What do you do when you don’t feel like reading?

October 25, 2014 About Me, Discussion 22

You know I just wrote that question and then I realized lots of people don’t enjoy reading at all. But I’m sure most of you do – but when you aren’t reading or don’t feel like reading what are you doing instead?

Update on the Reading Slump Funk

I had really thought my reading funk was over but it just keeps lingering on. I finished two books last week and then haven’t felt the urge to pick up another and really dig in this past week. I did start reading a few pages of several books and nothing is really grabbing me right now. I’m chalking it up to hormones and crazy chronic headaches. I am however reading DARING by Elliott James – though I’m not very far in. I need to be consumed with the desire to read something, sigh….

Being sick makes almost everything feel like work

I haven’t even wanted to blog this past week either. I’m so sorry for not visiting around to everyone! I’m really hoping that I get to feeling better soon. I’m still sick on a daily basis from the pregnancy even though I’m now into my 20th week and usually the “sickness phase” stops around 12-16 weeks. I saw my doctor and she said it could last the whole pregnancy. Let’s seriously hope not! So instead of figuring out a useful post to go up tomorrow like a book review or a weekend type book haul post – I figured I’d just yammer away at ya’ll.

So I make toys and art instead…

Today I made a little crochet dress for a doll from a recent pattern book that arrived on Thursday. I also took one of my recent sad cuddly sketches and redrew it on a board so I can turn it into a yarn painting. And I watched CORALINE and am in the midst of watching SPIRITED AWAY as I type this up. (I love both of these movies so much!) Of course CORALINE was probably obvious. I think THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS will be next on the list.

I started counting all of the unfinished toy projects I have laying around my craft room and eeegads there are a lot of them. I really must make a point to finish one toy before starting to craft another one. Same thing with the paintings that I’ve been doing. So I’m going to make it a goal to FINISH something at least every other or every third day so that I feel like I’m making progress. Whether that’s a book, a toy, a painting. Something must be accomplished. Lets see how long my determination last. *probably just so long as it takes for me to get sick the next time I eat and end up stuck with my head over a toilet again* ahhhh but such is the growing of life *cackles madly*

assorted wipsI did tell you that I seem to have a lot of toy heads laying around didn’t I?

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22 Responses to “What do you do when you don’t feel like reading?”

  1. Cait @ Notebook Sisters

    Ughh…being sick = never any fun. My oldest sister had bad morning sickness and I just spent the last month babysitting her older two kids…a lot of it with like 2 seconds notice. Hehe. Good thing I work from home. But hey, that’s what aunts are for right?! So I admire you getting stuff done regardless! Your art is always soooo super cute! EEEK! I almost always finish off what I start, but I get a bit ocd about these things. xD
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  2. Amanda P.

    Oh sick! I totally feel your pain! No fun! When I’m in a reading slump or I’m just not reading, I generally enjoy drawing or working on my typography skills. I like painting, but sometimes that gets a little time intensive. But one big thing I enjoy when I’m not reading is writing. I know those two kind of go hand in hand, but I write books, and people generally find me typing away on my computer or revising a novel by hand.
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  3. [email protected]

    When I’m not reading, I’m thinking about reading/books, haha. Most of the times I’m blogging or looking around on Goodreads. Another thing I love to do is browsing on Youtube or I’m feeding my Netflix addiction by binge-watching some series or movies. You can also find me playing a PS3 game or hanging out with my boyfriend 🙂 I love The nightmare before Christmas!
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  4. lynnsbooks

    In my experiences this happens – everyone has a reading funk every now and again – just go with it and continue with all the things you are enjoying at the moment. Eventually, you’ll pick up a book, probably something you don’t even expect to like and you’ll just love it! And, you’ll be excited to continue and pick up more.
    I’ve gone off reading for months before now – I don’t think not feeling so good helps either. Sometimes it’s just so much easier to chill with a film, no brain engagement necessary – that’s why we have certain films that we watch over and over – Nightmare Before Christmas is a great example.
    Anyway, think of it not as a reading ‘funk’ but a creative interlude instead.
    Lynn 😀
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  5. Mogsy @ BiblioSanctum

    My mom was sick every day when she was pregnant with me, and again with my brother. Like, every day, as in she was throwing up until the very day she gave birth. I’m so glad I didn’t get that, and I hope yours isn’t as bad either. Let me see, when I was feeling bad from morning sickness, I actually didn’t do anything. No reading, no gaming, no art, nothing that needed me to concentrate as it all made me feel even more nauseous.

