Review: Morningside Fall by Jay Posey

May 3, 2014 3 stars, Book Review 7 ★★★

Review: Morningside Fall by Jay PoseyMorningside Fall by Jay Posey
Series: Legends of the Duskwalker #2
Published by Angry Robot Books Genres: Adult SFF, Science fiction
Format: eARC
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The lone gunman Three is gone, and Wren is the new governor of the devastated settlement of Morningside, but there is turmoil in the city. When his life is put in danger, Wren is forced to flee Morningside until he and his retinue can determine who can be trusted.

They arrive at the border outpost, Ninestory, only to find it has been infested with Weir in greater numbers than anyone has ever seen. These lost, dangerous creatures are harbouring a terrible secret – one that will have consequences not just for Wren and his comrades, but for the future of what remains of the world.


Just a moment while I wipe the blood from my eyes
Morningside Fall is the sequel to the absolutely amazing post apocalyptic book, Three. It was strong, edgy and had a kick ass, no holds barred, main character with a soft spot. Not only did Three not go in the direction that I expected, it blew me away with how immersed I became in the world and the main character named Three. The ending was shocking and fantastic so much so that I raved and raved about it and maybe I even amped myself up a bit much for the second book.

With that, moving onto Morningside Fall I had specific expectations and a direction in which I thought things were going to go. Let’s say I was wrong. *smacks the whammy on herself* That teaches me to hypothesize and start throwing down cement in my thoughts where it doesn’t belong. I shouldn’t get ahead of myself. That was totally my own fault, bad naughty reader thinking you know what’s best. But what pray tell were my wild fantasies?

Holding out for a Hero
I thought perhaps we would have a big time lapse into the future and see the characters somewhat more aged. Ok who am I kidding – I thought I would get to see WREN, more aged, specifically as an adult in all his kick ass glory, with his oddball powers strengthened and him just being the new lead man. Man being the key word there. Well within the first chapter you learn this isn’t to be the case (so hey that’s not a spoiler, so don’t start moaning). Alas, Wren is still a kid and I didn’t have that hero I was hoping for.

Into the wastelands they wander
The author’s writing style was still as top notch as ever. The characters are setting back out into the waste, and what isn’t fun about seeing people struggle against whatever odds a post apocalyptic world and nasty baddies can throw at them? I still found the world and Weir utterly fascinating but there was a smidge of punch lacking in this one that made the first one a complete win win with me. Strange things are happening with the Weir – small signs of change that we saw towards the end of Three are now really come out to play. They aren’t acting the way everyone have always expected, but then hey Cass should have been somewhat of a clue about that too right? Ultimately it was that my momentum and interest didn’t peak until 2/3rds of the way into it and I think if that would have happened say 100 pages into the book it would have kicked things up a notch for me on the enjoyment scale.

The innocence of a child…
While I like Wren as a character I didn’t enjoy spending as much time with him in this book as I did the first book. Why? Because in the first book there was Three and he was to me the main focus. Where as here Wren is more of the main focus and I just couldn’t seem to wrap my interest around him. He’s an innocent and he’s a child, a young child, and when it boils down to it I don’t usually want to read about a child. I read young adult fiction quite frequently. So of course I enjoy it but having the focus be on a kid as much as it was I didn’t find myself as gripped to the book as I was the previous one. In a similar but completely different fashion there was a disconnect between myself and his mother Cass. She was always an interesting character in the first novel but I never attached to her personally, for reason that they she was a junkie, and so then going into Morningside Fall she was already at a disadvantage with me, even though she wasn’t really the same person anymore. Luckily there are some other characters that are introduced that spice things up.

Overall, Morningside Fall was still a really good read and I would definitely recommend it to those that enjoyed Three but with a cautionary note that you’ll be getting a very different vibe with this one. I believe this is going to be a trilogy and that might have partly to do with my reaction. I find that I tend to have trouble with second books in a trilogy for some reason. But hey, I still definitely look forward to what comes next.

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7 Responses to “Review: Morningside Fall by Jay Posey”

    • Tabitha (Pabkins)

      I really loved THREE. It was one of my fav books last year. I think the only reason I didn’t enjoy it more is because I had my own idea of where I wanted it to go. Which is my own fault. It was still a good read. I hope you can get to it someday.
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  1. Melliane

    It’s sad when we loved a book and the second isn’t up to our expectations… But well it sounds like a great read as well. I’m trying to see if I know book 1 but I don’t think so. I forget too easily it’s terrible. Sirry this characters wasn’t that interesting but I’m curious about the workd and the writing style of the author. Thanks for the review!

    • Tabitha (Pabkins)

      Yes it was so unfortunate that I didn’t love it more but I think that was totally my own fault for wanting it to go a different direction, which doesn’t mean it wasn’t still good. THREE was the first book and it was excellent!
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  2. Tammy @ Books Bones & Buffy

    My feelings are very similar to yours, Tabitha. But I gave it 4 stars. The worst part of this book was that Three wasn’t in it. I seriously questioned the author’s judgement when he got rid of Three. I just adored him. And it was disappointing not to have a “replacement” Three in this book. In fact, for a while I thought Chapel might be Three, did you ever think that? Anyhoo, I’ll probably be posting my review today.
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  3. Jessica @ Rabid Reads

    Yeah, I hate when expectations get the drop on you. Sometimes it ends up working for you anyway, and sometimes . . . not so much. I’m sorry that this particular book was the latter for you, but I completely understand. If I was in the mood for an adult, experienced MC, and instead found myself saddled with a naive, inexperienced child . . . sigh.
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