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That’s a Wrap! – July is over – I can’t believe how fast that month went by. I feel like I’m barely able to keep up with things this summer. Here is hoping I’m able to tackle August a bit better. I had been in a bit of a reading slump I feel like every since April. I think I’m finally coming out of that though since I’ve been managing a book every few days again. Now if I can just get back to one every other day I’ll be happy. lol.


Hot News!

Kat Carrigan a fabulous Goodreads buddy I made some time ago has agreed to join Not Yet Read as a Review Contributor. I’m really excited to have her on board and she seems really excited to have joined. So be sure to say hello – her first review FAMOUS IN LOVE – posted a few days ago. Check it out! You can also find her on her goodreads.


About Me Junk:

  • I know some of you might be wondering about all the ‘review contributors’ but if you’ve noticed I’m still present on an almost daily basis so not much has changed but I just have my lovely friends helping with the review pile so that I get a few days off each week from posting. It helps because I realized I needed to try to cut back from blogging a smidge as it was starting to take over absolutely all of my free time – and seeing as I have a husband and toddler I need more time. It’s so easy for me to let blogging overwhelm me completely if I let it.
  • I’m open to book swapping if folks are interested in such a thing holler – I have a bunch I’ll be getting rid of soon I’d rather they go to someone that wants it instead of the used book store. Follow me on Instagram and DM me for a picture of the books I have for swapping.
  • Most prizes and packages have been mailed out. Except for the INTL folks – I haven’t forgotten about you – I just talked to post office folks and they said the envelopes I had already prelabeled and decided to use would cost way more to send then if I’d just use a flexible envelope instead – so back to the drawing board and filling out new labels.
  • Watercoloring has been an absolute blast this month – so while I may not have read as much – I did tons of doodles and sent them out into the wild to loads of blogger friends. I’m still in the midst of doing mailing.
  • I’m going to DragonCon with Jessica from Rabid Reads at the end of August – I’m so excited!!
  • Currently reading: The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson, The Glass Republic by Tom Pollock, Glitter & Mayhem (short story collection), VISIONS by Kelley Armstrong (plowing thru this one)
  • Currently watching: Anime – The Irregular at Magic High School (on crunchyroll) and the new season of FACEOFF started two weeks ago on the SyFy channel and of course I’m kookoo for chocho puffs over that show!


QUESTIONS for Not Yet Read visitors:

  • What do you think of the mix of SFF, adult and YA books you see?
  • Is there anything you’d like to see more of on Not Yet Read? More snark, more art? More discussions, more author guest posts?
  • Do you guys like the author guest posts that have been posted the past several months?
  • Did anyone watch that interview video – is that something you’d like to see more of?
  • Suggestions? Ideas – rants – let me know.


REMINDER! FAN ART UP! participation is open via TWITTER and INSTAGRAM (AND no longer limited to just Fan Art!): Thanks to all the folks that have been participating now on a regularly basis. Does everyone like the weekly feature? Is it a nice break from the reviews, discussions and author guest posts and interviews?

You can now participate via Twitter, Instagram or your blog! And it is no longer limited to just fan art. If you like drawing or doodling – or whatever – just share with us. There wasn’t as much participation in the fan art aspect so I figured might as well open it up a bit more. If you participate via twitter or instagram if you could link to that week’s Fan Art Up! post and #FanArtUp that would be great. Don’t forget to enter your link to your tweet or instagram pic on the linky for that week. I can’t wait to see if more people decide to participate!!


July Top Shelf:

CALIFORNIA BONES by Greg Van Eekhout | My Review | Goodreads

It was such a fresh and new urban fantasy with a dark gritty noir feel. I definitely recommend it folks!

California Bones


Author Interviews & Guest articles:


Book Reviews:


Fan Art Up! :

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25 Responses to “That’s a Wrap! – July 2014 – Hot News, Updates and all that jazz”

  1. Cait @ Notebook Sisters

    Woohoo you guys sure had a good reading month! XD Lots of higher star ratings there. 😉 I’ve been enjoying all your reviews and everything and I love the mixture of fantasy and YA (Although, to be honest, I probably read mostly the YA reviews because that’s what I read myself). One of these days I’m going to get arty and join in the Fan Art. XD ONE OF THESE DAYS…
    Cait @ Notebook Sisters recently posted…The Young World by Chris Weitz || We don’t need no adultsMy Profile

    • Tabitha (Pabkins)

      I hope you do join the fan art someday! As for the reviews, I try to make sure that every other day there is a YA review but it hasn’t been working out like that all the time but for the most part things are still balancing out. But there is so much contemporary this year and not as much good sounding fantasy or science fiction YA and honestly I haven’t been in big of a mood to read it because more and more of it just feels all the same.

