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February 19, 2015 Art it Up! 15

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I’m sure I’ve mentioned before that sometimes I crochet toys and almost completely finish them except the final phase of sewing all their body parts together. Well this little guy finally had his day in the sun and I attached all of his peices (he had been sitting in a sealed project bag for at least 2 years!) shhhh don’t tell anyone though. I plan to make him a little scarf and then bag him back up and put him in my for sale inventory – probably not on Etsy but just stash him away for my first craft fair – unless someone decides to pester me that they must have him…

 monster ami

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This Week’s Crafty AGGRAVATION!

I’m actually considering making the Art it Up! posts be every other week until I recover from my pregnancy. But delivery is still a little less then a month away! I don’t know we’ll see how I feel about it next week. I think I might be able to finish a few things up this week and preschedule some art posts so that way I’m not always doing this particular post the night before. I don’t want to do it bi-weekly cause honestly I really like having something artsy/craftsy go up every week.  What do you guys think – do you actually like my random art/craft posts?

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15 Responses to “Art it Up! (45) – crochet monster amigurumi”

  1. Ashana Lian .

    Oh WOW. That is ADORABLE. Your plush toys are just as cute (or ever more!) as your drawings. Omg :3 I love his little pooch tummy above his squat little legs. If my sister saw that plush toy she’d froth at the mouth with wanting to own it!

    I won’t be joining the link-up this week because I’m about to launch my own weekly feature for writers (yay!!) =D but pleeease don’t stop with Art It Up. I love that you post something arty every week. I follow over 50 blogs and none of them do anything like this, which makes yours a very precious gem. c: If it’s going on hiatus because of your pregnancy though, I totally understand that. You have to take care of yourself. (I can totally imagine myself on my laptop during labour. #irresponsible)
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  2. Claudia {Sparrowhawk}

    It’s adorable! Did you fashion this from scratch!? I tend to take on a mad-crochet-obsessive-hawk role in the winter (homemade presents). You should sell your pattern! 😉

    Oh man, you’re nearing the day when you get to hold your little one in your arms! There is no feeling like the anticipation, I remember 🙂 Wish you a fast and healthy delivery Tabitha!

    PS How are you enjoying the pen pal program!?
    Claudia {Sparrowhawk} recently posted…Sparrow’s Book Review: {The Crimson Cord Rahab’s Story | By: Jill Eileen Smith}My Profile

  3. Lynn

    What a lovely crocheted critter – will look so cute in a scarf.
    I love your crafty posts and love to see them each week – but, you’re nearly due!! You have more pressing (ahem) issues so you have to do what feels right timewise for you – definitely don’t put yourself under any undue stress. 🙂
    Lynn 😀
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  4. Alise

    Love it! These always make me want to try my hand at something like that myself. Yeah, I really liking seeing your art posts! If it’s too much though, I completely understand. Family is most important and you have a lot to look forward to 🙂

  5. Kayla

    SO CUTE! I love these posts, they always inspire me to do more creative things and pursue my hobbies. But definitely take care of yourself first, we’ll understand if you have to slow down with these posts. Crafts should never feel too stressful!