Top Ten Tuesday – Covers I would frame as Art

May 6, 2014 memes 33


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Covers I would frame as Art!

 My personal nutso commentary on each cover can be seen below. Catch a little of my crazy you know you want to. If you hate any of these covers I totally need to know why…because then I can hunt you down and break one of your little fingers.


Un Lun DunUn Lun Dun by China Miéville | Goodreads | AmazonSeriously how creepy is that little girl on the cover reading?? Like her soul is being sucked away by the book…yeah that’s so me. Plus the odd bits in the background – is that a building and a bus right? Just a load of things to tempt my eyes and start piecing together a story. Love it!


Doll BonesDoll Bones by Holly Black | Goodreads | AmazonI freaking LOVE illustrated covers, they are my favorite – you will notice a trend here. First I love the boat and the kids in it and the way the water is illustrated. Then there is the whole creepy dolls thing. If you don’t know already I have made a few creepy dolls and I also collect them. It is another true loves / hobby of mine.


Glitter and MayhemGlitter & Mayhem edited by Kilma, Thomas & Thomas | Goodreads | AmazonThis screams crazy absolute fun to me on ALL levels. It’s sexy, it’s robotic and all those crazy colors straight hypnotic. Oh and this cover artist won a Hugo last year and I have a signed print poster of this. So yeah epic awesome digital art that makes me wish I knew how to do something even a tenth that awesome! I want to own a giclee print someday! Review of the title coming later this year.


The Alchemy of StoneThe Alchemy of Stone by Ekaterina Sedia | Goodreads | AmazonI bought this book purely for it’s cover and still haven’t read it yet. I don’t even know off the top of my head what it is even freaking about – so who knows maybe I’ll get burned but I don’t care! Because the freaking creepy just keeps coming! – noticing a pattern yet to my tastes?


LIttle Grrl LostLittle (Grrl) Lost by Charles de Lint | Goodreads | AmazonThis girl is so punk and kick ass we need to be best friends, and she must tell me who her stylist is *wink*.  Alright seriously though, illustrated covers are the best! Publishers take note IF you are going to stick a person on the cover, make it a illustrated one gosh damn it. I don’t want to see real people, anyone can take and tweak a photograph, but not everyone can create a beautiful illustration to match perfectly with a book. Just think on it mmmm-kay?


Range of GhostsRange of Ghosts by Elizabeth Bear  | Goodreads | AmazonThis tickles my fantasy bone to the extreme. It makes me think of celestial warriors doing battle in the heavens, riding across the stars and poom poom poom their battles are magically creating new universes. Is that what the book is about, no probably not but aye I’ve got a nutso imagination.


The Broken KingdomsThe Broken Kingdoms by N.K. Jemisin  | Goodreads | AmazonIf I could live in a freaking tree house castle it would look exact-spanking-tactly like this one. Come on you know you want to live in this place with me. We could swing from vines from one castle tower into the next and have windows made of petals – ok this is the little fairy loving girl in me what wants to live inside this illustration.


Ready Player OneReady Player One by Ernest Cline | Goodreads | AmazonI’m a geek and this tickles my post-apocalyptic everyone living in a trailer park, the world gone to shit bone. Why on earth would I find that appealing? I don’t find it appealing ok!? – I find it freaking gobsmacking-man-has-finally-got-his-come-uppance hilarious!


Night CircusThe Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern  | Goodreads | AmazonSuch dark crisp silhouette-ey clean lines, stark relief wrap your cover around me and throw in a splash of color to make me think of blood. I must admit I bought the UK version just because I loved the cover (my evil confession? I still haven’t read it)


Unwrapped SkyUnwrapped Sky by Rjurik Davidson | Goodreads | Amazon – Now you can’t tell me this cover does not remind you of LUDO from the 1980’s Jim Henson movie LABYRINTH. It doesn’t? Or you haven’t watched the movie? Well what the hell you better watch that shit tonight of you’ll get the hose again. Here’s


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33 Responses to “Top Ten Tuesday – Covers I would frame as Art”

  1. Lanaia

    I totally agree, illustrated covers are the best! And weird, slightly creepy ones.. 😀 That’s totally my style. I was thinking about having The Night Circus in my post, but I had to pick just 10, it was so hard! I really love all of these covers, great picks!
    Lanaia recently posted…Top Ten Book Covers I’d Frame as Pieces of ArtMy Profile

  2. Aleksandra @ Aleksandra's Corner

    Wow, from all the lists I saw today, yours is my top fav! I love all of these covers, the art is absolutely amazing.
    I actually own the UK HB of The Night Circus as well, and it’s probably the most gorgeous edition of a book I own, and the book is just as beautiful, I hope you’ll enjoy it when you read it. As for Ready Player One, I almost put it on my list as well. I think I adore it because it represents a part of the world in the book so well, and I adore the book 🙂
    Aleksandra @ Aleksandra’s Corner recently posted…Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Book Covers I’d Frame as Pieces of Art!My Profile

  3. Charleen

    The style on Range of Ghosts sort of reminds me of the new Harry Potter covers. Specifically Prisoner of Azkaban… which is one I’d definitely put on my list! I also love that cover for The Night Circus.
    Charleen recently posted…April Mini-ReviewsMy Profile

  4. fishgirl182

    Nice picks. I might have to do this week’s TTT. I would def agree with The Night Circus. Beautiful!

  5. La Coccinelle

    Have you seen the cover for Jennifer Bradbury’s Wrapped? I remember being struck by it when I first read the book, because it was an illustrated cover and it was so different from a lot of other YA covers out there. They could easily have gone with a photo of a girl in a pretty Regency-era dress… but they didn’t, and I think it makes the cover stand out in its genre.
    La Coccinelle recently posted…In My Mailbox (65)My Profile

  6. Kel

    Is it just me, or do a lot of these covers have slightly creepy vibes? … The composition and/or color palettes on some are a little busy for my taste, but that’s not really worth breaking my finger, is it? 🙂
    Kel recently posted…Updates: May it BeginMy Profile