Interview: Anne Leonard on Dragons and Library Transgressions!

March 25, 2014 Author Feature 2

Today I have an interview with Anne Leonard, the amazing author of MOTH AND SPARK! This is a whirlwind romance with a touch of magic and dragons.

Moth and Spark

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Greetings, Salutations, Welcome and all that jazz! Thank you so much for joining us today Anne!

I’m hoping the release of MOTH AND SPARK went well and that you’ve been basking in the some love from new fans! For those readers that aren’t familiar with your book yet, can you give us a 140 character pitch twitter style! *Yes I totally might use this, just so you know!* #chuckles

Enchanted dragons seek handsome prince to break spell. Must be accompanied by independent woman with visions. Your country is at stake.

At its heart I really felt MOTH AND SPARK was a court romance with political intrigue. I believe I read somewhere that you plan to revisit this world with another book, but not featuring the same characters. Is this going to be another book with a romance or do you have other ideas in mind?

Well, what I’m working on now, which might still crash-land, is a sequel with some of the same characters, set about 6 months later, and a wonderfully nasty villain. It’s much less romance-y, and it’s darker and a bit eerier. Much more intrigue, too. It will be a companion, not a #2 in a series. I didn’t intend to do a sequel, and only started because I got an idea for a story that was worth telling on its own and wasn’t just “The Further Adventures….” After I finish that, I want to do some completely unrelated different things, but I do have thoughts of a prequel set about 75 years earlier which would be in part another love story. It’s very hypothetical right now, though.

I loved the approach that you took with the dragons. How they are most definitely creatures and not humanoid. (Check out Anne’s guest post with us telling all about her dragons). Can we expect to see more books with the dragons more heavily featured?

What I’ve got right now is so far not very dragony. (Less romance? Fewer dragons? Oh no! I’m going to lose my audience!) I’ve written several dragon scenes and none of them have pulled their weight plot-wise. And it would be super narrative cheating for the dragons to come in and save the day at the end. However, it’s still very drafty so who knows. To be honest, I had no idea that people like dragons as much as they do.

So we know you love to write, or goodness we’d hope so, but do you have any other hobbies that you love to do when you aren’t strapped to a chair churning out the next book for me to devour? Pssst, I paint, crochet, watch anime and uhh game (yeah that’s right I’m a recovered World of Warcraft addict).

For fun I take photographs, most either close-ups of plants or landscapes. I also go for walks several times a week. Most of the rest of my time is normal domestic family stuff. I don’t game, mostly because I know that if I start, I’ll never quit. Sometimes my son runs a D&D campaign that I take part in.

What are you reading right now!!? Too personal? How about what you had for breakfast – I dare say you can tell a lot about a person by what they eat for breakfast. Oh yes and their coffee of choice, mine changes, currently it’s a Peanut Butter White Mocha. Don’t knock it til you’ve tried it!

I’ve been spending a lot of the last year just reading books by new (to me) writers in SFF. I’m about to taper down on the reading and re-amp the writing. The next book I read for fun will probably be The Long Goodbye by Raymond Chandler. It’s hard to take the writer hat off and just enjoy a book when I am reading in my own genre, so for fun I go outside SFF, mostly to mystery and suspense.

Breakfast – uh, today, nothing, and then I had breakfast for lunch. Usually it’s either cornflakes or a bagel. Boring.

When the magical whammy hits the earth, which it shall, I have it on certain witchy authority…what creature would you think you’d end up morphing into?

Well, obviously I’d like to be a dragon or a griffin, but I think I’ll probably end up a talking mouse that sneaks around everywhere to spy and lives in the library, feasting on books.

Lastly, lets have a secret! It doesn’t need to be book related, but I do prefer something that will give me a good chuckle because afterall – everyone is here to please me =) j/k…no really something achingly embarrassing…no? Alright I had to try. Quid pro quo! – I once tricked my father into eating dog beef jerky when I was a teen. I’m not telling how bad of an idea that turned out to be.

I spent more time than I should thinking about this question, and honestly, I’ve always been pretty tame and well-behaved. My urges to transgress are usually satisfied in writing fiction – I can do all sorts of terrible things on the page, so I never bothered with it in real life. I prefer cutting remarks and verbal witticisms to practical jokes, but those don’t repeat very well. My biggest crime is probably that at the age of 9 I inadvertently packed a library book when I moved several states away, and I never returned it. Also, I put ketchup on my scrambled eggs.

Thanks so much for joining us and I definitely look forward to reading more from you!

Thanks for having me, and I look forward to writing more too.


As far as writing goes, I’m a throw-it-at-the-wall and see what sticks writer, rather than an outline writer. This means I revise a lot, but I also can surprise myself with new plot twists. Right now I’m working on another novel, but I won’t talk much about it until it’s print-ready. Things change fast.

My first name is Elisabeth. With an “S.” Everyone shortened it to “Liz,” which I hate, so I started going by Anne. I answer to either. (Full author bio can bee seen on author’s website)

Moth and Spark

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