Review: Too Many Curses by A. Lee Martinez

October 25, 2013 4 stars, Book Review 10 ★★★★

Too Many Curses

The wizard Margle the Horrendous takes special pride in never killing his enemies. Instead, he transforms them into various accursed forms and locks them away in his castle. His halls are filled with his collection of fallen heroes and defeated villains, along with a few ordinary folk who were just unfortunate enough to draw Margle’s attention.

It’s Nessy’s duty to tend this castle. It’s a lot of work, but she manages, taking pride in housekeeping talents that keep the castle from collapsing into chaos. But when Margle suddenly dies, everything begins to unravel. Nessy finds herself surrounded by monsters, curses, a door that should never be opened, and one very deadly dark wizardess.

Nessy doesn’t have might or magic on her side; she’s just a kobold: short, furry, and sensible. Her allies aren’t much better: a voice without a body, an angry fruit bat, a monster under her bed, a wizard in a jar (or some of him, anyway), and a one-eyed, one-horned, flying, purple, people eater. It would be smarter to walk away, but taking care of the castle is Nessy’s job, and that’s just what she intends to do.

If only she could find time to polish the silver while beating back the forces of darkness.


​​​​Right you are! Too Many Curses indeed! Books written by A. Lee Martinez have a specific brand of humor that I absolutely love. This is comedy fantasy at it’s best. He is able to write in characters and situations that are ridiculous and yet because of that very fact and the style it which he writes they are charming and endearing.

I cannot say enough how much I enjoy the books I’ve read by Martinez. Each one is full of twists and turns and ridiculousness of the absolute best kind. If you are in need of a light fantasy read with plenty of good laughs – definitely pick up Too Many Curses!

Nessy is a lovely little Kobold creature who is the housekeeper of a dark wizard Margle. She loves her work and her castle home and takes care of all of the creatures within it with great care. Too bad for all those creatures were once heroes or enemies of the dark wizard Margle. Why is it too bad you wonder? Because he’s much too evil to actually kill his enemies, no he transforms them into some other form so that they can be forever tortured and confined to his castle.

Dark wizards are definitely not to be tangled with!

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I don’t speak to dark wizards.Except perhaps when I’m spearing them through their black hearts. – Page 101

But when Margle unexpectedly meets his dire end – Nessy is left in the castle with all of its cursed inhabitants. Whatever shall a little kobold do? Prepare for a wealth of fantasy packed into this one castle. From bleeding walls that complain, a talking skull, a pumped up fruit bat and disembodied voice, to monsters of various shapes and sizes. It seems like Martinez was trying to pack in every bit that he could.

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“Are you certain you’re not a princess?” he asked again. “There would be a wonderful dramatic irony to a toad prince and a firefly princess.” – pg 168

How else could you be entertained by someone who talks endlessly about his great feats than by having that person be a stone gargoyle who can’t move and his whole existence now consists of sitting and staring down a hallway at The Door At The End Of The Hall!?

What Too Many Curses so fabulous is Nessy. She is a straightforward character but by no means your typical hero. But then when you take a very close look at her you’ll see she has all the gusto to be the perfect little hero.  A wonderful light hearted read.

Too Many Curses

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10 Responses to “Review: Too Many Curses by A. Lee Martinez”

    • Tabitha the Pabkins

      I couldn’t imagine reading humor books exclusively! I don’t know which of his books were the early books. I have read Gil’s All Fright Diner, Helen and Troy’s Epic Road Quest (this month also) and now Too Many Curses. I have seriously enjoyed each of these. It really will tickle your funny bone!

  1. Pamela D

    I am going to have to get my library to purchase this book after I read the Martinez books that they do have. I play Dungeons & Dragons with my friends sometimes (yep, I am a super geek), and the D&D references in his books just make me smile. 🙂
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    • Tabitha the Pabkins

      You should give them a try! I think A Lee Martinez and Terry Pratchett are my favorite. Heck I don’t even know if I really read humor books by anyone else.