Review: Heart of Stone by Debra Mullins

October 3, 2014 3.5 stars, Book Review 3 ★★★½

Review: Heart of Stone by Debra MullinsHeart of Stone by Debra Mullins
Series: Truth Seers #2
Published by Tor Books on October 21, 2014
Genres: Paranormal, Romance
Pages: 320
Format: ARC
Source: Publisher
My Reviews in this series: Prodigal Son

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Debra Mullins introduced readers to the world of the Truth Seers in Prodigal Son. Now the story of the lost Atlanteans continues in Heart of Stone.

Darius Montana is a Seer. With his gift of empathy, he can see into the hearts of others, both human and Atlantean. When his family comes into possession of one of the legendary power stones of Atlantis, Darius is sent to find the Stone Singer.

Faith Karaluros is the last Stone Singer. Manipulated all her life for her rare ability, she is widowed after her husband tried to steal her power for the Mendukati, an extremist group that hunts Seers. Faith wants nothing more than to stay out of this war when Darius comes to find her—just in time to rescue her from being kidnapped.

Faith goes with Darius, determined to do the job and be on her way with the money that can set her up where no one can find her again. She didn't count on the Mendukati sending a hit man after her. Darius swears he can protect her, but when she discovers he is one of the rare Atlanteans whose powers work on their own kind, can she trust him to keep his word, or is she being used again?


Heart of Stone is a solid second installment for the Truth Seers series. Firmly in the romance genre, it is heavy on the relationships but not at the expense of plot and interest. Sure there are a few times when I screamed “GET OUT OF THE SACK! THERE IS A WAR ON PEOPLE!” But hey, at least there is something else going on, right?

“Something else” is the story of the Lost Atlantean survivors and the power struggles that go with a collapsed civilization.

Heart of Stone is the story of Darius Montana, oldest son of a wealthy family and brother to Rafe whom we were introduced to in Prodigal Son. Crippled in an accident, Dar is a strong willed extremely intelligent man. He fought the doctors prognosis of permanent paralysis through his stubborn nature and has coaxed his body into perfectly beautiful fitness. His daily struggle with his injury is an interesting and touching element in this novel. Dar is also a Seer, descended from the High Priestess of Atlantis and his special ability is empathy. As always, empathic powers can be painful as well as useful to the wielder.

Enter Faith Karaluros, also an Atlantean. Faith was raised by the Medukati, sworn enemies of the Seers. When Faith is betrayed by her husband and the motives of the Medukati are brought into question, Faith leaves the group and tries to make it on her own with the help of her father-in-law Ben. Her safe haven is interrupted with the realization that she is the last of the Stone Singers, and integral to the success of the Medukati or the Seers. As a stone singer, Faith has the ability to “talk” with stones and change them into stones of power. More importantly, she is the last person alive able to work with the Three Stones of Ekhia, the ancient stones which caused the Atlantean cataclysm and were causing the current conflict still. Faith is very guarded and very mistrustful. It’s a good thing she is also easily wooed, or this romance wouldn’t have much…erm… romance to it.

Things that annoyed me. As in my review of the previous book, the fact that this culture uses “mate” as a term for 2 people who are linked together in a mystical relationship. The other problem is people working on their “relationship” when they have only known each other for a matter of days. These two problems apart, if you enjoy romance and are interested in a good take on Atlantis… Truth Seers is an excellent series to pick up. Make sure to begin with the first, or the cameos from the previous novel will ruin the ending. There was some excellent development in Heart of Stone and I am looking forward to the next installment.


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  1. Molly Mortensen

    The premise for this book sounds really good, sad that it’s a romance though. (I don’t usually like those.) At least it has a good plot and although it sounds like the romance got in the way of saving the day a little it didn’t hurt the story overall. I loved your, good thing she’s easily wooed comment.
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