Book Excerpt: Three by Jay Posey

July 12, 2013 Blog Tour 5

Three by Jay Posey will unplug you! This powerhouse of an apocalyptic read cannot and will not be denied! Read my review of Three.


The world has collapsed, and there are no heroes any more.
But when a lone gunman reluctantly accepts the mantel of protector to a young boy and his dying mother against the forces that pursue them, a hero may yet arise.

Jay Posey





Jay Posey is a narrative designer, author, and screenwriter.  Currently employed as Senior Narrative Designer at Red Storm Entertainment, he’s spent about 8 years writing and designing for Tom Clancy’s award-winning Ghost Recon and Rainbow Six franchises.  He started in the video game industry in 1998, and has been writing professionally for over a decade.

A contributing author to the book Professional Techniques for Video Game Writing, Jay has lectured at conferences, colleges, and universities, on topics ranging from basic creative writing skills to advanced material specific to the video game industry.

He has been described as “fascinating”, “insightful”, “highly entertaining”, “extremely handsome”, and “one of the most dynamic speakers in the Posey household” by parties who may or may not have been biased or himself.

​​All Ye, Hear Me, Hear Me – The Words of the Pabkins!: I recently read Three and quite literally devoured it in one day! If you are in the mood for a kick your ass apocalyptic action book with just the right touch of everything then you have to give this book a read!  Jay Posey is the man! Read my review of Three if you need more convincing after reading this awesome Chapter 1 excerpt!

Come back on July 17th for a Blog Tour Giveaway of Three & a guest post from Jay!!


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      Oh I can’t wait to hear what you think! You must tell me how the audio is and if the narrator is any good. Curious to know if they go with a male or female narrator.