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February 23, 2014 Book Binging 30

What’s more fun than jumping around and seeing what everyone else has added to their shelves for the week? For that reason I link up two these two lovely ladies:

The Sunday Post hosted by Kimberly @ Kimba The Caffeinated Book Reviewer.

Stacking the Shelves hosted by Tynga @ Tynga’s Reviews.



Review Books – The last two in this list I received unexpected and hadn’t heard of before they arrived in my mailbox – anyone else planning on reading Exposure and The Blood Guard?

The Door by Andy Marino | Goodreads

Unwrapped Sky by Rjurik Davidson | Goodreads

Where the Rock Splits the Sky by Philip Webb | Goodreads

Deep Blue by Jennifer Donnelly | Goodreads

Exposure by Kathy Reichs and Brendan Reichs | Goodreads

The Blood Guard by Carter Roy | Goodreads

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    • Tabitha the Pabkins

      Trouble hmm? What – I’m always in trouble – can’t you tell by how late I am on responding to comments!?? Unwrapped Sky had best be amazing or I will curse the skies….

    • Tabitha the Pabkins

      Thats because well I’m a cover snob! Sometimes I won’t take a book that sounds interesting just because the cover is wretched. Is that mean? Yes I know I know…I’m so awful. haha

    • Tabitha the Pabkins

      You read them and enjoyed them huh? Do you think this third one would be ok read without having read the first two? I’m always leery when I’m unexpectedly sent a third or more book in a series I haven’t even read the first ones for.

    • Tabitha the Pabkins

      I saw another version of Where the Rock Splits the Sky and I definitely like this version better as well.

      DEEP BLUE does sound good doesn’t it! Oh mermaids mermaids woohooo

    • Tabitha the Pabkins

      Doesn’t it remind you of Jim Henson’s Labyrinth with the character LUTO? It is going to be so amazing – it must be…it has to be …I DEMAND IT BE!!!

    • Tabitha the Pabkins

      Really you do!? Well hmm I don’t think I’ve read many mermaid type books but a handful. I enjoyed the Of Posiedon ones I’ve read so far. Did NOT like Wrecked by Anne or Anna something…trying to think what else I’ve read. Oh yes Deep Betrayal and Lies Beneath. I liked book one Lies Beneath more so than Deep Betrayal.

      Enjoyed The Golden City (adult not YA – selkies)
      I do like water oriented Fantasy so I’ve been looking for more lately for new books.

    • Tabitha the Pabkins

      Really you think so? I loved the TV show BONES but normally I don’t like this type of fiction because I’m a Sci Fi and Fantasy reader. I might give it a shot but I’m always leery when pubs send me a book that is like 3rd in a series i haven’t even read. Who knows though we’ll see.

    • Tabitha the Pabkins

      I love water oriented books. I don’t read all of them that I see come out but this one sounds good. I think now I’m reading at least one type of mer or selkie book each year the past few years. One summer I read three ya mermaid books in a row from different pubs…I called that mermaid summer. I don’t recommend doing that LOL.

      I hope this one is good the trailer for it was a bit eh