Graphic Novel Goodness: Jim Henson’s The Storyteller

July 6, 2013 5 stars, Book Review, Comics 8 ★★★★★

Do you love all things Jim Henson? I Do!

The Storyteller

When people told themselves their past with stories, explained their present with stories, foretold the future with stories…the best place by the fire was kept for…The Storyteller
Archaia and The Jim Henson Company are proud to present all-new tales of fantastic wonder and extraordinary myth, as told from the tongue of The Storyteller and his loyal canine companion.

Jim Henson’s The Storyteller

My Thoughts:

This was a wonderful graphic novel. Every story in it was fine by a different artist and or writer.  I definitely hope there are more of these books to come!

Old Nick & The Peddler
by Roger Langridge, Jordie Bellaire
So you think you can cheat Old Nick? I highly doubt it, and even if you think you do…have you really now? *evil laughter*

The Milkmaid & Her Pail by Colleen Coover
I love all of the Milkmaid’s delusions of grandeur. It makes the punchline even funnier at the end! Plus I loved the artist’s style on this one.

An Agreement Between Friends by Chris Eliopoulos, Maihack
The real reason cats and dogs don’t get along. The logic is a little bit silly but still enjoyable.

Old Fire Dragaman by Jeff Parker, Tom Fowler
This had more of a 50s advertisement art feel to it for me…or maybe I’m thinking the wrong decade. Either way, I liked the hapless accidental hero shtick. I imagine that might be how heroes often become heroes lol.

Puss in Boots by Marjorie Lou, Jennifer l. Meyer
My absolute favorite! It was a sweet story with absolutely beautiful art. How did Puss really get his boots? There’s a cat, a fair princess, and a unicorn! What more could a girl ask for? Ok well I do wish the text font were a smidge bigger.

The Frog Who Became an Emperor by Paul Tobin, Evan Shaner
A silly story but a funny one. A frog was born to a husband and wife and goes on to save the country and outwit the emperor. Though I liked the story I found the artwork very lacking. The “beautiful princess” was most definitely not beautiful! Lol

The Crane Wife by Katie Cook
Gorgeous color pencil type of style. The poor man saves and mends a hurt crane. Then marries a beautiful yet mysterious strange woman. It ends in greed and sadness, it’s good but I wish it was a bit more developed, with not such an abrupt ending and a little less obvious.

Momotaro the Peach Boy by Ron Marz, Craig Rousseau
Gorgeous chalk art style! This was a simple story I could imagine telling to my small child. It moves fast and has a happy ending. I’m reading a digital copy of the book and only wish they would have chosen a different, bigger font for it. Even when you enlarge it, it is still difficult to read.

The Witch Baby adapted by Nate Cosby, Roman Cliquet, Adam Street
Sorry about a shy scared boy growing into a man and doing what needs to be done. Wonderful art and a wonderful ending to this great book.


• This book was provided by the publisher for an honest review. 

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8 Responses to “Graphic Novel Goodness: Jim Henson’s The Storyteller”

    • Tabitha the Pabkins

      Puss in Boots was my favorite! The artwork was so beautiful also – definitely the best artwork in there. Though I did love the Peach Boy one for its chalk art. This was such an awesome collection. One I definitely plan to buy!

    • Tabitha the Pabkins

      It was really great! I plan on buying it so I can read them to my little one someday. Especially since I have The Storyteller movies!

  1. Elizabeth

    Love and miss Henson always, and I remember when THE STORYTELLER aired on TV. It was a little dark for me as a child, but I’d love to read the graphic novel now!

    • Tabitha the Pabkins

      Yes I admit the show was a bit dark for kids – but I still loved/love it! I love everything Jim Henson! The graphic novel is fabulous – I hope you pick it up. The more people do the better chance there will be another!!!