Art it Up! (39) – A monkey and scared little girl

January 10, 2015 Art it Up! 16

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This week’s art

So sorry I’m a day late on posting the Art it Up! post for this week. I was in a complete and utter funk on Wednesday night and just moved some stuff around so I didn’t miss a day. I’m having a harder and harder time with this pregnancy where sitting at a computer or art desk is concerned. I’m 2 months away from the baby’s due date and I feel like I’m ready to give birth now!

I have however managed to finish this adorable monkey toy that I had procrastinated on while doing other Christmas presents for other people. But now that the holidays are over I should be able to start finishing more other projects that have sat around languishing. I think I’m going to do more of this one in the other colors to use up the rest of the yarn balls from this one since I have a ton of pink, blue and gold left. I’ll probably make a one of each as the main body color and give them different types of ears so they aren’t all monkeys. A good idea yes!?

monkey crochet toy

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Random Doodles of the Week

I have already been slacking since October on keeping up with my goal of doodling on a daily basis. I wonder if this will make all the progress in my skill just poof and disappear!? I actually drew this one awhile back but I’m turning it into a colored plaque now. I must admit I really like these plaques.

  scared girl art


This Week’s Crafty AGGRAVATION!

The colder weather makes my right wrist ache because of an old injury I have arthritis just in that wrist – awful yes? Yes! It wouldn’t be such a big deal because I’m left handed – but oddly enough I do everything else other then write and eat with my right hand. Shoot, crochet, play pool, cut with scissors – pretty much everything else a right handed person would use their dominant hand for. I guess you could say I’m ambidexterous since I can use either…or lets see left handed but right hand dominant? *mad cackles*

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16 Responses to “Art it Up! (39) – A monkey and scared little girl”

  1. Susan @ Reading World

    I love the monkey! My daughter makes sock monkeys. They each take two socks. Over Christmas break she was trying to make something with just one sock so she made a sock donkey that is really cute. I’ll have to show her your monkey- she’ll love it too.
    Susan @ Reading World recently posted…HISTORICAL FICTION CHALLENGE 2015My Profile

  2. Lynn

    Yeah, you should definitely use the other colours as different bodies and make different animals by changing the ears – it’s a great plan!
    Your doodle is lovely. Definitely deserving of a plaque!
    Lynn 😀
    Lynn recently posted…Fahrenheit 451 by Ray BradburyMy Profile