Comic Craze: Tib & Tumtum: Welcome to the Tribe!

September 7, 2013 4 stars, Book Review, Comics 2

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I’ve always wanted a pet dinosaur!

Tib & Tumtum

All of the grownups in Tib’s prehistoric tribe know that the dinosaurs disappeared ages ago. So of course they don’t believe that Tib has made friends with one. But Tumtum the dinosaur is very clever at hiding from grownups. When the friendly red dino saves the tribe’s kids from a pack of hungry wolves while the startled adults look on, the shaman decides that perhaps it’s time to welcome a dinosaur into the tribe.

Tib & Tumtum: Welcome to the Tribe
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My Thoughts:

Short and sweet this Tib & Tumtum: Welcome to the Tribe! features a little boy with a big birthmark on his face.  All of the other little kids pick on him and never want to play with him. The artwork was adorable and I could totally picture the little Tumtum as a plush toy! Tib meets a little dinosaur in the forest one day and they become fast friends.  But Tumtum refuses to let any of the other little kids or adults see him. *chuckles* The storyline really reminded me of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer for some reason, red spot = red nose, or red dinosaur…no one was to let him play, but then when he saves the day everyone loves him. Catch my drift?  It was a very sweet little story about standing up for yourself and resourcefulness. This was definitely a kids comic, but perhaps one that a parent could read to their child and enjoy with them.

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