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Everett Singh has escaped from his enemies with the Infundibulum – the key to all the parallel worlds. But his freedom has come at a price: the loss of his father to one of the billions of parallel universes in the Panopoly.

E1 was the first Earth to create the Heisenberg Gate, the means to jump between worlds, but it was quarantined long ago. No one goes in… and nothing comes out. But E1 has something that Everett needs: the means to find his father.Be My Enemy US

It’s lucky that he has the support of Captain Anastasia Sixsmyth, her daughter Sen and the unique crew of the airship Everness, because Everett is about to discover the horrifying secret of E1 and, with it, his deadliest enemy.

Something deadly moves in the heart
High stakes adventure isn’t even half of what you’ll get in Be My Enemy, the sequel to Planesrunner. These characters and storyline continue to amaze me with how inventive they manage to be. Some of you might have seen it coming because yes, we are immediately introduced to an alter Everett at the start of this book. He will play a pivotal role in the fate of Everett’s future as well as possibly everyone in the known worlds. But something has twisted in his heart, he hasn’t lived the same life Everett has and while he might think like him, he most certainly isn’t acting or feeling like him.

Meanwhile fade to white
In a frozen wasteland world, time is running out and something lurks beneath the ice…Everett is still in possession of the Infundibulum but can he hold onto it?

Everett and the crew of the Everness are marooned on this frozen alternate version of Earth, with power running out and everything on the ship quickly freezing. Soon they are chased even here and must travel to where no one would dare follow – to the off-limits Earth1 (E1). When they arrive at their destination they are in for a surprise. This world is home to an almost unimaginable horror: Sentient nanotechnology that has made themselves the ruling force in that world, bent on consuming the whole of humanity.

Exploring the reality of alternates
In the first book the alternate Earths is given prime focus but in book two while we still have that focus we also see the possibilities of alternate individuals. Along with Everett’s alter we see two members of the order, the devious Charlotte and her alter Charles, who are members of The Order that’s been chasing the Everness. Not to mention Everett’s alter family members. It was such a neat way to explore how different circumstances and experiences could change the very nature of a person.

The relationship dynamics between the crew of the Everness please me in how well thought out and slowly building they are. There is a marvelous chemistry between Everett and Sen that feels so natural and real that that I can safely say they are currently one of my favorite young adult pairs that I have read in the last few years. Sen is snappy and Everett is the calm collected type. Together they make quite the team.

While this series features young adult characters to me it is by no means the typical young adult books. Where many other books are light and fluffy reads that you can breeze through without it asking much from you as a reader – the Everness books tempt you into deeper thought and reflection. Those other books are but a snack – but these, these are the meal.

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Be My Enemy (Everness #2)

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      I really adore this series so far. Its a smidge heavier on the science element than the typical YA books and that really makes this special. It doesn’t suffer from any of the overused tropes you see in so many YA. I am loving it!
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