – 4.5 stars – It was great, I dig the vigilante bit
Overall – 5 stars – I’m seriously considering buying the first omnibus on my next trip to the comic book store

Great Pacific

Chas Worthington dreams of big things, solving bigger problems, and making his mark on the world. Only no one takes the twenty-one year-old heir to one of the biggest oil fortunes in history very seriously. That is, until he turns his back on his cushy life of wealth and prestige, and seeks to solve an environmental disaster twice the size of his native Texas known as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. The epic sci-fi adventure and survival tale begins!


My Thoughts:
I just wasn’t feeling Great Pacific. Maybe it was the average art, maybe it was the slightly boring story. It’s not that it was bad – but for me there just wasn’t anything to make it really stand out. Seriously I just couldn’t relate to Chas not that he was a bad character, I was just unimpressed.

Art -3 – really middle of the road here
Story– 2.5 – And that’s me being nice
Overall – 2.5 – ‘eh’

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