Eliza Crewe discusses Giving the Reader What They Don’t Expect

January 28, 2014 Author Feature, Giveaway, Guest Post 22

by Eliza Crewe

Demons…Soul Sucking DEMONS!! Ok so that isn’t all you’ll get. There is one hell of a unique YA heroine…if you could call her a heroine. Let’s just say Meda definitely strays from the norm. The author Eliza Crewe is here to talk to us today about Giving the Reader What they Don’t Expect!  We also have a giveaway of 1 copy of Cracked to 1 lucky reader courtesy of the publisher Strange Chemistry!


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I recently read Stephen King’s On Writing and he said when he writes a book he keeps in mind his “ideal reader,” the person for whom he’s writing it. That got me thinking–who did I write Cracked for?

I wrote Cracked for the reader who has read a ton of YA UF, and who loves it, but who craves something a little different. I wrote it for the reader who would recognize all the common YA fare (the special school, the orphan, the special destiny, a handsome, damsel-rescuing hero), and would enjoy the wicked little twist of it all being viewed through the eyes of the bad guy. I wanted it to be silly and light and fun. I wanted to poke a little fun, tell a couple inside jokes that would make readers of the genre giggle.

I wrote it for those who have read enough YA UF/PN that when a handsome hero is introduced in Chapter 3, can’t help but brace for the inevitable romance–and then surprise them by not giving it. I wanted to hint at a love triangle that never materializes except as a prank. I wanted a main character who hates children and small, fuzzy animals. I wanted unheroic “heroes,” packed with flaws–naivete, physical weakness, pushiness, and, in one case, just plain orneriness. I wanted characters the reader likes against their will–and their better judgement.

Don’t get me wrong, I love all the YA tropes. I think there should be more heroes than antiheroes. I have no problem with special destinies and special schools, and I love a good orphan story (parents-shmarents!). All these elements are common because they make for great stories. But every once in a while, I crave something different. Something surprising. Something to cleanse the palate so I can appreciate the themes I love so well. Cracked isn’t meant to be the main meal, but a palate cleanser, the sour sorbet in a seven-course meal.

Or maybe, just maybe, it’s the wickedly delicious dessert.

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Ever since my mom was murdered, I’ve been completely alone. I live in the shadows, because there’s no one like me. I have no choice because I have to fight the Hunger, the Hunger that drives me to hunt people and eat their souls. And I have to fight it if I want to stay out of the darkness.

Who am I?
I’m Meda Melange.
What am I?
I don’t know—but I’m not human.
And now, I finally have the chance to find out.

In this first book of the gripping Soul Eater trilogy, find out who Meda is and which side she will come down on in a thrilling tale of the war between good and evil.


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  1. Diamond

    Great guest post! I actually really love it, and find it a big treat when I am reading a book through the “bad guy”. I love that you did that with this. It’s definitely being added to my TBR now..I have seen this series around but didn’t know what it was about. I love some UF every once in awhile 😉
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