Graphic Novel Reviews: Tales From the Crypt & Garfield Catzilla

November 2, 2013 Book Review, Comics 10 ★★

Welcome to the weekend feature that stars Graphic Novels & Comics. This weeks novels are most definitely for kids and preteens.

Tales from the Crypt Wickeder

Tales from the Crypt continues its popular style of parody in an all-new format! This time, the popular musical “Wicked” and the best-selling books associated with it can’t hide from the Crypt-Keeper and his GhouLunatics. Combined with a new story featuring the star of the hit graphic novel Tales from the Crypt #8 “Diary of a Stinky Dead Kid” and another new story from Star Trek Fan favorite David Gerrold “Sales of a Deathman”, this Tales from the Crypt graphic novel is not to be missed!

Tales from the Crypt #9: Wickeder by David Gerrold

My Thoughts:
Fans of comedy horror (ok so this isn’t reeeeally horror) might enjoy this volume of Tales from the Crypt, which contains 3 shorts: “DEAD DOG DIED”, “KILL, BABY, KILL” and “WICKEDER” a continuation story parody of WICKED.  There is also a sneak peak in the back of a parody of Harry Potter books titled HARRY POTTY AND THE DEATHLY BORING. The illustrator changes between each story and there really isn’t much to say other than it was a light 15 minute read that I think some preteens (especially boys?) might enjoy. I think when I was that age was when I started enjoying the Tales from the Crypt movies because they were the closest thing to scary I could handle. These are of course no where near scary but you might find yourself with an unexpected smirk or two.

Art –  4 Stars – I loved the choice in illustration style that fit each story perfectly.
Story – waffles between a 3.5 and a 4 Stars – I favor the first and last story the best.

Garfield Catzilla

It’s Halloween and Garfield has dressed up as Catzilla, a fierce wild cat, to go out trick or treating. But what he doesn’t know is that the real Catzilla has escaped from the zoo, and police are looking for him, leading to a wild case of mistaken identity! Will Garfield end up in a zoo, and will Jon and Odie be trapped with the real Catzilla? Also featuring the stories “



My Thoughts:
There are 3 very short stories in this volume. ORANGE & BLACK: Garfield really wants that Halloween candy. When he sees on TV there is a ‘Catzilla’ creature he figures he could truss himself up as Catzilla and go trick or treating. He gets plenty of candy but then winds up in the zoo. PERFECT PIZZA: We all know how much Garfield loves to eat – but when he’s given some less than stellar pizza he’s on a mission to save his favorite pizza place in town from a nasty monopolizing entrepreneur.  UNDERWATER WORLD: Odie and Garfield go for an underwater dip in the sea, make some friends and tangle with a shark.  These are all short cutesie little stories kids would enjoy if you’re introducing them to comics.

Art – 4 – I liked the style which wasn’t typical graphic novel and more “CGI” in feel
Story– 2 – Not much meat to it but fitting for kids.
Overall – 3 – Doesn’t pack the punch like the original Garfield does

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