    These days thanks to you I’m learning crochet when I don’t feel like reading, but most of the time when I’m doing it I also listen to an audiobook 😛
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  6. Amanda @ On a Book Bender

    When I don’t feel like reading, I wander around listlessly wishing I felt like reading. True story.

    I went through a reading slump earlier last year and the previous year. But then I rediscovered historical romance (after reading mainly paranormal books) and that was all I needed to bust through the slump. It was weird, but I went with it and have read more this year than the past couple. *shrugs*

    Hope you start feeling better soon!
    Amanda @ On a Book Bender recently posted…The Thousand-Dollar Tan Line by Rob Thomas {Amanda’s Review}My Profile

  7. Dragana

    I am guessing your question is not oriented on cleaning/cooking/sleeping and other mundane activities. 🙂 When I have free time and I don’t feel like reading (which mostly happens when I am reading some book that does not suit me) I do some of these other things: write blog posts, research ideas for future posts, comment on other blogs, troll on Goodreads, search Kindle freebies and deals in Amazon store, play games. And (I blame you for this) lately I am thinking to start drawing again. Your creative energy is contagious. 😀
    I had weird reading slumps when I was pregnant too. I would avoid books like plagues for two weeks and then read 10 books in 5 days. I blame the hormones.
    I hope you stop feeling sick soon!
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  8. Mary @ BookSwarm

    I’m sorry you are still feeling sick! For your sake, I really hope it doesn’t last much longer! Even though I’m not preggers, I’m schulmping, too. I still do the Top Off Tuesday post (I just can’t pass up a hot man on a cover!) but the last thing I’ve felt like doing is blogging, which includes commenting. *sigh* And it’s bubbled over into my reading. *double sigh* Maybe some rereads of fave series are in order.
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  9. Silvara

    Being sick is the worst! Hope yours passes quickly and stays gone.

    When I don’t feel like reading, I tend to watch movies. Or crochet (I don’t do dolls yet, mostly blankets and shawls and scarves). I also paint ceramic figurines, which is fun and then I can use them to decorate the house. If the cats don’t decide to ‘investigate’ and then knock them off the shelves.

    That sketch you show on the board is adorable!
    Silvara recently posted…What Are Your Halloween Traditions?My Profile

  10. Charlotte @ Books and Baby etc.

    I’m sorry you’ve been suffering with sickness in your pregnancy 🙁 I managed to skip that stage completely but I did get quite bad nausea so I sympathise. Ginger biscuits worked for me!

    If I don’t feel like reading I usually just watch a TV show on Netflix (The Good Wife at the moment) or play around on Pinterest 🙂
    Charlotte @ Books and Baby etc. recently posted…REVIEW // Throne of Glass // Sarah J. MaasMy Profile

  11. Kirsty-Marie

    I haven’t read anything the past two days (I did actually finish the last 25 pages that took two days to read) I was being sick every couple of minutes for 14 hours straight from Sunday afternoon so got no sleep all night either, and was dehydrated so had to go up the doctors. I mostly just sat staring into space and listening to music. And I feel like crap today, so freaking hell, being sick everyday. 🙁 Hope it doesn’t last the whole pregnancy. 🙁

    Haha, poor doll heads with no bodies. 😉
    Kirsty-Marie recently posted…Halloween Recommendation: Part ThreeMy Profile

  12. Rabindranauth

    When I don’t feel like reading? That’s easy. I usually start a new book; the only time I wouldn’t feel like reading is if the book I’m reading at the time isn’t quite working for me at the moment 😀 There is nothing but the next book -.-
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  13. Molly Mortensen

    No worries, I like yammering just fine. I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been so sick. At least you have good friends to keep the blog going.

    See when I have no ambition to read I don’t exactly want to craft either. I’m glad you do, your toys and art are so cute! Maybe you can get your mom to finish them again. Or embrace the toy heads and go for a spooky look.

    I’ve been having an on and off reading slump too. All I’ve been doing is cleaning up a storm. (I know there’s something wrong with me)
    Molly Mortensen recently posted…The Griever’s Mark by Katherine HurleyMy Profile

    • Tabitha (Pabkins)

      Oddly enough Kat and Maggie haven’t been up to blogging as much either. Kat dived into some binge gaming and Maggie went on a cozy mystery binge reading period so for awhile there I really did have to read cause I couldn’t lean on them LOL hence me having more read for October.

      But yeah I do love drawing and it relieves stress. The reading takes more concentration.

      Cleaning spree!? yuck!!
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