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May 14, 2015 About Me, Discussion 15

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With the arrival of my little one I’ve become totally addicted to my e-reader. I’ve always liked the convenience of the easy page turning – but hate that it’s harder to cheat and read the last chapter when I need to relieve suspense / tension. I guess that’s a good thing right?  – my ereader is keeping me more honest and not peeking ahead.

What I’ve been using the library for in the past was just strictly audio books. Now I’ve been using it like crazy for ebooks. And I’ve even downloaded and listened to two music albums via the library this month. The new Mumford & Sons and Imagine Dragons albums. Cool right?

Now when I want to read something I search all my different library accounts before buying!

I definitely prefer overdrive so far of all the DOWNLOADABLE ways you can check things out from the library. There are so many different third party sites that libraries use to provide digital content these days. I’m not even going to bother listing all the ones I’ve encountered but my two favorites so far are:

OVERDRIVE (you don’t have to download their app, the content will trader to your phone or your ereader, so this is definitely my favorite)
– Audiobooks
– ebooks

HOOPLA – you HAVE to download their app! I’ve only done one Audio book this way because it’s annoying you have to download their specific hoopla app to use it on your phone. I’ve decided to use this one only on my iPad for music and movies!
– audiobooks
– music
– movies

Anyways I’ve gone crazy with the library accounts! I have so many!

– I have one for my city – Sacramento
– Then I drove two hours to the “big city” San Francisco and got one there. Luckily as long as you live in state they will issue you a card IF you still apply in person. So you’ve really gotta want that card to make the drive lol
– Then I have one for the next county over, it’s 15 minutes away
– And my sister let’s me use her online library account that is out of state (pretty good selection)
– And my mother opened a library card in Louisville KY that I have access to (but their selection seems pretty weak where fantasy and science fiction is concerned so I don’t bother with it)

Are any of you as addicted to the library as I am? How many library accounts do you have? Do any of you live in a big city and yet DON’T HAVE A LIBRARY CARD?

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15 Responses to “I’m addicted, yeah baby I know it. – Libraries”

  1. Catherine

    Haha, I can’t believe you used to go read the last chapter of the book! 🙂 We don’t really have a big library culture here in South Africa, whether it be physical or digital.

  2. blodeuedd

    LOL. But yes of course I have a library card at the place I live now. And the next let’s call it county over is really close so of course I have a card. I can just bike there. I also got one from another town cos I studied there, and I have used it when I have visited a friend 😉
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  3. Anne

    I live near Chicago. I use my sister’s card which has a network of 20+ libraries plus an online book/movie source, Hoopla. My library has a small network of about 10 libraries and has Overdrive. I pretty much just use my sister’s with mine as a back up if her system doesn’t have something I want.

    I started using her card when I moved to an unincorporated area which had no “deal” with any library. She had no car, so I functioned as her book mobile. It was a win-win.

  4. Anne @ Lovely Literature

    I have never considered getting more than one library card! I think I’m technically still signed up for three because I never cancelled my hometown or college ones… But, I love my library because it connects with 10 libraries across the county and loans books between. So it’s like I have multiple cards! But, I could get so many more since there are lots of cities squished together here (twin cities metro). Hmm, wonder if I should look into it!
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  5. Quinn @ Quinn's Book Nook

    I’m so glad you’re loving the libraries lately. I work in a public library, and I think we have so much to offer. I love Overdrive, too. It’s my favorite, although I do use Hoopla sometimes. And also 3M Cloud (That’s my least favorite). I’ve only used Hoopla once to listen to music, but I should do that more. Especially to listen to Mumford & Sons!
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  6. Mary @ BookSwarm

    Holy cow, Tabitha! You’re too funny! I only have one library card but there are multiple branches in Richland County that I can use, if I need to. Actually, right now, I’m so overwhelmed by eARCs (not that it’s a bad kind of overwhelmed), that I haven’t used my library in forever. Poor library. I hope it’s doing okay. I do wave at it as I drive past.
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  7. Micheline @ Lunar Rainbows Reviews

    Coming from a VERY small community, libraries were never my go-to option growing up, my mom would just take me to the bookstore. As an adult, I do wish that my area did have more library options. It would save me a ton of money and well, I like the idea of borrowing books that way, especially nowadays since you can check out ebooks and audiobooks!
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  8. Lynn

    I actually love the library and have done since I was little so totally understand your love too.
    I have my library card for the borough in which I live and then I use my husbands card (which, I made him apply for!) because he works in the city so it’s a bigger library and this way I get the choice from both- badabing. I never thought I would love reading electronic books but I’m now becoming really grouchy when I buy books and they don’t have a kindle version – and it’s surprising how many new books out there don’t have an electronic version which I really don’t understand. I will more than likely buy the book if I love it because frankly my love of actual books is never going to wane but in terms of reading electronic is so damned easy. You buy it and it’s there immediately, you can carry thousands of books round in your bag! It’s easy to make highlights on or save quotes. I can read in bed, lying down and just casually swipe the page with my thumb – ha, try doing that with a big doorstopper – you’ll be smothered – in which case don’t try it but just imagine it!
    Anyway, essay over, I’ll just go…..
    Lynn 😀
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  9. a

    I love the library as well! I can get nearly every single book I want to read and everything just runs so smoothly! Overdrive is amazing because it means I don’t even have to get out of my chair to get a book haha it’s good for the couch potato in me.
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  10. Chrystal

    I have memberships for two libraries – my little town and the big city that I work in. Each have locations in the surrounding counties so there are TONS of books and I adore OVERDRIVE too! I really need to get back to using my library more instead of buying books. Before I started my blog I would walk into the library and just browse the shelves and come home with four or five books and would read them all by the due date. I read a lot more that way and now I do not read nearly as much. Perhaps that’s the problem… maybe I need to go back to having to “give the books back” and I’d read more. 😉

    You’ve inspired me to make this coming summer a summer of visiting the library!

  11. Jeann @ Happy Indulgence

    I’ve used OverDrive before and I know how awesome it is with a really extensive catalogue, although my public library doesn’t go through it. I love going to the library and putting all recent books that I want to read on hold, they have a pretty good collection for it!
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  12. Valerie

    I absolutely love my library, and without it I definitely wouldn’t be able to read ALL THE BOOKS that I have been reading this year hahah! It would be really sad! And yes, Overdrive is amazing! I have never heard of HOOPLA before (Spongebob?)
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  13. Kel @ Booked til Tuesday

    I use the library pretty often (though more for hard copies than digital). I get a free card to the library in the town where I work because I tutor there. I also have a county library card that works at another library about 20 minutes from home in the opposite direction (though I don’t use that much). Those are really the best options since my township has nothing and the closest library has a severely limited selection and charges you for a card if you live outside its town.
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