Review: Red Delicious by Kathleen Tierney

February 9, 2014 5 stars, Book Review 12 ★★★★★

Red Delicious

Siobhan Quinn is back and working a new case in the dark and satirical sequel to Blood Oranges.

Half-vampire, half-werewolf Siobhan Quinn survived her initiation into the world of demons and monsters. But staying alive as she becomes entangled in underworld politics might prove to be more difficult. When the daughter of a prominent necromancer vanishes, it’s up to Quinn to find the girl. But her search will land her directly in the middle of a struggle between competing forces searching for an ancient artifact of almost unimaginable power…

Red Delicious was, let me just tell you, sinfully delicious! I may have seriously enjoyed the first book, Blood Oranges, but oh boy, this character Quinn has solidified just how freaking radtastic she is in this second book.

I kid you not when I say I held an amused smirk for almost the entirety of the book, which I devoured in, oh I don’t know less than 4 hours? Quinn isn’t a heroine, or even an anti-heri, she is a no shame, all out for herself, unrepentant killer. And I freaking love her!!

In case you’re just coming on the scene, this book has one of the best recaps in the opening pages I have ever read. Quinn is the narrator and she addresses the reader directly throughout the book. So she’s laying it out on the line for you if in case you didn’t already read the first book. And while you definitely WANT to read the first book, I don’t think you have to. (But do it anyway ok? – OK)

She used to be a heroin junkie, but now she’s a blood and guts junkie because not only is she a vampire, but she also turns furry during the full moon. That’s right folks, she’s a vampwolf, Wolfire – whatever the heck you want to call it, she’s a vampire but also a werewolf cause she was unfortunate enough (or maybe fortunate hey hey?) to have been bitten by both of these nasties in the same night in the first book.

In Red Delicious, her boss has a job for her, find the missing sister of some debutante rich witch. But there is more going down than that obviously. She ends up running around all over the place, kicking major arse and getting hers kicked of course.  There is loads of swearing (when I say loads I am not mincing words here, prepare for a curse storm that would make your sailor grandfather blush), tons of quirky characters and funny names and just a whole lot of fun.

If you like your urban fantasy down and dirty then you can’t freaking pass Blood Oranges and Red Delicious up! If you do, well someone needs to give you a swift kick in the pants. *steps forward to volunteer*

Before I forget, there was some hilarious hanky panky references here that well, you better be ware of cause you might have a giggle fit. Did I also mention you’ll laugh your ass off?

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Shit like that makes me wonder if what we call reality is nothing more than a movie someone’s filming in an alternate universe Hollywood. Because…damn. – pg 7

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On my way out the front door, I jammed a knit cap with a Slytherin House psych on my head. Maybe that was overplaying my hand, yeah, but fuck it. B wants me to pass for a fucking muggle, might as well hit it full tilt boogie. – pg 29

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Red Delicious (Siobhan Quinn #2)

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    • Tabitha the Pabkins

      That is exactly what I’m screaming! She doesn’t freaking hold back! AND this is hilarious. You. Will. Love. If you don’t …well then you might be broken *cackles madly*

    • Tabitha the Pabkins

      It really was! I think it will definitely take a certain kind of sense of humor but I would definitely recommend giving the series a try if it sounds good to you!