Review: Seven Deadlies by Gigi Levangie

December 14, 2013 2 stars, Book Review 6 ★★

Seven Deadlies

Perry Gonzalez is not like the other kids in her Beverly Hills high school—a full-blooded Latina on a scholarship, living in a tiny apartment with her mother, she doesn’t have much in common with the spoiled, privileged kids who are chauffeured to school every morning. But Perry is a budding young writer with her sights set on Bennington—and her seven deadly stories are her ticket to the Ivory Tower. To pay her way, Perry’s been babysitting (correction: teenage-sitting) and tutoring the neighborhood kids, and she has seen the dark side of adolescence: lust for the “Judas Brothers” that leads to electrocution at a private birthday party concert; wrath that inspires new and perverse family bonds; and greed, in a young Bernie Madoff acolyte who conceives of a copycat Ponzi scheme involving his own grandmother.

I’ve always been a fan of short stories. That is essentially what you get in Seven Deadlies, however not really the kind I would enjoy. The main character, is attending school at some academy for the upper class. She writes about the seven deadly sins, and they are interpreted as teenagers. Definitely an interesting concept because I don’t know about you but I do believe the teen years are a point in life when we are most indulgent, so that part just works. What didn’t work for me was the over the top way the stories were done.

That coupled with the feeling that she is oh so good and everyone else is oh so bad was a tad ridiculous if you think about it. I’m sure there are people like that out there, but I just didn’t warm to her the way I think was intended.

​Ultimately, this just wasn’t really the book for me. I’m sure some readers will find it enjoyable but simply not my cup of tea.

Seven Deadlies

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      Thanks buddy. I am as of now changing my personal policy to not read whatever shows up at my door. I had been trying to include more books outside my normal genre, but It is not working out. Can’t say I didn’t try tho. Back to our regularly scheduled reading.
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  1. [email protected]

    You are not the first to be disappointed by this book. I found out through another review that this is definitely not something I would enjoy either. I don’t really like ‘over the top’ stories.