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June 28, 2013 Event 0

A couple Fridays ago I was lucky enough to attend a YA author event at Copperfield’s Bookstore in Petaluma, CA.  This was an amazing store! They are constantly having authors events! I’m so jealous that I don’t live closer so that I could come in and visit this wonderful store and amazing booksellers more often! SHOUT out to the awesome ladies GRACE, PATTY and AMBER! You ladies ROCK! They even fed everyone pizza and fruit and lots of gummie bears!

This was my first time there and woe to me and everyone else it was a crazy hot day – I think close to 110 degrees, and even unluckier for all of us attending the event the power on that street and a few others was out.  So of course no air conditioning! Oddly enough it wasn’t too hot in the bookstore at all and there were skylights on one side (freaking AWESOME!) of the building so we weren’t even in the dark! Power or no power, light or little light the party pressed on!!


From left to right, top: S.J. Kincaid, Melissa Buell, Daisy Whitney, bottom: Debra Driza, Tabitha the Pabkins, Shannon Messenger

A funny question that Daisy Whitney asked all of them to answer was – essentially not a question but a pitch.  How would you describe your book as a Hollywood pitch? Here are there answers *as best as I could jot them down in my notebook before I remembered I could record instead…I know I’m an idiot!

 Susanne Winnacker on Impostor:

X-Men meets The Silence of the Lambs

Marissa Meyer on Scarlet:

Star Wars meets The Brothers Grimm

Debra Driza on MILA 2.0:

Pinkalicious meets Where the Red Fern Grows, wait on second thought The Bourne Identity meets I-Robot

Daisy Whitney on When You Were Here:

Lost in Translation meets Where She Went

Shannon Messenger on Let the Sky Fall:

Twister meets The Last Airbender (with kissing!)

S.J. Kincaid on Insignia:

Starship Troopers the movie meets Prep by Curtis Sittenfeld

Melissa Buell on The Seventh Blessing:

The Princess Diaries meets A Knight’s Tale


Copperfield 4

From left to right: Melissa Buell, S.J. Kincaid, Shannon Messenger, Daisy Whitney, Debra Driza (I think she was laughing or trying to bite the book I’m holding?), Marissa Meyer, Susanne Winnacker, and me in front  – I was totally going to lay on the table but hey I didn’t want to knock all the books over!

Copperfield 6

 So I purchased a copy of pretty much all of these books, except ones I already owned haha.  I also bought an extra copy of S.J. Kincaid’s Insignia, and got it signed to give away here on My Shelf Confessions in a few weeks.  I’m hoping to convince S.J. to so a guest post for us…of course I haven’t asked yet. But I’ll pester her later – she is the sweetest I love her!

Susanne Winnacker & Tab

Here is Susanne and I – she is an absolute dear! Her and the hubby flew all the way here to the States just to do a few events and have a vacation! I hope she’s having an awesome one!

If you haven’t already be sure you check out our guest posts:

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Bonus – I recorded some marginally bad video that you can watch at the bottom – give me a break this was the first time I’ve tried this – I promise next time it will be better!

It was such a fun panel to sit in and listen on! Daisy Whitney had an awesome line up of questions that she would have each author answer. Here is about 27 minutes worth of footage. If you’re the author and you’re watching this video – I hope you don’t mind the poor video quality!!

And Here is Part 2 some more!

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