Graphic Novel Goodness: Hopeless, Maine – Inheritance

October 26, 2013 Book Review, Comics 12 ★★★★

Hopeless Maine Inheritance

Continue with the adventures of young Salamandra, the orphaned, mysterious, witch-in-training on the haunted island of Hopeless, Maine! When Sal discovers she might have a grandfather living on the island, she seeks him out, only to find him full of even more mystery than the rest of her past. Before she can unravel the secrets of her family’s past, however, her best friend, Owen, is thrust into a family trauma of his own. Salamandra must choose between helping Owen and finding the home and family she has always longed for.

HOPELESS, MAINE – Inheritance by Tom & Nimue Brown (website)

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My Thoughts:
In Hopeless, Maine – Inheritance, the tale of Salamandra and Owen continues. They are several years older now and practically adults. Salamandra finally reveals who her parents are and is told she has a grandfather that lives in the light house. It seems all three of them really want to leave the island but someone must stay behind to make it so anyone can make it off. I have to admit while I love the illustrations it seemed like they were fabulous the first few pages after each chapter but then the quality of them somewhat changed. They are still wonderful – I just wish all of them were done to the same standard as those first few pages of each chapter.  Something that may throw readers is the storyline is a bit disjointed. It just sort of meanders here and there. Still it had an almost poetic feel to it that enjoyed. My one main gripe and why this doesn’t get 5 stars is because there just isn’t enough pages. At the end there are a few pages detailing in full paragraphs the history of several families on the island. While interesting I didn’t think I needed those. I would rather have had more pages of illustrations and the actual story. If this will be a $15 dollar each volume should still have a story that gets completed in that volume even with the overarching series story arc. Rather than taking me 20 to 30 minutes to get through it. There is definitely a main story arc that I can see building towards the next volume but I think more dialogue could have been included to really pull you into the world with the characters.

Illustrations – 4 stars – Gorgeous
Story – 4 – It has a disjointed almost poetic feel to it

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12 Responses to “Graphic Novel Goodness: Hopeless, Maine – Inheritance”

    • Tabitha the Pabkins

      Hmm scary and gritty? Yes – The Walking Dead ones are just that! I have the first two volumes. Lets see what else. I love Johnny the Homocidal Maniac – not so much scary, but gritty and darkly funny. I’ve heard nothing but good things about Locke & Key which I have the first volume of and will be reading soon. Scary usually means horror and while thats ok by me I don’t like actively seek out just the horror ones. I’m backing a zombie graphic anthology on kickstarter called Dead Roots – you should check it out. That one is going to be awesome when its released!

  1. Sam @ Realm of Fiction

    I’m not sure how I’d feel about the disjointed storyline, but I like the sound of the illustrations. I feel like I don’t see them very often in what I usually pick up to read. It’s a shame that the quality of them wasn’t consistent, though. Thanks for the helpful review, Tabitha! 🙂
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    • Tabitha the Pabkins

      Well maybe not so much disjointed as more meandering you know? I just want more meat to it and some of it is just a bit vague. I do really enjoy it though – I just want to LOVE it! The art is soo nice and eery. Don’t get me wrong its all great. I think the reason for the quality change is they front load at each chapter some “spotlight” pages – where they are showcasing some art like the way graphic novels do the cover art in a higher quality – know what I mean? – and then the rest of the pages are the normal stuff. I just feel like that teases me and I want everything to be as good as the “cover art” quality. haha. Which of course I know wouldn’t be cost effective for them. Still though I can wish.