Review: Blood and Feathers by Lou Morgan

July 8, 2013 3.5 stars, Book Review 0 ★★★½

Pabkins’ One Liner: An alcoholic Earthbound angel and one girl with a whole lot of ‘tude.

Blood and Feathers

“What’s the first thing you think of when I say ‘angel’?” asked Mallory. Alice shrugged. “I don’t know… guns?”

Alice isn’t having the best of days. She was late for work, she missed her bus, and now she’s getting rained on. What she doesn’t know is that her day’s about to get worse: the epic, grand-scale kind of worse that comes from the arrival of two angels who claim everything about her life is a lie.

The war between the angels and the Fallen is escalating; the age-old balance is tipping, and innocent civilians are getting caught in the cross-fire. If the balance is to be restored, the angels must act – or risk the Fallen taking control. Forever.

That’s where Alice comes in. Hunted by the Fallen and guided by Mallory – a disgraced angel with a drinking problem and a whole load of secrets – Alice will learn the truth about her own history… and why the angels want to send her to hell.

What do the Fallen want from her? How does Mallory know so much about her past? What is it the angels are hiding – and can she trust either side?

Caught between the power plays of the angels and Lucifer himself, it isn’t just hell’s demons that Alice will have to defeat…


Blood and Feathers has an interesting version of the whole angels and demons shtick. Normally I stay away from fiction that contains any biblical themes because I usually find them preachy. But Blood and Feathers appealed to me what with it’s description containing an angel with a drinking problem. So I thought, *shrug* it might not thump at me too much.

I was thankfully correct, even though it was about angels and demons and their eternal war, I didn’t feel like it was about religion at all. So kudos and score one for Lou. Mallory was the saving grace of Blood and Feathers for me. He and another angel Vin gave me enough chuckles

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“He doesn’t mean to be such a wanker – he just doesn’t understand.” – pg 23
The heroine, Alice is a woman in her twenties who has just recently found out she is half angel. I have to say, based on her behavior and attitude though that she read more like a prepubescent teen. I had heard from others who had read this that this read a lot like young adult because of her behavior. Note, I consider this an an adult, YA crossover book as there are no sexy times or any romantic elements.

Alice, lets just say I had issue with her.  She was so blasted whiny. These were Mallory’s words not mine – directed right at Alice!

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“Stop whining.” – pg 69
Thankfully as in most books when the character is whiny they tend to improve upon that as their character grows. With Alice that just took quite a long while for me.  It was extremely difficult to like her, and when I’m not fond of a character, I find it hard for me to care what happens to them. My feeling regarding Alice can be summed up thus: So yeah, Go to Hell, what the flip do I care?

On the other hand, Mallory – oh Mallory, the alcoholic angel, I liked. He was warm, yet cold, funny but direct. I found myself wishing he were the central character instead of this indulgent girl Alice. He has a past that is just aching to be known.  He has the depth of character and personality that I found was lacking in Alice.  Thankfully there were also other supporting characters that I enjoyed as well.

Blood and Feathers was also told from alternating perspectives of well pretty much every character. But mostly it’s from Alice and Mallory’s perspective. I don’t always like it when things are done that way. Here I didn’t mind it because it got me the heck away from Alice. And sometimes offered me another good chuckle:

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You might even call it a miracle – if you believed in that sort of thing which, naturally, he didn’t. Balberith believed in order, in lists and – on occasion – in the Dewey Decimal System. – pg 175
Angel and Demon fiction lovers would likely enjoy this one though unfortunately, I think one major part about the ending was a bit obvious. Thankfully a few other things I didn’t have figured out.


Blood and Feathers

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