Art it Up! (30) – Sketches for Watercolors & Crochet Cupcake bookmark

November 6, 2014 Art it Up! 23

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This week’s art

So I’m still on my big drawing kick (I’ve even sold a few of my drawings! yipeee) Some of you might have noticed I’ve been favoring grey toned paper and highlighting the drawings with white ink or color pencils and copic markers. Since I feel like I’ve improved my drawing quite a bit due to the month long drawing and inking binge I went on with the artist “Inktober” challenge – I’m going to try to improve my watercolor skills this month. So these sketches I’m showing you this week are on watercolor paper – and I plan to have them completed by next week. Hopefully I won’t botch them up! (Sorry for the terrible pictures! I really should scan these instead of using my camera huh?)

 BW sketch watercolors

Some of you might recognize the top two pictures – they were sketches that I’d already done previously and posted to instagram. I also showed the fox girl last week – but I’ve redrawn her onto watercolor paper because I want to see how I can do her in watercolor instead (I tried drawing her REALLY big 16 x 20 as a facebook friend wanted to buy a big version of her – but I realize I’m very crappy working on that big of a scale and like to stay no bigger then 9 x 12 paper because then things get so big and I just don’t draw as well when I get bigger. My favorite size seems to be my 5.5 x 8.5 inch toned sketchbooks. They are sooo much fun.


BW sketch watercolors2

Again sorry for the crappy photos! When I show the water colors I swear I’ll take better photos – especially since I plan to start selling them on Etsy! The fact that two people purchased my art just from seeing them on my instagram has me super stoked and motivated!!

You can see lots more of my daily doodles over on my instagram! Remember if you decide to participate via Twitter or Instagram please use #ArtitUp so we can all checkout your doodles!


Random Doodle of the Week

Here is the little mushroom girl that I did today on the toned paper instead of the watercolor paper – along with the Crochet Cupcake Bookmarker. I plan to make a bunch of different kinds and sell some on Etsy and at the upcoming craft fair.  What do you guys think? Since you guys are bookies – what sort of pricing do you think is decent?

Made with Square InstaPic


This Week’s Crafty AGGRAVATION!

Realizing that the black mats I purchased to put my art in has a 5 x 7 window to show the art and the pages I’ve been drawing on are 5.5 x 8.5 – and I’ve been filling the page outside of the 5 x 7 space so when I’ve matted some of them I’ve cut off tons of the drawn image. It was soooo aggravating to lose that much of my sketches. So now I’ve gone through one of my toned sketchbooks and outlined the corner points where I need to stop my drawings from now on. hahah work smarter not harder!!

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23 Responses to “Art it Up! (30) – Sketches for Watercolors & Crochet Cupcake bookmark”

  1. Carmel @ Rabid Reads

    Congrats on selling a couple of your drawings, that’s amazing! That crochet bookmark would make a great Christmas present, for… well… ME! LOL Yes, I buy gifts for myself because no one ever gets me anything bookish. My family enjoys trying to be original instead of getting me what I want. *sigh* The mushroom girl is adorable!
    Carmel @ Rabid Reads recently posted…Review: Lone Girl by Kate BloomfieldMy Profile

  2. lynnsbooks

    Lovely sketches as usual. Can you chuck in the odd really terrible sketch please!! Hee hee! Your book mark is great – to be honest I have no idea how much these things cost because I usually get given them. Looks good though. Looking forward to you showcasing all your goodies.
    Lynn 😀
    lynnsbooks recently posted…Dude and Dobby…My Profile

    • Tabitha (Pabkins)

      Thanks Thuy! I definitely like how much I’ve been improving! I looked at my older drawings and sketchbooks and was flabbergasted at how much I improved during the month of October from having drawn every day.

      I’m determined to tackle watercolor painting and get better at it! Glad you like them so far.
      Tabitha (Pabkins) recently posted…Review: I’ll Meet You There by Heather DemetriosMy Profile

  3. Kel @ Booked til Tuesday

    I can’t wait to see all those sketches in watercolors! As for bookmark pricing, I really have no idea. I’m prone to grabbing the fist flat object I find, usually scrap paper, and using that, so I rarely buy bookmarks. Good luck at the craft fair and on Etsy!
    Kel @ Booked til Tuesday recently posted…Art It Up! – Charlotte La BouffMy Profile