Me, Myself & Reading Indecisions

January 6, 2014 Discussion 39

Today I treat you to the typical scene that plays out each time I finish reading a book. This could otherwise be called: “Tabitha Jekyll & Reading Hyde”

*stretch* Ahhhhhh, yes that was soooo good. Slaps the cover shut on the book… *scritchity, scratches my sides and yawns just a touch*

yawn reading

*mumbles* Now…what…what to read, what to read. La di da, touloo tooolay come read tooooday!! *a hop skip in her step*

*mosies over to the bookshelf and starts fingering spines*….am I feeling like a little war…a little shapeshifter, some death and dismemberment…zombie robo apocalypse NOW!!!??

choosing books gif

*harrumph* Perhaps a bit of sci-fi romance? or fantasy, dragons, trolls and epic battles!!? Bah…I don’t know.

*tootles over and turns on the computer, which undoubtedly kills more what could be reading time, comments on a few blogs, looks on Etsy…gets distracted by pretty pictures on Pinterest and Deviantart, or by whatever I’m currently  drawing or painting*


*clicks open the reading spreadsheet schedule of all books I have accepted for review and have on hand*

*IN THE BOSSY MISS FUSSYPANTS VOICE!* Now that is more like it – You should read this one – it publishes in 3 days – and why haven’t you read it already, hmm hmmm hmmmm??

But I don’t FEEL like reading ANY of these just this minute! *garrumpth, harrumpth* Maybe tomorrow, come back tomorrow.

*IN A SCARY AS HELL GIVE ME NIGHTMARES VOICE!* I Expect All Of These Books To Be Read By The End Of The Week Or You Will Get No Chocolate or Cookies Until Pigs Fly And The Cows Come Home – Do I Make Myself Clear, Reading Slave!!?

*sheepish, utterly subjugated lament* Yes, master, anything you say master…pass me the TBR jar so’s I can randomly draw a title forth and quit with my dilly dallying, master.


*reaches hand in to stir the folded sticky notes and pulls forth…with not an undo amount of whining* Oh come on….Not THAT one!

*folds said paper and tosses it back in the jar…pulls out three more and does the same*  GET ON WITH IT YOU INSOLENT CUSS!

*grabs the nearest book within reaching distance…less than a foot away – and starts reading without looking at what it is*

And We’re Off!!


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When I'm in the zone I can flip book pages faster than the eye can see - screaming "More Input!" I'm a book, yarn, & art supply hoarding goblin who loves to draw, make toys and craft all sorts of creepy cute things. My current habit is to listen to audio books while I'm arting it up!
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39 Responses to “Me, Myself & Reading Indecisions”

  1. Anya

    I’ve got to admit that I had to scroll past a couple of those gifs because they terrified me D: But that reading voice of demand that you have in your head is what makes me make a list and never deviate >.> So far no reading slump, but I think it’s because I just love checking things off of lists too much 😉
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    • Tabitha the Pabkins

      Yes, I terrified you! that was exactly the point…hell I terrify myself sometimes haha.

      See I have a list – but if I didn’t deviate I would get in a funk and then the reading would take 3 times as long if I try to read something I’m not in the mood for!

    • Tabitha the Pabkins

      There just is no easy way for me to do it. Cause I won’t force myself to read something I’m not int he mood for. You know I wasn’t as bad as this before I started book blogging LOL.

    • Tabitha the Pabkins

      We all seem to have this problem to some extent I bet. The only time I don’t is on release day of a book I wasn’t able to snag a review copy of. Usually of a series that I’ve been following forever like…KIM HARRISON! MUUWHAHAH I read those the day they get in my hands no matter what else I’m already reading!

    • Tabitha the Pabkins

      Yeah gone are my days of being able to just randomly pull whatever from my huge shelves. I have to pull from a specific shelf near my desk window where all the review books are lined up or from a folder on my kindle where all the review galleys are. Otherwise I’d get so behind. I try to allow myself one to two books I purchase a month but don’t always make it to them.

    • Tabitha the Pabkins

      Oh man I wish I had your discipline! I have to read what I’m in the mood for otherwise it’ll take me forever! I feel like right now I need to take a month straight of reading a book a day again to get caught up! Which is so not going to happen right now!

  2. Becky LeJeune

    Oh, I do that very same thing all the time! I blame it on being a mood reader. And it’s at its worst when I have a little time between scheduled reviews. I have a stack of short story collections for those moments when I feel like I’m wasting too much time poring over the TBR – then at least I can jump into a short story.
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    • Tabitha the Pabkins

      I’m a total mood reader as well! I have to be in the right mood for the right book otherwise I won’t enjoy it and thats not fair to the book when I might love it at some other time.

      I read short story collections as well! I should do that more often – just read a short while I’m trying to decide. I definitely will keep that in mind this next time around. I have a tendency to binge reads the collection as if its a book.

    • Tabitha the Pabkins

      Yes isn’t that Loser gif the best!!? That one and the baby reading were my two favs. I feel like a loser every time I let myself get behind. I wish there were five of me to read all I want to read!

    • Tabitha the Pabkins

      The funk is ever present lately. I blame it on the holidays? Or uhh yeah something like that lol.

      You don’t want to reach my level of craziness – I need to back away from the stack of books seriously. Before they bury me alive.

    • Tabitha the Pabkins

      Yes, some of these gifs gave me the creeps. You should have seen the ones I passed up and didn’t use. But then the monsters that live in my head are indeed creepy. Heck I think my drawings lately have even been reflecting that!

  3. Diamond

    Oh my gawd, yes! This is me…almost to a T! I don’t do the internet spreadsheet thing. Haha but I do everything else! Lately it’s been like I am waiting for inspiration on what to read for fun, and then take so long that I look through my eARCs and end up reading another review book ..thereby ignoring he huge pile of books I own 😐 WHYY is it SO hard to pick a book?! Lol. Sometimes, though, it’s very simple. Idk why or when or what I can do to mimic these times, but I love when I walk up to my bookshelf (or scroll through my kindle cloud), and go..hey what about this book that I lately forgot about? And then I read and enjoy it and bam! It needs to happen more often like that!
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    • Tabitha the Pabkins

      I hear you! I always go to my review pile first. So I’m making a deal with myself to read more of the books that I’ve purchased. There are so many not new release books that deserve time and love!

    • Tabitha the Pabkins

      Yes! I have those! You think I don’t!!? HAHAHA *cackles madly* Shoooooooosh before I push the stack over onto your head and squishes your cats! Yeah I just have this problem with too many choices and then I’ll spend like an hour trying to decide what to read …ok sometimes more likes hourrrs. I have a sickness…halp.

    • Tabitha the Pabkins

      I think its being a reader/reviewer that is stressful. Before I starting book blogging and reviewing I used to not have as much reading indecision and drama over it.

    • Tabitha the Pabkins

      I’m so happy for you that it doesn’t! I’m working on it though and trying to be less of a crazy person to myself when it comes to what I should read next and just go with what I feel more and more instead of what I feel I ‘should’ be reading.

  4. Kelly

    This is hilarious! I don’t think I go to this extreme, but I definitely struggle with picking my next read. Especially when the last few I’ve read have been so good – I just want to continue the good trend!

    • Tabitha the Pabkins

      I think that is the worst – trying to pick a book to read after you’ve just read an amazing book because then you’re scared nothing will compare. It’s almost NOT fair to whatever you read next because you’ll BE comparing. Makes me feel bad for the book that follows. lol