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January 15, 2015 Art it Up! 20

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This week’s art

My sister scolded me the other day by saying something along the lines of “and just how long has it been since YOU’VE drawn anything? Hmm missy?” when I had the nerve to ask her the last time she’d finished an art project. Seems we both slowed down considerably during the holidays. So I dusted off the pencils and drew this last night. I must say I adore it! I might try to turn it into a plaque but….I don’t know it’s rather detailed.

Buried treasure sketch


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This Week’s Crafty AGGRAVATION!

I’m in need of some hmmm inspiration – yes. And some motivation. I haven’t done any book fan art in awhile – maybe I’ll try some of that but I haven’t been feeling particularly inspired from reading lately. But then I haven’t really done much drawing at all lately. I need to kick myself into gear about that. What do some of you do when you need some artistic inspiration?

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20 Responses to “Art it Up! (40) – Buried treasure”

  1. Lynn

    I love your drawings. This is great! I don’t think you’re lacking in inspiration at all. Have you thought about your characters, drawn in your style – but using your book inspiration? Like, if you’re reading a book set in an alternate Victorian universe – one of your cuties but with a bit of steampunk going on!
    Lynn 😀
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  2. Felicia the Geeky Blogger

    I love your drawings. You could always do something for Levina and Fairest coming out. It’s odd that I love that YA series (given that most YA annoys me). I love that she is doing a story for the “bad” guy 🙂

  3. Diamond Dee @ Dee's Reads

    I Just realized I did my first artish post a bit ago! I’m gonna go back and add your graphic so I can add it to the link this week. I think it was from this week, but I don’t know if you end on thursday or friday? anyway, I love your sketch!
    I’m seeing it as a little colored pencil or watercolor pencil. I just bought a basic pack of watercolor pencil to give it a go and see if it’s something I like and I really do! It’s fun I want more colors now. I use it more than watercolor (but then again, I am JUST getting back into that…)

    When I’m in an artistic rut I try to just like clear my head for 20 mins and daydream. I make sure the tv is off until I get an idea. Also, I flip through some pictures or old art (anything really) on pinterest or just google search abstract for a color combo I like and then I get an idea and go from there. It’s weird how it comes and goes I swear! I also haven’t been in much of a reading mood lately ..but I did a lot of art and crafts over the holiday, which helped with stress. I’m planning to do some tonight too. 😀
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  4. Ashana Lian .

    Hi Tabitha! I decided to do this in the end. I wasn’t sure whether to post my crappy little sketch because I wanted to re-do it and spend more time perfecting it. But then I kinda thought… ‘Nah, I doubt that is EVER gonna happen. Might as well just post it now!’

    I think your style is so great. You can tell at a glance that it’s yours because it’s unique with the button nose and round eyes and stick arms and missing mouth. O_O So cute. Reminds me of Gorjuss-style illustration.

    I’m trying to remember to draw every day but =/ It’s harrrd. >.< And then when I actually draw, I'm sitting there forever doing a bunch of five-minute doodles. I come to my sense at like, midnight. Wow. I actually have NO discipline! I'm surprised at myself ._.

    When I need inspiration, I take a look at my favourite artists. Not for too long though, otherwise I'll start feeling down that I'm not as good! The other thing I do is go over my fantasy novel ideas. The ones I don't have time to write now, I often draw. Good luck finding your inspiration! This was a great post. I must remember to come back.
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