Review: Let’s Get Lost by Adi Alsaid

August 25, 2014 4 stars, Book Review, Giveaway 16 ★★★★

Review: Let’s Get Lost by Adi AlsaidLet's Get Lost by Adi Alsaid
Published by Harlequin Teen on July 29, 2014
Genres: Contemporary, Young Adult
Pages: 352
Source: Blog Tour, Publisher

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Five strangers. Countless adventures. One epic way to get lost.

Four teens across the country have only one thing in common: a girl named LEILA. She crashes into their lives in her absurdly red car at the moment they need someone the most.

There's HUDSON, a small-town mechanic who is willing to throw away his dreams for true love. And BREE, a runaway who seizes every Tuesday—and a few stolen goods along the way. ELLIOT believes in happy endings…until his own life goes off-script. And SONIA worries that when she lost her boyfriend, she also lost the ability to love.

Hudson, Bree, Elliot and Sonia find a friend in Leila. And when Leila leaves them, their lives are forever changed. But it is during Leila's own 4,268-mile journey that she discovers the most important truth— sometimes, what you need most is right where you started. And maybe the only way to find what you're looking for is to get lost along the way.


Let’s Get Lost was a quick fun filled romp of a road trip. Told short story style from the perspectives of the people Leila meets during her over 2 month road trip to Alaska to see the Northern Lights. The book is broken up into 5 parts each featuring the perspective of that specific character. Hudson, Bree, Elliot, Sonia and then finally hearing from Leila in the last fifth of the book. Each of these characters share a life altering event with Leila. If you enjoy short stories then you’ll possibly really enjoy this book. I for one adore short stories so ate this book up in one sitting. I always feel like short stories read faster. If taken one at a time each of the stories feel like they could stand alone but when they all tie together at the end once you get to Leila’s perspective I found the impact to be very well done. Personally I do not read a lot of contemporary fiction, maybe two of them a year. So I can’t compare this to other contemporary teen books and tell you whether its already been done before, or if it’s as good as what else is out there. But as a mostly science fiction and fantasy reader I can definitely say I found it to be refreshing and extremely enjoyable.


A small hometown boy who works as a mechanic and fixes Leila’s car right about the time Leila’s trip first starts out. They spend a marvelous day together exploring his town and getting not a small bit twitterpated for one another. But his all day and night infatuation for Leila might make him ignore other obligations.


A free spirit and young teen runaway. She’s been on the road for quite some time after the death of her parents, having left her older sister behind – when Leila picks her up on the side of the road. Both of them are in for some fun, to signing crazy tunes int he car, giving Leila her first shoplifting experience to joyriding in a car that doesn’t belong to them and some celebratory ice cream – these two together equals a whole lot of trouble. When they get into a big jam Bree has a difficult decision to make.


It’s prom night and his lifetime best friend and love of his life just shot him down. He gets wasted and tries to kill himself a la Leila’s moving car. Of course Leila drags him to the hospital and instead of going home and throwing in the towel Leila convinces him that he can possibly still have his movie perfect ending of getting the girl if he just gives in another shot. So they spend the entire night trying to help Elliot get the girl of his dreams.


She’s to be the bridesmaid in the sister’s wedding of her ex boyfriend who died last year. But she is now in love with someone else and feels like her new love would be betraying the memory of her past one when her new man asks her to come out in the open about their relationship. Stressed and emotionally distraught she runs off with Leila who she meets in the parking lot and asks for a ride home (just across the border from Canada and back in the U.S.) but she doesn’t realize she’s still wearing the best man’s coat which has the wedding rings in it. Now she’s stuck back in the U.S. with out any idea how to get the rings back into Canada and the wedding on time. Suffice to say they have a night full of hi-jinx.


She has finally made it to Alaska and along the way there, and between each of the main POVs you see a postcard that Leila sends to various of the characters along the way. Several to Hudson, one to Bree, one to her Aunt/Uncle etc. We finally learn Leila’s back story as she hasn’t shared it with any of the characters up to this point, but tells it all to a small family she meets at the campsite one night as she is waiting and hoping for the Northern Lights to appear. Its a sad and very touching story and yet there are some rays of hope by the time Leila finishes her trip and arrives back home at her Aunt and Uncles house.

I was drawn to Let’s Get Lost because I made a similar solo cross country road trip when I was 18 and I love reading books that I share a major experience with. I thought it was such a great novel and I could relate to Leila’s mentality that shined through during her interactions with all of these excellent characters. I thought the short story style gave me JUST ENOUGH of that characters life to enjoy and move on with. If you like getting to know characters more deeply then that – then Let’s Get Lost might not be to your tastes. But if you like to crash headlong into the lives of others and see a few impactful scenes and then move along your merry way happier for the encounter then this is right up your alley. View Spoiler »

So if you’re feeling like a crazy road trip, where any number of things could happen, pick it up.

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16 Responses to “Review: Let’s Get Lost by Adi Alsaid”

    • Tabitha (Pabkins)

      Normally I would be right there with you because it’s contemporary – but like I said I read it purely for the fact that I shared that same sort of big life event with the main character so thought it would be fun to read about hers. And it so was!

      Yes it would make a cool movie!
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  1. Kirsty-Marie

    I love Road Trip stories, and don’t read that many of them, so loved this. And yeah, I think having it split up into the five different parts was a great idea, especially because of Leila’s story, it all kind of fit together then. But, even with each one, it gives you their story and a sense of who the characters are in such a short span, and how Leila impacted their lives, what I loved about it most. They do read faster though! Don’t know why, haha, but they just do. 🙂
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  2. Carmel @ Rabid Reads

    As a general rule, I don’t enjoy short stories in novella format, but the fact that this is a full length book works for me. Plus, I’m sure that I’ll appreciate the Canadian shout outs! Thanks for breaking down the individual tales in your review, it really helped me get a sense of the full picture. I didn’t have the opportunity to road trip much this summer, so instead I’ll just have to live vicariously through Alsaid’s writing. 🙂
    Carmel @ Rabid Reads recently posted…A Stompin’ Good Excerpt From Tricia Skinner + Giveaway #StompvsRompMy Profile

  3. Mary @ BookSwarm

    I’ve always wanted to drive across the country in some old GTO (lovingly restored, engine purring, of course) and books like this help assuage those cravings (some day!!). Loved how this book was set up — small stories, yeah, but they tied together so beautifully.
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  4. Wendy Darling

    I love road trip stories and I am dying to see The Northern Lights, so clearly I have to read this! I don’t think I’ve seen a single negative reaction to this book, either.

    And I’m glad to see that your YA slump seems to be over? Yay! Mine lasted a long, long time earlier this year, too. Thank goodness it’s over. For now. *dun dun dun!*
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    • Tabitha (Pabkins)

      This was definitely a good one for me. I noticed a handful of DNF reviews on it when I finished it and put in my rating but I think it was the short story style that didn’t suit people.

      I had some friends who had the same reaction to say World War Z. I personally love short stories they make me read faster cause I’m like “oh just one more”

      I don’t know if the YA slump is over – I’m still pretty nit picky on them lately but this one was just too fun and sweet.

      I’m feeling very into adult fantasy and urban fantasy right now so I’m rolling with it and trying to convince the rest of the ladies to read all these huge stacks of YA books I have that keep coming in or the ones from BEA I feel guilty for having and not reading LOL.
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