Review: Sublime by Christina Lauren

November 24, 2014 4 stars, Book Review 9 ★★★★

Review: Sublime by Christina LaurenSublime by Christina Lauren
Published by Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers on October 14, 2014
Genres: Paranormal, Romance, Young Adult
Pages: 336
Format: ARC
Source: Publisher

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True love may mean certain death in a ghostly affair of risk and passion from New York Times bestselling duo Christina Lauren, authors of Beautiful Bastard. Tahereh Mafi, New York Times bestselling author of Shatter Me calls Sublime “a beautiful, haunting read".

When Lucy walks out of a frozen forest, wearing only a silk dress and sandals, she isn’t sure how she got there. But when she sees Colin, she knows for sure that she’s here for him.

Colin has never been captivated by a girl the way he is by Lucy. With each passing day their lives intertwine, and even as Lucy begins to remember more of her life—and her death—neither of them is willing to give up what they have, no matter how impossible it is. And when Colin finds a way to physically be with Lucy, taking himself to the brink of death where his reality and Lucy’s overlap, the joy of being together for those brief stolen moments drowns out everything in the outside world. But some lines weren’t meant to be crossed…

I thoroughly enjoyed Sublime. The story starts off a little dark and gets so much darker as it moves along. Lucy wakes up, realizes she is dead and is drawn to the place that she is familiar with, but the boy and the time is not. This is set in a high school setting, Lucy and Colin live in their own world once they meet. As Colin is warned by his friends and family, his interest in the girl is increasing and her delicious red lips seem so enticing. It is completely a teen love with all of its dramas and pitfalls and parts of the book can get a little heavy considering they are two horny teenagers. The plus side is that Sublime is not gory or cheesy. It is a romantic read and you find yourself questioning the limits of death, what is the right thing to do, and the dark side of the world.

The main characters are very much Romeo and Juliet, in a gothic romance. They are literally from two different worlds, he is alive and she is not, and they are drawn together like magnets. Lucy is beautiful, confused, intriguing and very much a ghost. From Colin’s perspective, the boy that seems to have summoned her from the dead, she is described as a shimmering goddess. As the book gets deeper her intentions are clear, but what she does not know makes her dangerous. Colin falls for this apparition and lives on the dangerous side, but his own life has been afflicted with pain as well. Injuring himself in extreme acts to feel alive, does he subconsciously want to be a part of her world? Reading, I hoped for the best outcome, but what is it?


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  1. Jeann @ Happy Indulgence

    Despite it sounding like a fairly typical romantic storyline, I’m actually quite intrigued with it! It does make it sound as if the characters have some sort of conflict, with Lucy being a ghost and all. Great review!