Review: Unremembered by Jessica Brody

May 31, 2014 3 stars, Book Review 17 ★★★

Review: Unremembered by Jessica BrodyUnremembered by Jessica Brody
Series: Unremembered #1
Published by Farrar Straus and Giroux on March 5, 2013
Genres: Science fiction, Young Adult
Pages: 320
Format: Paperback
Source: Publisher

When Freedom Airlines flight 121 went down over the Pacific Ocean, no one ever expected to find survivors. Which is why the sixteen-year-old girl discovered floating among the wreckage—alive—is making headlines across the globe.

Even more strange is that her body is miraculously unharmed and she has no memories of boarding the plane. She has no memories of her life before the crash. She has no memories period. No one knows how she survived. No one knows why she wasn’t on the passenger manifest. And no one can explain why her DNA and fingerprints can’t be found in a single database in the world.

Crippled by a world she doesn’t know, plagued by abilities she doesn’t understand, and haunted by a looming threat she can’t remember, Seraphina struggles to piece together her forgotten past and discover who she really is. But with every clue only comes more questions. And she’s running out of time to answer them.

Her only hope is a strangely alluring boy who claims to know her from before the crash. Who claims they were in love. But can she really trust him? And will he be able to protect her from the people who have been making her forget?

From popular young adult author Jessica Brody comes a compelling and suspenseful new sci-fi series, set in a world where science knows no boundaries, memories are manipulated, and true love can never be forgotten.


​Unremembered starts off with quite the mystery. A young girl is rescued from the watery site of a plane crash. She is supposedly the only survivor and can remember nothing of herself or her past. With the mystery surrounding Violet aka Seraphina’s past and memories I was off course drawn into the story. She is placed with a temporary foster family until such time as her real family is found. Who find her instead is a a teen boy who definitely won’t let go.

The quick and dirty
Fun and fast read. Romance, the struggle of young love and a good dash of mystery.

Riddle me this, oh violet eyed Violet
If you aren’t stopping to ponder the why of simple little things that don’t make essential sense (and still don’t make complete sense by the end) or the type that likes everything to fall into place by the end, with anomalies explained then you would likely enjoy this more then I did. Sometimes I can be nitpicky about the oddest things. There is an enigmatic boy that keeps coming around claiming to know her and she is continually surprised by off things about herself. Such as discovering she speaks numerous languages, can solve crazy mathematical equations and yet didn’t know what the simplest things are. Ultimately I found it really hard to connect with her and thought her personality to be rather inconsistent. From there things move along at a brisk pace.

Would you like fries with that?
I had anticipated this novel to be more of a science fiction read than it was. Don’t get me wrong I still consider it to fully fall under the sci-fi ya genre but it is definitely more of a ya romance with sci-fi than a YA sci-fi with a romance. Hopefully that makes sense. Pretty much plotting focus wise one takes a huge precedence over the other. Perhaps a better way to explain it is, if you were to take away the romantic relationship the book would not hold up. So for teen romance lovers Unremembered would be a perfect pick. However, I typically like my stories with a side dish of romance, not the main course.

​Unremembered was an overall enjoyable read but I didn’t find anything particular about it that made it stand out in my mind among the many other young adult books that have hit my shelves over the past few years.​

​FYI, this book is being made into a movie. So I’ll of course be watching it.

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17 Responses to “Review: Unremembered by Jessica Brody”

    • Tabitha (Pabkins)

      With YA i totally get that romance is one of the leading elements of the story. But it can be done better. And here I just was not impressed only because I think there were so many other things that could have been just as important but then based on where it was going the romance WAS the key to so much but still….

      Yes you like that…Violet of the violet eyes (which having that color served no purpose….WHO HAS VIOLET EYES!? hahahaha

  1. Amanda @ Book Badger

    I prefer some more answers in my mystery books, even if they are series than what it seems Unremembered gives, but it’s been on my slight radar, like, the edges for a while and it’s slowly slowly coming in, so I do definitely want to continue my plight and borrow it from the library if I can, so it’ll be interesting to see if I feel the same as you. I also, like Jessica, prefer my romances to be a sub-plot and not overbearing, so that might be a problem for me, but this is a great review and it’s given me the right expectations I think, so well done Tabitha! 🙂
    Amanda @ Book Badger recently posted…Becoming Mood Reader ReliantMy Profile

    • Tabitha (Pabkins)

      Thanks Amanda! I’m glad you got something out of it. I really like to read books once I find out they are going to be made into a movie and they fall into my genre of books that I read. Which this did. I’m sure the movie will be a cute teen watch but probably not so much for me. I’ll still watch it though lol. but I won’t continue with the books.
      Tabitha (Pabkins) recently posted…Guest post: Jaime Lee Moyer gives us A Field Guide to GhostsMy Profile

  2. Melliane

    I confess I’m intrigued y Violet and at the same time I can understand why you didn’t connect with her. THanks for the review, I didn’t know this one.

  3. Charleen

    “However, I typically like my stories with a side dish of romance, not the main course.”

    I totally agree. Well, mostly. I do like the occasional romance, and knowing it’s the “main course” means there’s no confusion about what I’m getting… but when I’m in the mood for something like that, I typically go for contemporary fluffy chick lit kind of stuff. Not genre. If I’m reading genre, I want it to be about the genre. Romance with a side of sci-fi wouldn’t work for me.
    Charleen recently posted…Armchair BEA – Wrap UpMy Profile

    • Tabitha (Pabkins)

      See I’ve found that I’m not right in what I said – I can TOTALLY love romance. Take the Paradox trilogy. Loved the romance it wasn’t the main thing but it was A main thing right. I think it just has to work for me and work well/be written well. And for me not to feel like its overwhelming other things that I feel are more important.
      Tabitha (Pabkins) recently posted…Guest post: Jaime Lee Moyer gives us A Field Guide to GhostsMy Profile

  4. Kirsty-Marie

    Yeah, it makes sense. It wasn’t as good as I’d hoped either, I was really disappointed with it, so haven’t read the sequel. I mainly read it because I love amnesia stories, but ugh. I just didn’t get it at all, didn’t like the characters and the romance…yeah. :/
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