Review: Prodigal Son by Debra Mullins

August 27, 2014 3.5 stars, Book Review 7 ★★★½

Review: Prodigal Son by Debra MullinsProdigal Son by Debra Mullins
Series: Truth Seers #1
Published by Tor Books on October 1, 2013
Genres: Paranormal, Romance
Pages: 368
Format: ARC
Source: Publisher
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Prodigal Son—the new paranormal romance from acclaimed historical romance author Debra Mullins

Bounty hunter Rafe Montana is a Seer, descended from the fabled Atlanteans. He uses his inherited power to “see” criminals across the globe and track them down, and he’s just started on a new case. Danny Cangialosi is accused of disappearing with a stolen car…but for the first time in his life, when Rafe goes looking, he is unable to “see” him. Instead, his search leads him to Danny’s stubborn, meddling, and very cute stepsister, Cara McGaffigan.

Cara is looking for Danny, too, but not to turn him in. He is her brother, after all, and she’s convinced he has a good heart. If she can just find him before the cops do, she’ll figure out a way to get him out of this. But Cara didn’t count on a scorching-hot bounty hunter getting in her way.

Despite instant chemistry, Rafe and Cara know they’re never going to see eye-to-eye when it comes to Danny. What they don’t know is that Danny didn’t just steal a car—he stole a precious stone, a stone right out of the legends of Atlantis. It holds powers they can only dream of…and its owner wants it back.


It was time to read a ROMANCE!

Prodigal Son is an excellent choice for those of you who don’t mind reading in the romance genre. Like it’s counterparts in this genre, the love interest is first and foremost. There is an excellent connection between the two characters, and they definitely spice things up between the sheets.  If you enjoy urban fantasy Prodigal Son is also an excellent fit but being more on the paranormal romance side.  Debra Mullins is using a tried and true configuration in this series. This first book starts on love connection, and the next book is about a sibling character and their romantic connection… and then there is a third sibling to finish off the trilogy a la Nora Roberts. The Montana family, however, gives off more of a Vegas Heat by Fern Michaels feel, where nothing and no one is perfect and they are uber-super-duper rich.

Our leading lady in Prodigal Son is Cara, a successful an intelligent business owner who is looking for her step-brother Danny, the last member of her family. Danny is the perfect victim of Las Vegas, looking to get rich quick with little self-control and a whole heap of laziness. Danny has skipped bail, putting Cara’s hard earned condo at risk. Cara flies out to Vegas to find him, fearing the worst. She is positive that Danny would never put her condo at risk, and since he is the only family she has left she will try to move oceans to save him.

Our leading Man in is Rafe Montana, bounty hunter with super powers. Rafe is a seer, and his special power is called the Hunter. The Hunter is a primeval warrior who is extra-strong and super fast. Rafe is able to partially allow the hunter to do things like find people’s location, or he can go full-throttle where Rafe’s personality goes on hiatus and the Hunter has free reign to do whatever is needed to keep family and love interests safe. The only problem is that the Hunter doesn’t have the same morals as Rafe, and Rafe has zero control when he allows the Hunter to take over. This has led to Rafe’s estrangement with his family, and a deep seated fear that he is a danger to those he loves.

Prodigal Son is about Cara and Rafe’s hunt for Danny. Rafe introduces Cara to the secret survivors of Atlantis, and learns more about his heritage and his family. The attraction between Cara and Rafe is intense and well-satisfied.

Things that bothered me about Prodigal Son:

The fact that the Montana family calls significant others “mates.” This is hugely annoying. “She/he is your mate.” is not something I ever want to read. There has to be better terminology, or simply just make up a word. There were plenty of made up Atlantean terminology, anyway.  Rafe’s decision to run away from his family to “protect” them from his Hunter personality is also ridiculous. He didn’t even call them. That makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. Cara has an ex-fiance named Warren who needs a butt whoopin. I hope he gets one in a future novel. I despise him. Cara’s brother Danny doesn’t ever seem to realize that he almost got himself and Cara killed. He was selfish and weak until the end. I hope that he has a chance for redemption as well. Both of those characters feel like loose ends for me.

Overall, I enjoyed Prodigal Son as a well thought out and well written romance. I plan on continuing with this series, even though it uses the word “Mate.”  So annoying.


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