Review: Echo 8 by Sharon Lynn Fisher

February 3, 2015 3.5 stars, Book Review 20 ★★★½

Review: Echo 8 by Sharon Lynn FisherEcho 8 by Sharon Lynn Fisher
on February 3, 2015
Genres: Adult SFF, Romance, Science fiction
Pages: 288
Format: ARC
Source: Publisher
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Three lives. Two worlds. One chance to save them all.

As a parapsychologist working for Seattle Psi, Tess has devoted her life to studying psychic phenomena. But when doppelgangers begin appearing from a parallel world that's been struck by an asteroid, nothing in her training will help her survive what's to come.

After dislocating to Seattle Psi from the other Earth, Jake is confined by a special task force for study. But when he drains life energy from Tess, almost killing her, it causes a ripple effect across two worlds — and creates a bond neither of them expected.

Ross is an FBI agent ordered to protect Tess while she studies Jake. His assignment is not random — he and Tess have a history, and a connection the Bureau hopes to use to its own advantage. By the time Ross realizes his mission could be compromised, it's already too late — he'll have to choose between his love for Tess and his duty to protect the people of his own Earth.


Echo 8 is a science fiction romance themed around the possibility of parallel worlds and what happens when one of those worlds has a major catastrophe that somehow triggers people from that world appearing in our world. They appear as faded echoes of themselves that bereft of their own source of energy from their world they can unwittingly such the life-source/energy from people in our world when they come into contact with them via touch. The story centers around Tess who is a parapsychologist on a special task force that is studying the echoes as they appear and trying to learn more about the parallel world and also why the echoes inadvertently kill whoever they draw energy from. During her research a special agent Ross McGinnis is assigned as her bodyguard and they soon take into custody an echo named Jake. Somehow Tess becomes the first person to survive an energy transfer with an Echo and Jake is that Echo.

The characters

As this is a romance it’s expected that relationships develop and move along at a much quicker pace then what I would normally see in some other science fiction novel. But I was still pretty surprised at how quickly thing in this book moved along especially considering some of the background history we get on Tess. Tess it between two men that are attracted to her and it’s pretty obvious who she is attracted to so I didn’t consider this a triangle at all. I had some issues a number of times with Tess’s personality and the bumbling decisions she made considering how intelligent she is supposed to be, which made often made reading from her point of view trying at times. I was thankfully not disappointed at all in either Jake or Ross. I felt both of them were well developed characters that I enjoyed reading for different reasons.

What if the other you were an asshole?

The concept of alternate realities or parallel universes has always been fascinating for me. I’m sure it probably would be for anyone. What would you do if you met your other self? What would you say? Would you really want to know how their life differs from yours and all the what if answers to those questions that might sometimes tickle your brain. Well these characters get to see that and its really a treat to see how each reacts and what kind of other life or person they became. I loved this part of the story’s premise. I do have to admit though there were some minor details surrounding the echoes and traveling between worlds that I did not feel were consistent or explained well enough for me to think they were plausible. View Spoiler » – that to me just did not jive.

Ultimiately, Echo 8 was a quick enjoyable read but I most definitely preferred the author’s previous two books Ghost Planet and The Ophelia Prophecy much more but will definitely continue to be read any of her future books.

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20 Responses to “Review: Echo 8 by Sharon Lynn Fisher”

    • Tabitha (Pabkins)

      I’ve enjoyed her past sci-fi romances. I still enjoyed the quick read of this one as well but you know how sometimes (more like all the time) you can’t help but compare an author’s book against the past one’s you’ve read? That likely happened to me here.
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  1. Felicia (asillygirl)

    I love all the things about parallel worlds and the same people in different worlds – and how a world changes a person, so the same person can be perfectly nice in one world and a complete asshole in another.
    That said, this really doesn’t sound like a book for me.
    But great review! (:

    – Love, Felicia
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  2. Jessica @ Rabid Reads

    “What if the other you were an asshole?”

    Hahahaha!! *snorts* *laughs some more* GAH, that’s funny. I’m fascinated with the concept of parallel universes too. Did you ever watch Stargate? I can’t remember. But in Stargate Atlantis there’s an episode where one of the characters (who IS an asshole) alternate reality person shows up (b/c science) and he’s NOT an asshole, and everyone likes him more (at least #1 thinks they do), and it’s hilarious. That is all. Still need to read Fisher. Just maybe not this one first.
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