That’s a Wrap! – September 2014 – Bring on the Fall!

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That’s a Wrap! – September, Oh dearest September – how glad I am to see you gone! But why!? Because Autumn is my favorite time of year. It has the best whether – cool, sometimes chilly, brisk, overcast – whatever it is I almost always love fall weather – except when Summer tries to butt its way back in with weird heat waves. Yes I even love the rain. Autumn also always has an amazing line up of books and fun crafts for Halloween and the upcoming holidays. You’ll be seeing a lot of both around here as always!


About Me Junk:

  • Update on the pregnancy! I find out the gender this month on October 23rd! And thankfully the worst of the morning sickness phase has passed. Now I just have bouts of evening sickness, some chronic headaches and lots of lots of exhaustion.
  • Me, the husband Brandon, and my little toddler Colin went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium this past weekend. It was a fun yet very draining trip. Sort of a litmus test to see if he’d be up for going to Disneyland anytime soon. I think we’ll hold off another few years because honestly I think he would have had just as much fun at the big local toddler park. See family photos below!
  • I’ve been cranking away at my crochet toys this past month because of my reading funk. I even joined an AMIGURUMI (TOY) swap group on If any of you are into knitting and crochet – feel free to friend me! I’m actually in the midst of making various swap care packages with several people, a few ladies from the swap group and also a Halloween themed art swap with Thuy from Nite Lite Book Reviews, and one of my book blogging besties Anya from On Starships and Dragonwings, are swapping a crochet toy (she’s making me an awesome pony!) and the lovely Ann of Itzbitzart and I are exchanging dolls. She makes the most adorable soft cloth dolls!
  • I’m actually making some nice headway on slowly stockpiling the little things I like to make for a future craft fair. I know I said I was going to put some things into my Etsy shop and I still haven’t because admittedly – I HATE trying to figure out estimates for shipping. I’m just so lazy! But if you ever see something I’ve made and you’re interested in adopting (aka purchasing) it – then just shoot me a line.
  • My friend Rachel and I are going on a day trip to San Francisco on October 10th to visit Japantown (my favorite city destination) to have some tasty onigiri (rice balls with nommy filling), tayaki (pasty red bean buns usually shaped like fish) and various other delicious viddles like mochi (rice cakes filled with red bean paste mmmm) – I’ll be bringing a bunch back of course. Mostly I hear there is a bookstore there that sells Japanese crochet books and a lady I know online has said it’s relatively easy to learn how to read the Japanese crochet charts for the amigurumi toys. So of course I have to challenge myself and give it a try!
  • Currently reading: Daughter of Dusk by Livia Blackburne – I swear yes I’m actually reading right now.
  • Currently watching: Deadman’s Wonderland (another anime) on Netflix – also I have a 3 episodes of Norigami left.
  • Currently crafting: (lots of things) but the thing I was working on today is an amigurumi toy that is a green, orange and black monster that I think will end up being a kind of Frankenstein. I didn’t use a pattern I’m just whipping it out with my crochet hook and we’ll see how it turns out. The head was originally supposed to be a green octopus but it ended up squarish at the top so then I turned him into the head of a mini Frankenstein. Just gotta roll with it.


Not Yet Read News:

  • Maggie and Kat continue to pull my fat out of the fire by cranking away at those reviews! Maggie is a powerhouse of a reader if you guys haven’t noticed. She’s also had a really good luck streak lately with the books.
  • Tina is obviously still in school but she managed to read a book the other week and says she’ll be by to review it anytime soon. She obviously needed a break from those law books!
  • My good local friend Rachel just let me know that she has read 3 of the books I pimped to her a few months ago and has written one review, and will write the others soon so we can expect to be seeing another new slave face around Not Yet Read in the coming weeks!


September Top Shelf: 3 books this month!

Child of a Hidden Sea by A.M. Dellamonica | Maggie’s Review | Goodreads

Maggie absolutely loved this one – and of course I can’t wait to dig into it as well since Mogsy gifted me a copy a few months ago!

Child of a Hidden Sea

The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson | Tabitha’s Review | Goodreads

The Way of Kings

Trial by Fire by Josephine Angelini | Maggie’s Review | Goodreads

Trial by Fire

Oh and for those of you in the UK – Traitor’s Blade is now out in paperback! I had to throw that in there cause you know I stalk this author and book and won’t rest until everyone I know has read it!

Traitors Blade


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16 Responses to “That’s a Wrap! – September 2014 – Bring on the Fall!”

  1. Brigid

    Congrats on the pregnancy. I’m frightened of falling in love, let alone having kids. BRAVE WOMAN thy name is Tabitha.

    I love fall. I cannot wait for the scares, the horror films, and the cool whether. I’m sick of this humid stuffy heat. Blech.

    I’ve heard of Livia Blackburne’s work. Is she any good? YA high fantasy right?
    Brigid recently posted…ARC Review: The Cure for Dreaming by Cat WintersMy Profile

  2. Molly Mortensen

    I’m glad to hear that you’re feeling a little better. Going to Japantown sounds like a lot of fun! I really liked Deadman Wonderland, though it’s a really strange show. (I’m addicted to anime) They have a USB postal scale thing now that you can buy that does it for you, no clue on cost though. (I was bored while waiting in line) Congrats on getting back into reading! 🙂
    Molly Mortensen recently posted…Immortal By Gene Doucette Review and InterviewMy Profile

    • Tabitha (Pabkins)

      Thanks Angela. I’m glad you like the dolls! SOme people get so creeped out by them.

      Knitting isn’t so bad – I learned from youtube videos and a local lady who owns a yarn shop. Crochet now THAT is EASY – you can totally learn via youtube. I’ve been helping Anya to learn and she’s doing great. You should give Crochet a try =) I can send you a starter email with what to buy – what videos to watch first and a basic pattern for a stuffed ball. lol
      Tabitha (Pabkins) recently posted…Books That Need More Attention Giveaway HopMy Profile

  3. Danya @ Fine Print

    September is the worst – October is where it’s at! Halloween is my favourite holiday (I love dressing up!!) and I can’t wait to see your Halloween creations! I’d love to see a shot of the patterns in your Japanese crochet book, too.Seems like you and your family had a wonderful vacation, hopefully you’ll have time for another before your second little one arrives!
    Danya @ Fine Print recently posted…Monthly Recap: September 2014My Profile