Graphic Novel Goodness: Hopeless, Maine – Personal Demons

September 28, 2013 5 stars, Book Review, Comics 2 ★★★★★

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Hopeless, Maine

Trapped on an island off the coast of Maine, the people of Hopeless find life a little darker and more dangerous with every day that passes. The number of orphans rises continually, but who can say what happens to their parents? Plenty of the bodies are never found. This is not the stuff of happy, careless childhoods, it is instead fertile ground for personal demons. In Hopeless, the demons are not always abstract concepts. Some of them have very real teeth, and very real horns.
The island has been isolated for a very long time. Partly because of being small and forgotten, partly because the rocks and currents do not encourage visitors, Hopeless is surrounded by fog and overrun with nightmarish creatures, from small things with tentacles to demons and vampires. It’s a peculiar place. Here, almost anything can happen, from the weird and unsettling to the darkly funny. With a cast of freaks, nutters and the odd power crazed psychopath, life in Hopeless is seldom dull.
Hopeless is also about who you choose to be. The tale is a protest against apathy, and against the small evils that everyone takes for granted. The worst monsters frequently aren’t the ones with the obvious teeth–who are merely dangerous by nature–but the apparently ordinary people who choose to do hideous things.


HOPELESS, MAINE #1 – Personal Demons

My Thoughts:
Salamandra is all alone in the world. She is discovered in her family home alone and taken to the local orphanage. A girl that that seems no one else can see ‘befriends’ her – but who would need enemies with such a nasty friend as this little girl. Salamandra soon realizes she wants nothing to do with her and slowly but surely finds a friend in Owen. With his help they discover exactly who or what the mean imaginary friend is and are determined to put a stop to her wickedness.

This is a sad but also uplifting story about realizing you are only as alone in the world as you let yourself be. The artwork and story matched so perfectly and it is definitely a series worth reading for those gothic mystery and lovers of the occult.

Art – 5 stars – Beautiful artwork with the perfect touch of eeeeeeery.
Story – 4.5 stars – Almost perfect I only wish I could have found out how a certain someone died.
Overall – 5 stars – I devoured it and have already per-ordered the next volume!

Tom & Nimue Brown – Writer
Tom Brown – Artist

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