      I love your paper art!!
      Tabitha (Pabkins) recently posted…Review: Only the Good Die Young by Chris Marie GreenMy Profile

  2. Melliane

    Welcome on the new reviewer, it’s nice to have someone to help. I’m glad I have some persons who were interested to help too even if I’m doing almost everything. And you’re going to DragonCon? With Jessica? Ok I’m so jealous, I hope you’ll have a wonderful time there!
    Melliane recently posted…Stacking the Shelves #103My Profile

  3. Tammy @ Books, Bones & Buffy

    I agree, I love your blog, Tabitha. You have a great mix of everything! I reached that stage in blogging several months ago, when I started working full time, when I realized I just couldn’t blog as much. It’s hard to swallow, but you do have to remember that pesky family that needs attention, LOL! I heartily agree with your “top spot” pick, it’s definitely one of my faves this month as well.
    Tammy @ Books, Bones & Buffy recently posted…Over-Booked (7) – The San Diego Comic Con EditionMy Profile

  4. Wendell

    Love your blog. Keep up the great work! And as a husband and father of three, I applaud your decision to prioritizing your free time. You just need to cherish your time with loved ones.
    Wendell recently posted…LEGENDS OF RED SONJAMy Profile

  5. blodeuedd

    What do you think of the mix of SFF, adult and YA books you see?
    *I like the mix, I need a good mix 😀 A bit of everything

    Is there anything you’d like to see more of on Not Yet Read? More snark, more art? More discussions, more author guest posts?
    *I always like snark

    Do you guys like the author guest posts that have been posted the past several months?

    Did anyone watch that interview video – is that something you’d like to see more of?
    *To be honest, I only watched a bit, my attention span is not good

    Suggestions? Ideas – rants – let me know.
    *Nothing that I can think of
    blodeuedd recently posted…BookBlogWalkers Weekly Check-in Aug. 1, 2014 + Review of Offside – Juliana StoneMy Profile

  6. Molly Mortensen

    Have fun at Dragoncon (I’m so jealous). I’ve never watched that anime (must be new) I’ll have to add it to my list. The Way of Kings has been on my kindle for a while now, but I’ve been putting it off due to the large page count. I look forward to hearing what you think of it.

    Just keep doing what you’re doing, I love your blog! 🙂
    Molly Mortensen recently posted…Storm Siren By Mary WeberMy Profile

  7. Danya @ Fine Print

    You deserve some off days, Tabitha! Blogging isn’t fun anymore when it starts cutting into time with your loved ones. As for what I’d like to see – more snark, always! I loved the interview with Sebastien de Castell (sooo much snark) and I did watch the video! It was really good but maybe a bit long for me. I would definitely watch another!
    Danya @ Fine Print recently posted…Review: The Demon King by Cinda Williams ChimaMy Profile

  8. Alisa Selene

    I love your icon! I really want to go to Dragoncon! I can’t this year because too close to my due date but I definitely plan to maybe next year!

  9. Jessie H.

    Oh man! Dragon Con is awesome! I went a couple years ago and it is one of the best cons I’ve been to. I’m so jealous that you get to go this year! And your watercolors have been amazing! I love seeing them on instagram and here. I think your blog is full of awesomesauce so you shouldn’t change a thing. Although, I’d welcome a post where you recommend fantasy books or any books at all!
    Jessie H. recently posted…Waiting on Wednesday: EngravedMy Profile

  10. Kristen

    I’m so glad I have a blog partner. Even when she’s a slacker (cause I never slack.. EVAH *lies*). I like your mix of stuff on here. I think we should host anime/manga twitter chats. Yep. I demand it. But you have to do all the work, I’m just going to show up (or not…) but it would be fun, maybe eh?

    Also, I’m bad at watching videos, but it’s a good idea! Um, what else. I like that you comment back or tweet me and stuff. Yep. The end of this comment.

    Or wait… I would like a watercolor or drawing thing one day. How do I get on your mailing list of awesome?
    Kristen recently posted…July in ReviewMy Profile

  11. Emily @ Oh Magic Hour

    Oh I love this blog from the tips of my toes to the last out of place hair on my head. Don’t change a thing. It’s my go-to recommendation for SF/F and you KNOW this because I tag you on Twitter all the time. I appreciate how open you are about the process and that I know I can count on your recs. Excellent work as always — and I’m sorry to hear reading isn’t grabbing your attention as much lately, but am glad you’ve found something else you love in art. Evan found the picture you sent to me of the little robot reading and said, “Oh look, Mommy, it’s robot you!” Hahaha.
    Emily @ Oh Magic Hour recently posted…Top Ten Tuesday (21): Top Ten Books I’d Give To Non-Fantasy ReadersMy Profile

    • Tabitha (Pabkins)

      Yeah I’m just chucka packed full of contributors now. Though Tina starts law school in a week so she won’t really be contributing but maybe one review a month. Maggie is moving about 25 minutes away and she’s been super busy lately as well with packing her house and getting stuff ready. Angie never seemed very interested in it so I haven’t added her to the About page. Kat I’m hoping will work out really nice. Though I wish she lived around the corner cause then I wouldn’t have to mail books LOL. Another girlfriend of mine Rachael grabbed a stackfull of books due to release much later this year and she might try her hand at reviewing. We’ll see.
      Tabitha (Pabkins) recently posted…Review: Red Rising by Pierce BrownMy Profile

  12. Jan

    I like the mix of reviews you have. I find a lot of great recs from you which I really appreciate. I’m interested in California Bones now. I like the author posts you’ve been doing. I’m not so good at watching videos since I’m almost always listening, watching something else or someone else is in the room with me when I’m blog hopping. I love your art. And snark is always good especially since I’m not very good at it!
    Jan recently posted…Review: River Road by Jayne Ann KrentzMy Profile