Review: Soul Stripper by Katana Collins

July 27, 2013 3 stars, Book Review 9 ★★★

Pabkins’ One Liner: A saucy romp full of sex, fun and who’dunit.

Soul Stripper

By day, Monica is a barista in a local Las Vegas cafe. It doesn’t pay a lot, but it puts her up close and personal with her sexy boss, Drew. Unfortunately, that’s as far as a succubus can go unless she wants to take his soul.

Monica needs mind blowing sex to sustain her, and she finds her victims every night at a local strip club where she’s an exotic dancer. But when her powers begin to diminish and her fellow succubi start turning up dead, all bets are off. Monica realizes she’s the one immortal who has a chance in hell of making things right…


Keeping in mind that if you weren’t clued in by the cover already Soul Stripper stars a stripper, a succubus stripper to be exact. So that’s right folks there is sex! I wouldn’t consider this book “erotica” just adult paranormal perhaps? – But then I don’t read a lot of “erotica” so I wouldn’t know. My idea of erotica are those books that are slapping you in the face with a sex scene every 20 pages. This thankfully does not do that so there is plenty of room for a real storyline and engaging characters.

Monica isn’t just any run of the mill woman stripping for money. She is a succubus stripping a bit of the soul off of her victims. And with each bit of soul she takes she can see just how much of life she has taken. Of course her day job is a barista at the local coffee shop, sounds boring but at least her boss is a hottie.  She’s a fallen angel now relegated to the ranks of Hell and though she’s none too happy about it I can’t say that I believe she completely hates the raw deal she’s been handed.

There have been some murders in town and when Monica starts to think she is being targeted next when her powers start behaving strange her and her friend Kayce are on the hunt to try and find out what is going on.  There were quite a few flashback scenes and quite personally I could have done without those. Overall it was an enjoying story and a nice mix up of urban fantasy and mystery.

For those of you that like to have your head turned there are plenty of men and scenes in Soul Stripper to make your eyes bug out and have you clenching in low places…oh did I just say that? Yeah, I did.

Soul Stripper

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9 Responses to “Review: Soul Stripper by Katana Collins”

  1. Erika

    Sounds like an interesting book! lol, like that last line in your review. Cover is fun too!

    • Pabkins

      The sex scenes that you usually come across in some adult urban fantasy books definitely aren’t as graphic as the ones in here. But this still seemed to me like fantasy, just heavier on the sex. So maybe it is erotica lol. Again I wouldn’t know since I don’t normally pick up these books. I took this one because I liked the cover and the idea of the succubus. Ultimately tho it was a bit too relationship and sex driven for me.
      Pabkins recently posted…Top Spot: Three & The Hourglass TrilogyMy Profile

  2. Annie

    You’re right, this synopsis does not bring ” a real storyline and engaging characters” to mind, so it’s good that it has these things anyway. Glad you enjoyed all the parts of this one. I’m glad I came across your review, because I actually find the cover a little off putting, so only a nice review like this would make me pick it up!
    Annie recently posted…Book Review: Earthbound by Aprilynne PikeMy Profile

    • Tabitha the Pabkins

      Haha thanks lol. It is very sexual though. It isn’t one I would say rush out and read unless the plot appeals to you already. Because there is plenty off sex, and she does have sex with multiple partners lol. So it has its plus and minuses, hence why the 3 star.

  3. Annie

    Hmm, yep, I only let Laurell K Hamilton sucker me into reading ‘multiple partner’ stories (damn her amazing writing!) because I’m a romance reader. Guess this might not be quite for me… In which case, GREAT cover! lol. 🙂
    Annie recently posted…Book Review: Earthbound by Aprilynne PikeMy Profile