I won’t borrow from the print library but I’ll buy used!?

February 21, 2015 Discussion 27

I know I know – I’m an odd duck

How can you not like borrowing books and yet you’ll buy used books you ask?

I know I’m weird. While I don’t like borrowing books from people, or borrowing print books from the library… I will buy used books from the used book store!

Ultimately I don’t know why I’m such a stickler about it because both books are coming from ‘unknown origins’ but I figure one is a lesser evil.

I tend to NOT buy the ones from the library sales but I’ll buy from a used book store. This is my reasoning. I feel that less people have come into contact with the book if its from a used book store. That might not be true but hey that used book store book most likely has had only one previous owner!

Where as a used Library book has been lent goodness knows how many times to fracking I don’t even know how many people! I’ve heard horror stories about library books that come into contact with a blacklight. Did you just give a little shiver? I know I did.

So when I buy used books I’m EXTREMELY picky. They have to be in pristine condition for me to buy them …or they have to be a really cool vintage find.

Digital books or eaudiobooks I’ll of course borrow in mass quantities from the library and then if I love it I’ll go buy my own copy if I feel I MUST keep it.

What about you? Do you buy used? Where do you get your used books from?

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27 Responses to “I won’t borrow from the print library but I’ll buy used!?”

  1. Orchid @ The Haunting of Orchid Forsythia

    I enjoy getting my books from both the used bookstore and library sales. Though, I do tend to be a little picky and must thumb through the books before buying them to check for problems (tears, missing pages, and margin writing).

    I like library sales for one reason: I’ve found many a hard to find edition to finish out an out of print series or author’s work.

    Guess you could say I’m not all too picky on where I purchase books from. =)
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  2. Litha Nelle

    I think I’m worse because I live a few blocks from the library, but don’t use it, and I buy ‘questionable’ (including ones with mystery stains) books from thrift shops AND library sales. I like owning books, I guess- most of the books I buy are cheaper than a library fine, and best of all they’re all MINE. I can buy a ‘good’ copy later on if I like them, but otherwise I can recycle them by giving them back to the thrift shop (and/or give them to someone who wants to ‘borrow’ them). Sometimes I end up keeping dubiously stained copies forever because another copy can’t be found- I buy a lot of books that are out of print.
    ~Litha Nelle
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  3. Cait @ Paper Fury

    I’m a big believer in used books. 🙂 I AM POOR. Hahah! I’ve been counting down to my library’s sale next Saturday and I’m like going to be there on the dot, lol. I’m always up for a bargain. Although it does make me sad that I can’t support authors that way, but hey! I review, so that’s kind of helping. 😉
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  4. Naban

    I love used books, mostly because I can’t afford to buy as much as I consume. I swear I’d die without libraries. If I really like the book, I end up getting myself a copy but otherwise, it’s just how it is. It sucks a little, I guess but maybe I’ll compensate for this in the future.

  5. Lynn

    I used to buy more used books than I do now – and similarly I used to use more library books than I now do. It’s a question of space and becoming a little bit more selective about what I choose to buy. Also, I’m trying to get away from the mentality that I have to have all the books – just in case I miss something – which is a problem I definitely have! I have a couple of thrift shops nearby and I admit I’ve picked up some very nice books from there, in excellent condition – so like you say, probably only one owner! In fact I first found The Name of the Wind through such a means – not to mention a few other very good authors. I also used to use the library quite a bit more than I now do – but, because I read a lot and am usually on top of what authors I’m waiting for I was more often than not on the top of any request lists so would be reading the book first. These days I tend to stick to my own bought books and review books – it’s a question of time and space! A lot of my review books are on kindle and the majority of my bought are physical books! I think the other thing is that more often than not finding a really good SFF book in thrift shops is a rare find.
    Lynn 😀
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  6. DJ

    Right now, I’m pretty much on a strictly used-book only purchase policy (unless there is some like 2 for 3 deal going on). When I buy used online (like B&N-marketplace, Abe, Alibris, BookOutlet, etc.) , I only get ‘like-new’ or ‘very-good’ conditions – no lower than that. People’s definition of a ‘good’ book varies widely. Which is also why I never buy any type of used MassMarket book online.
    In person, there is a local used bookstore that I go to often, and there is also a new & used book outlet right down the road from me. It has such an over stock, they permanently have a 2 for $5 deal! (Greatest. Store. Ever!)
    I don’t do library at all either. There is something about that musty library book smell that the books get… I just don’t trust them.
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  7. Nathan (@reviewbarn)

    That is weird. I still use the library quite a bit. Honestly what has slowed my library use is that they have e-books available now. But we still rotate the kiddo’s books from there almost weekly.

