Review: Soulprint by Megan Miranda

February 16, 2015 3.5 stars, Book Review 13 ★★★½

Review: Soulprint by Megan MirandaSoulprint by Megan Miranda
Published by Bloomsbury USA Childrens on February 3, 2015
Genres: Romance, Science fiction, Young Adult
Pages: 368
Format: ARC
Source: Publisher
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A new literary, sci-fi thriller from acclaimed author Megan Miranda.

With the science of soul-fingerprinting a reality, Alina Chase has spent her entire life imprisoned for the crimes her past-self committed. In an attempt to clear her name, Alina unintentionally trades one prison for another when she escapes, aided by a group of teens whose intentions and motivations are a mystery to her. As she gets to know one of the boys, sparks fly, and Alina believes she may finally be able to trust someone. But when she uncovers clues left behind from her past life that only she can decipher, secrets begin to unravel. Alina must figure out whether she’s more than the soul she inherited, or if she’s fated to repeat the past.

This compelling story will leave readers wondering if this fictional world could become a reality.

Haven’t we met before?

Soulprint puts a twist on the idea of reincarnation with the premise that we now have technology which allows for the identification of souls and that each soul is reborn into a new body within a certain mile radius shortly after their current body dies. In the U.S. there is a soulprint database where souls can be tracked from one lifetime to the next. So someday when you reach the age 18 you can choose to find out who you were in a previous life. You can even leave an inheritance for yourself in a future life.

Taking the blame for past lives

Alina Chase has the reincarnated soul of a notorious criminal, June Calahan, who broke into the soul database and apparently did some horrendous things with the information she found. These things were slowly revealed thru the course of the book. But suffice to say the government thought these things she did terrible enough to the unprecedented. When June died they did forced testing of all babies born the day June died, without parent consent, in order to identify June’s soul in the next life. That way when they found her they could monitor and inevitably lock her away for the rest of her life. So Alina has been living on an island imprisoned against her will and supposedly for her own good. It’s fascinating to see how Alina’s character is developed and how she copes with the knowledge of her past self whose actions she is being punished for. She is a strong character and I think pretty believable in her actions and reactions. I definitely found her to be a sympathetic character and one that I was interested in finding out her story played out.

What Soulprint has going for it

– Well written supporting characters in Cameron and Casey, even Dominic. Each had their own motives that we eventually learn as we get to know them. One part of the plot involving reincarnated souls was expected but then I was glad I was wrong about which character it was tied to.

– An interesting and engaging plotline that was part mystery part dystopian and maybe a smidge sci-fi. The society is most definitely in the U.S. and I liked that it wasn’t made clear whether this was a future U.S. or if it was just our country as if soulprinting technology had been developed.  I don’t know if soulprinting technology would really be considered sci-fi but I’m considering it such since it is a type of technology and not spiritually or fantasy based.

– The romance aspect seemed just a touch rushed to me. I don’t know if I could see such things happening so quickly between two people especially while on the run. Ok no I guess I could but regardless I wasn’t fully behind the pace at which their attraction grew and deepened.

– A fast moving pace since the group of characters was always on the move. Since Alina escaped with the help of these three others she isn’t so much free as being somewhat held in another sort of captivity as each of the characters wants something from her. It was literally out of one type of containment and into another, except now everyone is after her and these others.

– I’m assuming this is a stand alone novel which to be is a major plus since so many YA books right now are part of a series

I would definitely recommend Soulprint to readers that enjoy YA dystopian fiction with a touch of mystery and romance.

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13 Responses to “Review: Soulprint by Megan Miranda”

  1. Catherine

    Oo, this sounds pretty interesting. At the moment, I am staying away from everything Dystopian related. But, I will put this on my list, for when I have the strenth to read that genre again. Great review Tabitha! :]
    Catherine recently posted…Matched – RantMy Profile

  2. Lynn

    This sounds interesting but somehow it’s just not grabbing my attention. Perhaps I just need a bit of a break from dystopia or YA – or just something!! Plus a rushed romance!!!! Is anybody out there listening – lol?
    Lynn 😀
    Lynn recently posted…The Iron Ghost by Jen WilliamsMy Profile

  3. Ana @ Butterflies of the Imagination

    I’m not a huge fan of dystopian, but the concept of Soulprint is so intriguing.
    It definitely sounds like sci-fi, even if it only has a smidge of it, which is good because I want to read more sci-fi. I’m revising a sci-fi book right now, so reading sci-fi totally counts as research. …Or it could be an excuse to read instead of write, but let’s not tell anyone I said that. 🙂
    Ana @ Butterflies of the Imagination recently posted…I Ain’t Gonna Let Anyone Rain On My Parade: Thoughts on Go Set a WatchmanMy Profile

  4. Danya @ Fine Print

    Very cool premise, but I just can’t get excited about new dystopian books these days. Knowing that this is probably a stand alone does work in its favour, though. I like the sound of June/Alina having done something “horrible” in her past life – especially since we know it was probably something for the good of the people and not bad at all! 😉
    Danya @ Fine Print recently posted…Review: Daughter of the Forest by Juliet MarillierMy Profile

  5. Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

    A standalone! Now I want to read this book even more! I’ve been reading great things about this one, but I just assumed it was a series. The rushed romance might bug me a bit, but I can actually usually forgive insta-love more in high stakes and extreme circumstances (like being on the run), so I think I can handle it.
    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction recently posted…Review – Removed by S.J. PajonasMy Profile