That’s a Wrap! – June 2014 – Winners, A change to Fan Art Up! and I was on’s Rocket Talk Podcast

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June – how lovely you were with your waves of books crashing upon my shore. How I will miss you only because July is here and it will be hot as balls the further into the summer we get. Below you’ll find some amazing announcements! Including a change to the way I’m running my Fan Art Up! feature as well as a long list of giveaway winners!! (now running random comment appreciation each month!)


Exciting news! I was a guest in’s Rocket Talk Podcast with of favorite authors Max Gladstone hosted by Justin Landon! Have a listen!


More Hot News! FAN ART UP! participation is now open for TWITTER and INSTAGRAM (AND no longer limited to just Fan Art!):

You can now participate via Twitter, Instagram or your blog! And it is no longer limited to just fan art. If you like drawing or doodling – or whatever – just share with us. There wasn’t as much participation in the fan art aspect so I figured might as well open it up a bit more. If you participate via twitter or instagram if you could link to that week’s Fan Art Up! post and #FanArtUp that would be great. Don’t forget to enter your link to your tweet or instagram pic on the linky for that week. I can’t wait to see if more people decide to participate!!


About Me Junk:

  • I’m open to gifting books or even book swapping if folks are interested in such a thing holler – I have a bunch I’ll be getting rid of soon I’d rather they go to someone that wants it instead of the used book store.
  • Follow me on Instagram and DM me for a picture of the books I have up for grabs!
  • Another of my friends Angie has decided she might attempt book review blogging, we’ll see just how serious she is #wink. Her first review Motherless Child went live a few days ago. Say Hi to her on that post!
  • My creepy stalker behavior continues to scare bloggers all over the web – don’t be scerrred
  • Received the most review books I think I ever have this month. There be books breeding in the corners of my house
  • I’m experimenting with adding color to my doodles. Supplies I plan to try out: Copic markers, watercolor paints, acrylic paint, pastel pencils, color pencils
  • My coloring results thus far have been a big disappointment to me but I’m not giving up!
  • Currently reading: I try to keep it updated on the Goodreads widget sidebar but you know that isn’t always accurate. Right now TODAY I’m reading THE SEAT OF MAGIC by J. Kathleen Cheney and WHERE SILENCE GATHERS by Kelsey Sutton

About the Books (all rough counts cause I’m lazy):

  • Books Read = I’m a failure and I’m not even going to cop to how few I’ve read
  • Audio Books listened to = 1 (ok almost 1)
  • BEA BOOKS acquired – roughly 100 (22 ADULT SFF, 10 Graphic novels, the rest YA. Ouch right?)
  • REVIEW BOOKS received: 27 (at least 7 unsolicited)
  • GIFTED BOOKS received: 1 (Swapped Stitching Snow for Shattering the Ley from Mogsy @ Bibliosanctum)
  • Do you ever ache and pine thinking you’ll get the oh so special book, and don’t? Even though you are surrounded by a pile of others? You know what I’m talking about!



June Top Shelf:

TRAITOR’S BLADE by Sebastien de Castell | My 5 star freaking review | Goodreads

Let me sing your praises, foist you upon unsuspecting readers and otherwise flail like a lunatic until every person in the known world reads this book. YOU CATCH MY DRIFT LUNKERS? – READ IT NOW!

Traitors Blade covers


Author Interviews & Guest articles:


Book Reviews:


Fan Art Up! :

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15 Responses to “That’s a Wrap! – June 2014 – Winners, A change to Fan Art Up! and I was on’s Rocket Talk Podcast”

  1. Lisa (@TenaciousReader)

    GAH!! OK, I am seriously thrilled to win your quite awesome and amazing kindle competition/giveaway. 😀 😀 😀
    And I am reading Traitor’s Blade right now now and completely understand the love for it. Really fun book. And congrats on the podcast!! Quite exciting 🙂

  2. Kel

    I’m happy. I finally read a decent amount of books this past month. Where Silence Gathers? Ooh…I’ve seen at least one less than stellar review for that. Good luck! And watercolors and Copics? Sounds like tons of fun, and I know you’ll be improving in no time!
    Kel recently posted…Updates: Jumping into JulyMy Profile

  3. Richelle Nicole

    Firstly, it’s awesome you were on a podcast!! I think you have a beautiful voice, it matches your fun/zany/ amazing personality!! Fabulous broadcast voices run in the family 🙂

    The updated Fan Art Up sounds fantastic. If this extendes to the world of video games then Ryan has some art to show off for you!

    It amazes me how much your able to accomplish in the wee span of a month. You’re a reading/rockin machine! Can’t wait to see what July brings!
    Richelle Nicole recently posted…Puppy Love-PortraitsMy Profile

  4. Kristen

    Your gifting notice reminded me I still haven’t cracked that awesome graphic novel you sent me. I must correct that! I may even review it (if I am unlazy, which I ought to be less lazy about reviews). I’m glad people think your creepy, that sounds weird. I think it’s hilarious, cause you are awesome. I miss our twitter chats. I stalk you on instagram so maybe I will try this fan art thing, but I’m out of practice (hasn’t drawn since high school…).
    Kristen recently posted…June in ReviewMy Profile