    And the used book store? My favorite place in town. Though I don’t spend much money there since I always have a few finished copies of books I am not likely to reread around…
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  8. Joséphine Simone

    HAHAHA! I love this. On one hand, they’re all pre-loved books, so what’s the difference? On the other hand, yes! there are varying levels of used. I find myself gravitating to the library less and less nowadays because for older books, the states they’re in can be rather questionable, such that I rather go and buy a new book for myself.

    Once in a while I do buy second-hand books but since I come across them less and less, I hardly think about this anymore. I guess now I’d only buy used books if they’re out of print and I can’t get them otherwise anymore.
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  9. Lisa (@TenaciousReader)

    I actually don’t mind library books because its one less book I need to figure out where to put when I’m done reading. I guess I could do giveaways now that I have a blog. 🙂 That said, I have gotten some that have turned my stomach a bit. I honestly have such a preference for ebooks and audiobooks that I don’t buy physical books very often at all, used or new.
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  10. Marianne @ Boricuan Bookworms

    I buy books sometimes from this website called ThriftBooks, but whenever the description says “ex library book” I can’t buy it. I just cringe thinking of the numberof people that may have come into contact with the book… Like what if they took really bad care of the book? Can I believe that a large amount of people took care of the book? *shudders*
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  11. Diamond Dee @ Dee's Reads

    I LOVE used book stores! I even volunteer at one that is through the library (but wait!) it’s NOT library books. They are books donated to the library by citizens and then we sell them and the profit goes to the programs for the patrons 😀 It’s really cool.

    You know, I used to ONLY go to the library, but I actually am a lot like you with your issue with these gross old books. Library books…I love them if they’re newish. I just can’t borrow / buy a book that is super old and gross and the cover is all sticky and uhhhhh like you said — blacklight test?! bleugh.

    But I love used bookstores and you know, you’re right they are usually only one owner—lotsa times you can tell they never even read it it just sat there on their bookcase for years and years. 🙂 So I love used bookstores (plus the smell of an old book…).. I just like owning books too, I am the type of pick one up randomly and want to rifle through it. *shrugs* I also read a lot of used books I buy and then just donate them back to the library if I feel I won’t read it again/ know it’s not a popular book that anyone would want in like a giveaway or anything. Classics especially I love to own used and new copies. lol. So I can underline in one copy and have another copy just because it’s old and worn and who knows who read it before me?

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  12. Wendleness

    I love used books, not just because cheap, but because of the life that book has had before it found me. The last second hand book i bought i specifically chose because it was an ex-library book!

    If you’re worried about what would show up under a black light, i have to ask… what kind of books are you buying!? 😉
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    • Tabitha (Pabkins)

      Haha – no I definitely don’t borrow any books of that kind. I heard some crazy story about the Fifty Shades of Grey library books. I haven’t read it though but I thought the story was pretty ick.

      Mostly I just worry about people who take their books into the bathroom with them. Cause so many people don’t even wash their hands when going to public bathrooms imagine how icky they could be in their own homes!
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  13. Angie @Angela's Anxious Life

    I suppose we all have our thing… I love library books and I have never received one that I thought was dirty. Not that I can think of. Though one time I spilled a drink on a new Stephanie Plum book and felt bad about it. Whoever was going to read it next was going to have wrinkled pages. I recently went to goodwill an bought like 10 books! They were just great finds. I was so happy to find them.
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  14. Kel @ Booked til Tuesday

    Hmm, that is a little odd, though I suppose I can see your reasoning. I don’t mind buying used library books, especially hardcovers, because they have a plastic covering that usually keeps them in better condition than other used books, but some of them can be trashed, too, like any other used book.
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  15. Michelle @ In Libris Veritas

    I rarely buy books. I rely solely on review copies and books people bring into the store, or free kindle books. I do use the library but it’s rare because I have to go out of town to get to a decent one. I’m not really that squeamish about where the books come from or what’s on them so I don’t really mind too much.
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  16. Danya @ Fine Print

    Obviously I use the library a ton, but I’m also a pretty big used book enthusiast. I won’t disagree with your black light fears: sometimes there is some super gross stuff on library books! Maybe it’s the assumption that used books have only been read once that makes them more acceptable? Hmm. Often I will get a book from the library, read it, and then try to track down a used copy for my personal collection…because I’m cheap like that. 😉
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  17. fishgirl182

    Hmmm is it a germ thing or do you just think that the books will be in bad condition if they’ve been borrowed? It’s probably true that people will treat a book worse if they know it’s not theirs but, since you’re not keeping it, does it matter if it’s slightly beat up?

    I personally love physical books from the library. It helps scratch that itch when I want to buy a book but maybe don’t have the money. It’s also just great since I don’t want to keep every book I read. I agree that your reasoning is a little odd but hey, whatever works for you. 🙂
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