Comic Craze: The Smurfs Anthology & Ariol

June 22, 2013 Book Review, Comics 3 ★★★★


Every weekend I’ll review some comics, graphic novels or manga that I’ve read recently in either of these three features Graphic Novel Goodness, Comic Craze or Manga n’ Mind. I’m quite the cartoon and illustrations addict – so I’ll read pretty much whatever I can get my hands on. Feel free to tell me your favorite picks so I can check them out! If you also review graphics then leave me your link in a comment and I’ll come check it out!

Today I’m featuring *drumroll* – Comics I picked up at BEA! from the PAPERCUTZ booth!


The Smurfs Anthology

When the Belgian cartoonist Peyo created a village of cute little woodland creatures for his heroes Johan and Peewit to discover, he couldn’t have known that they would wildly outgrow those humble origins to become a worldwide phenomenon all on their own. More than 50 years later, The Smurfs continue to delight us all with their silliness, bravery, heroism, and heart, and now we finally have a definitive collection of Peyo’s original comics to see where it all began.


My Thoughts:
“You’re smurfing me!” – Awesome! – It is The Smurfs – what more need be said? OK OK – So I’m a big fan of the The Smurfs from my childhood years. If you are too then you’ll definitely enjoy this anthology. They had a great amount of dialogue considering the size of the comic boxes. It was wonderful to see all of their crazy antics and read it instead of watch in on TV. I could hear in my mind all those little smurfy voices and hear the screams of “AZRAEL!” every time I read it in these pages. I adored it. There is even what I would consider a bonus adventure in the back:”The Smurfs and The Magic Flute.” This is definitely something any serious Smurf lover would want to swoop up.

Art – Loved it – why? Because I was a huge Smurfs fan growing up!

Story – Typical Smurfs fare – if you’ve ever watched an episode you know what you’re in for.

Overall – 4 stars, This brought me back to the good old days sitting in front of the telly watching Gargamel and Azrael get their asses smacked down!


ARIOL: Just a Donkey Like You and Me

Ariol is your everyday tween donkey. He lives in the suburbs with his mom and dad. His best friend is a pig. He’s in love with a beautiful cow in his class. His teacher is a dog. His gym teacher is a huge rooster. In short, Ariol is just like you and me.


My Thoughts:

I love comics – I am not opposed to reading whatever I come across, especially if someone is giving it to me. When I picked up Ariol, based on the art of the cover I thought it was going to be much more of a kiddy comic than what I got. The characters appear to be in high school and sometimes the humor seems targeted at adults. Of course I’m sure teens would be entertained as well. There is some school time, family interaction, silly game playing (Did you ever play that kissing game when you were younger where one person sucks a napkin to their mouth you try to pass it to the next person in the circle, you drop it – you kiss. Very similar to that!) I didn’t feel that the storyline and characters were particularly captivating, this is probably because I prefer my comics with a bit of a creepy or supernatural edge. I definitely this the sometimes slight snark here would appeal to the typical Sunday Paper comic reader.

Art – Exactly what you see on the cover, simple lines, very sketch toony.

Story – It wasn’t very gripping, but had its funny nostalgic moments.

Overall – 3 stars, I wasn’t the perfect target audience for this one but I know a few people who would definitely enjoy it.

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