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This week’s art

A review and some doodles for MONSTROUSLY FUNNY CARTOONS

Monstrously Funny Cartoons

Learn to draw the silliest and scariest monsters, zombies, vampires, witches, mummies, and other creepy cartoon favorites.

Cartooning master Christopher Hart teaches aspiring artists all the drawing tips and tricks they need to create laugh-out-loud renditions of their favorite monsters and scary creatures. This jam-packed cartooning guide shows readers how to capture the lighter side of these creepy creatures by combining them with Hart’s incredibly popular cartoon drawing style! Taking readers step-by-step through each monster type, Hart demonstrates how to draw everything from terrifyingly silly heads to wacky comic strip-like scenes of monstrous menace. Chockful of hints, humor, and horror, Monstrously Funny Cartoons is guaranteed to be a real scream for aspiring and professional artists, as well as all fans of things that go bump in the night.

I’m always up for learning new techniques and sometimes I’ll peruse youtube videos on how to do this or that when it comes to art or drawing techniques. But I also really love checking out various how to draw books. Especially ones for cartoons and manga since I guess thats the sort of style I draw in and there are all sorts of things I feel I don’t know yet. Plus I just really like looking through how to draw books. I saw this book and figured it would be a good book to check out for my 12 year old nephew who is a budding artist. He loves drawing all sorts of things especially monsters.

I went through it and it has pretty nice coverage on the little extras to add to a cartoon human figure to tweak it into that of a monster. From little changes to the tilt of the head, eyes, nose, moth and posture it goes everything pretty basically but nicely for a beginner. It doesn’t cover proportions but I think in general cartoons such as these you’re likely just eyeballing the proportions and that would be best covered in a different type of how to draw book more along the lines of “how to draw the human form”. So don’t expect that here. This is about the little extra that will turn your toon into a campy classic monster.

Essentially a book like this would be perfect for a young artist or child who is still trying to find their own style and just wants to learn a few things about how to transform their doodles ever so slightly.

I pretty much already have my own little style of cartoons that I’ve gravitated towards which is pretty simple but I do like trying out new things or just improving my drawings in any way I can and often times the smallest changes can make a big difference. This gave me a few ideas of fun little additions I can make to creepify my drawings further but still in a cute way. I personally think Monstrously Funny Cartoons will be better for my nephew then it is for me but I definitely found it to be a fun little read through.

Here is a doodle I did inspired by the how to’s in the book.

monstrously funny cartoon

*This book was provided by the publisher. All opinions are my own

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I’ve been back to doing some crochet this week so I’ve been able to listen to the entire audiobook of SOULLESS by Gail Carriger from Tuesday to Wednesday. I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed it. But listening to an audiobook while crocheting can be kind of difficult because part of crochet is counting in your head how many stitches of a certain type you’ve done before doing a different type of stitch – and doing that while at the the same time trying to concentrate on the audiobook left me rewinding an awful lot and losing count just as much. ETSY SHOP UPDATE COMING! Lucking I think I can finish up some toys this week since I have many in the “just need to be sewn together phase” and hopefully put them in the shop since a few folks have asked after them. I anticipate putting some in there by this weekend.

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  1. Molly Mortensen

    How to draw books never work for me, I have a few manga ones, but I can’t get the whole cartoony style.

    This sounds like a good book for turning characters into monsters. Don’t get me started on proportions, my characters always have oversized heads. (unintentionally)

    I like your zombie, she’s a bit creepier than you usually draw, but still cute. Yay for toys in the shop! Now if only I had money.
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