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July 22, 2013 Author Feature, Guest Post 2

Amy Neftzger, author of The Orphanage of Miracles joins us today to give us her Shopping List for a Quest! If you haven’t already read my review of The Orphanage of Miracles!

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Shopping List for a Quest

In The Orphanage of Miracles, one of the book’s main characters heads out on a quest to find a miracle to help her starving family. Kelsey left home traveling light in terms of both money and possessions. It’s difficult to plan for everything that you might need, and even if you could think of everything, you probably can’t carry every item you identify. So I thought I’d make a list of “Quest Essentials” in case anyone was planning on going on a quest and needed a shopping list. Here it is:

A cloak. Everyone on a quest in a fairytale has one, so it’s kind of a fashion accessory. You really don’t want to be caught without one, or all the other characters in the book might laugh at you.

An object with magical powers to make you invisible. This could be a ring or an invisibility cloak. The ring is lighter and easier to carry, but if all you have is a cloak than you should bring it. Being invisible is just darned useful, so it’s a good idea to plan ahead for a way to make it happen.

A good sidekick. Everyone needs company, but a good sidekick is good company. The right sidekick will also make you look smart and bring out your strengths. A poorly chosen sidekick makes for an interesting story, but a difficult quest. Choose wisely.

A compelling reason. You can’t go on a quest without a well defined and noble sounding goal. This is the speech that you, as the hero, give to everyone you meet so that they will help you with your cause. Keep it short, though. People won’t help people who bore them with long speeches.

Clean underwear. I put this one on the list for my mom. Happy now, Mom?

A sword. Swords are cool. They add mystique and make the hero look suave. If you don’t have a sword, you can substitute another weapon of your choice (this includes methods of self-defense). The bottom line: you’re going out into the unknown so you should know how to protect yourself. But if you can do that and look cool, so much the better. A sword will make you look cool.

Iocane powder. You probably want to begin building up a tolerance to this stuff in case you ever find yourself in a battle of wits.

Boots. The best heroes also have the best shoes and nothing says “I’m on a quest!” like a snappy pair of boots. The buckles should be on the sides and jingle like faeries giggling when you walk. (Note: The faeries aren’t laughing at you; they’re giggling because your awesome fashion sense is making them giddy).

Your favorite candy bar. You’re going to get hungry and questing is hard work, so bring along a treat for yourself. Don’t eat it right away, though. Save it for when you really need it. Like the end of the seventh chapter when that scary thing happens and you don’t know if you will live to the end of the book. This is a good time to eat the candy bar in case it happens to be your last meal.

Well, this is my list of quest essentials. So if you’re planning a quest and running out to the store you can pick these things up while you’re there. However, I might have left something off the list, so please feel free to comment with suggestions. What else would you add?

The Orphanage of Miracles

Perhaps everyone could use a miracle, but very few will find the one they truly need.

Amid a war torn land and hidden deep within an enchanted forest lays an orphanage where miracles abound. It’s a magical place created years ago by a resolute king who must defeat an evil sorcerer waging bitter war against his land and his people. He knew that in order to save his people, victory would require a miracle.

A young girl named Kelsey also desperately needs a miracle. She sets out on a quest to find the whispered-of orphanage. Along the way she’s joined by several traveling companions, including an over-sized snow leopard and a boy who cannot speak. In a land under a spell cast by the evil sorcerer, it’s difficult to know the difference between what’s real and what isn’t … and what a true friend looks like. Join Kelsey and her companions as they embark on an extraordinary adventure and a quest unlike any other and take a peek inside The Orphanage of Miracles.


Amy_NeftzgerAmy Neftzger is an American author who has published fiction books, non-fiction books, business articles, and peer review research. Her works have reached an international audience.

In 2003 she published her first fiction book Conversations with the Moon, which was also translated into Korean and published in South Korea. In 2005 she collaborated with her husband, guitarist Tyra Neftzger on a children’s book called All that the Dog Ever Wanted. The book was designed to introduce children to jazz music at an early age and included a CD sampler of jazz tunes. She has since published Bedtime Stories for Dogs, Bedtime Stories for Cats, Leftover shorts, and Confessions From a Moving Van.


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