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January 22, 2015 Art it Up! 29

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I promised you guys I would start to occasionally do some “How To” type posts technically I didn’t come up with how to do this. Usually when I have an idea I google it first to find OTHER how to’s  – work smarter not harder folks. I wanted to make some mini books because I plan to make a pile of them to put into the bottom of a shadowbox diorama I’m making. THAT will be an actual how to post when I’m finished with it!


Using this tutorial video I made mini books out of origami paper. I later plan to scatter them in a strategic pile at the bottom of that shadowbox they are in and hot glue them in place.  This tutorial by the way was awesome. I plan to try one of the other tutorials I found but for quick easy little mini books this method worked splendidly!

 mini books art

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This Week’s Crafty AGGRAVATION!

No real aggravation this week other then my own silly slowness of getting projects done – and getting distracted by other projects. Why can’t I just STICK TO ONE! – and finish that ONE project before getting all befuddled and running off to do another project instead. You don’t EVEN want to see the state of my craft desk…Ok maybe you do – yes this is what it looks like on any given day. A cookie to whoever can count the number of “work in progress” projects are displaying on the desk. LOL

craft desk

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29 Responses to “Art it Up! (41) – How to make mini books”

  1. Litha Nelle

    Those mini books are completely adorable! I want to make some for gift tags next Christmas (and/or ornaments).
    Your desk isn’t too bad- I just leave my random art and craft projects scattered throughout the entire house. I have a few I just stuffed in drawers to get them out of my sight- nothing is as condemning to your creativity as a year-old, halfway-made, no-sew fleece blanket.
    ~Litha Nelle

    • Tabitha (Pabkins)

      That is a brilliant idea! I’m totally going to make some into ornaments. As for gift tags….uhh also a good idea but if be scared they would just throw them away! Maybe not if you made it a tag what could double as an ornament!?

      My unfinished projects constantly shame me. I did finally sew together a toy today that had been waiting three years for assembly lol
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  2. Lynn

    I love your desk!! And I want to see some of those objects on there up close – they look very interesting.
    Imagine, now we can all have little books around the house as well as our TBRs – it’s a pity we can’t press a button and shrink our real books to this size until we’re ready to read them!
    Lynn 😀
    Lynn recently posted…BFFsMy Profile

  3. Semoy

    I really, REALLY need to try this. Immediately.

    As for your desk, mine would look the same if I had the space for an actual craft desk. My craft projects- WIPs and abandoned- instead get stored in boxes. Out of sight, out of mind XD

  4. Diamond Dee @ Dee's Reads

    ooooh!! SHADOWBOX DIORAMA?!?!?! *squeals* I LOVE THIS. LOVE.
    Seriously, I cannot wait 😀 haha. I’m glad you did this post! I’m bookmarking it. 😀 I’ve actually wondered how to do this. I got a bunch of shadowboxes for sale at Michaels a few weeks ago and Have been doing different things with them, so yea. One of them is adding some floral accents that sparkle in with the image (i’ll most likely get to this soon haha!)
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