Middle Grade Reviews: Shipwreck Island & Hapenny Magick

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Shipwreck IslandLoved it!  Shipwreck Island by S.A. Bodeen is an exciting, slightly scary adventure story that is fun for kids and adults alike.  The pace is good, and the storytelling is top notch.  Shipwreck Island is a definite winner, and should be an excellent series (trilogy? Not sure how many the author is planning for, but it would be fun as a long series!)

The basic premise is that Sarah’s Dad, John, has remarried 6 years after the death of Sarah’s mother to Yvonna a beautiful flight attendant with 2 boys named Marco and Nacho (Ignacio).  To help create some family bonds, John and Yvonna decide to bring the kids along and turn their honeymoon into a family trip.  The plan is to charter a boat in the south pacific area and spend a few days on a tropical island enjoying each other’s company. Like real life, their perfect plans go awry, and the real adventure begins.

Overall, this is an excellent mystery adventure novel and I can;t wait for the next one!

SHIPWRECK ISLAND by S.A. Bodeen | Goodreads




Hapenny MagickSometimes I feel like a bit of middle grade children’s fiction. That genre of fiction always brings me back to those days when I first picked up the Harry Potter novels and discovered how engaging and moving such books could be. So when I saw the cover of Hapenny Magick it immediately made the child in me (as well as the illustration junkie) go nuts. It’s a story about a little girl, Mae, who is a creature called a Happeny. She lives in a village of Hapennies and is the ward of a particularly nasty lady Gelbane whom her mother left her in the care of when she went off in search of Mae’s father who never returned from a trip long ago. Her village is protected by magic and there is even a wizard who lives on it’s borders. And Mae herself? Well she might just be a little bit magic herself. Despite the looks of the novel this is not your sweet and innocent story. It is both dark and light, whimsical and gritty. There are themes of child abuse and death. I would say it hearkens to the old style of fairy tales in its grim nature. I definitely recommend it and if you love illustrations you will absolutely adore all of the black and white sketches peppered throughout the book.

HAPENNY MAGICK by Jennifer Carson | Goodreads


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19 Responses to “Middle Grade Reviews: Shipwreck Island & Hapenny Magick”

    • Tabitha (Pabkins)

      I’m not really into MG but a few now and then when they sound good really can hit the spot. Like The School for Good and Evil which is pretty much close to a MG YA crossover and I love the Cat valente Fairyland books. But other than those I can’t think of many others that I love.

      Yes the Hapenny Magick one was like a fairytale dark and yet cute.
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  1. Wendy Darling

    I love middle grade books, although I’m a lot pickier about them than YA–I’ve been trying to read more of them this year as well! I like Stephanie Bodeen a lot, and SHIPWRECK ISLAND sounds like a ton of fun. I’ll have to check out the other title sometime soon, too!
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  2. Faye @ The Social Potato

    I absolutely adore MG fiction. It’s one of those really underrated demographics that deserve a spotlight of its own. The children may be young, but it doesn’t mean the themes there are lesser than what we see in YA or Adult. Sometimes they are even more thought-provoking and heart-wrenching (A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness, anyone?). Thanks for bringing these books to my attention! Adding them to my TBR 🙂
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