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July 4, 2013 4 stars, Book Review 2 ★★★★

Pabkins’ One Liner: Visit the ultimate Mystery House!

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Padlocked doors. Strange light fixtures. Mutant cockroaches.

There are some odd things about Nate’s new apartment.

Of course, he has other things on his mind. He hates his job. He has no money in the bank. No girlfriend. No plans for the future. So while his new home isn’t perfect, it’s livable. The rent is low, the property managers are friendly, and the odd little mysteries don’t nag at him too much.

At least, not until he meets Mandy, his neighbor across the hall, and notices something unusual about her apartment. And Xela’s apartment. And Tim’s. And Veek’s.

Because every room in this old Los Angeles brownstone has a mystery or two. Mysteries that stretch back over a hundred years. Some of them are in plain sight. Some are behind locked doors. And all together these mysteries could mean the end of Nate and his friends.

Or the end of everything…


*Chuckles* This review contains strong words – that’s right I cuss because I do that when I like a book, maybe not a lot, maybe too much for some…at least I don’t use it like punchyoufuckuation punctuation!

Gushing over the wicked fun which was 14 is practically impossible to do well without spoiling it for future readers. It was nothing that I expected and yet everything that I needed. I know that probably doesn’t help explain it much so lets do it like this.

Sometimes I wonder how I would have turned out if I lacked ambition and drive and just sort of went where ever the flow took me, but I’m not that kind of person. Most of us want something and go for it. But Nate, well he is the ultimate poster boy for the disillusioned and unmotivated masses.  He has friends, but no one extremely close to him. He has a job, but he hates it and feels he can’t afford to quit. His boss is an assjack and he makes so little money that he’s watching every buck.  I would hate to have anything in common with him! A nice guy but totally lacking in direction.  He’s just let life pass him by because nothing has ever really caught his interest enough to kick his ass into high gear.

I take this as an example of the down-trodden’s lot in life:

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How’s that old joke go? she thought. The difference between a nymph and a slut? A nymph sleeps with everyone. A slut sleeps with everyone except you.
Then he moves into the strangest old brownstone. One that has rent prices that are too good to be true less than $600 a month with utilities included.  Insane right? You would think Ghetttoooo right? But it wasn’t! So now comes the catch – there are some pretty weird and freaky things about this building. Nate’s curiosity lights a fire within the other tenants to pool their knowledge and find out just what the heck is going on.

The humor was a smash hit with me.  Do you like Scooby Doooooooby Dooooooo? Well I do…and heck Peter Clines must also because there were quite a few references to it as well as other 80’s films and pop culture.

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And then one day I realized there was more to life than grinding your opponents into the dirt.” “And hearing the lamentations of their women?”
It made me want to watch some…not to mention I liked how the characters were all “if this were the movies…” etc. A prime example of some of the humor:
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“Hey,” she said. Her smile was a tight curve beneath her glasses. “Welcome back to the surface world.” “We, the Morlocks, accept your welcome,” said Xela. She threw up a power salute with a weak fist. “Take us to your showers.”
14 is two parts mystery, one part comedy, some parts sadness, but all together a fantastic read!  And in the vein of all good mysteries (Scooby Doo included) the gang unravels it all in the end.  Having devoured it in one day is always a good sign.


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2 Responses to “Review: 14 by Peter Clines”

  1. Donna

    Sounds like a fabulous read, a little different than my usual reading picks so it would be a nice change. I’m adding this to my to-read list! I wonder if it’s available on audio! As a lazy, ghetto living, fan of all things 80’s this book kinda seems made for me! I’m really looking forward to this one. Thanks for putting this on my radar.
    Donna recently posted…Audiobook Review – Tarnish by Katherine LongshoreMy Profile

    • Tabitha the Pabkins

      Oh my gosh you don’t even know! I’m a huge 80’s fan too – probably because I’m an 80’s baby. I think it was the most fun decade ever as far as movies go and such great cartoons. But I’m bias I guess…though the movie does beat out for dance music I think! haha. I hope you really like it! So far I’ve read 2 Peter Clines books and I’ve really enjoyed them!