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That’s a Wrap! – April has me getting closer to normal reading speed! I jumped back up to 17 books read this past month. Up from the 9 I read during March.  So definite improvements there.


Not Yet Read News:

  • I’m pretty proud of myself that out of the 30 days in April I only missed posting content on 5 of those days!! Though I haven’t been very good at keeping up with commenting back because I just haven’t had as much of the time.
  • Just for now – I’m trying to visit back blogs and read/comment there more so then replying to comments on my posts since I have such limited computer time. And I’d much rather visit my bloggy friends to see what they’ve been up to / reading. But I’m trying to comment back here as I have the time as well.


About Me Junk:

  • SICK SICK SICK! I’ve been so nasty sick. The toddler gave me and the baby the funkiest cold ever. So the only one in the house who hasn’t caught this plague has been the husband. And thank goodness otherwise we’d all have starved to death! Oh and my voice sounds like Darth Vader right now.
  • I’m still crunching away on audio books because they are such an easy way to read while still holding the baby. But I’m also reading much more on my ereader. I got an early Mother’s day present – a NEW KINDLE VOYAGE! (with the citron origami cover). I am so suprised that I like this cover as much as I do. The baby has been wanting to snuggle laying down constantly in order for him to fall asleep. So I prop the stand up and lay down and read over his head and flick to the next page with a finger. Pretty groovy.
  • Currently reading: KNIGHT’S SHADOW by Sebastien de Castell
  • Currently listening to: CURSED MOON by Jaye Wells – actually I’ll finish this in an hour and move onto GRACE OF KINGS by Ken Liu
  • Currently Watching: IS IT WRONG TO PICK UP GIRLS IN A DUNGEON on CrunchyRoll – I subscribe to this anime streaming service for like $7 a month and really its because my husband. We both love anime but he’s the one that watches it on a daily basis and reads tons of manga. There is this new anime that just started a few weeks ago. It’s a fantasy one with an RPG type twist. Where there are adventurers and they go into the dungeon and kill monsters. Anyways its sweet and funny, I highly recommend this fantasy action adventure anime!

    The main character is Bel – the guy with the white hair on the left. The girl is Hestia his Goddess who grants him the powers to slay monsters.

  • Currently crafting: Nothing – I’m a failure. The sickness has hit me so hard that I don’t have the energy!



This section is really just for my own records to keep track of what books have entered my house during the month whether I bought, borrowed, received for review, unsolicited surprises or was gifted them and the count of whether I was able to get enough review books read to stay caught up.

Review Books/Audio received – 24
Unsolicited books – 5
Gifted, Purchased and Won books – 13
Total books received added to review TBR (does not include unsolicited and gifted/purchased/won books) – 24

Review Books read – 15
Personal books read – 2
Total Books read – 17
Status – 24 – 15 = 9  


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APRIL Top Shelf


UPROOTED by Naomi Novik | Tabitha’s Review coming in a few days! | Goodreads | Amazon

So completely TOTALLY amazing you have no idea! I LOVED this book so much that I thought about it literally for days afterwards. In the middle of the night walking around rocking the baby to sleep even. It was that good. Now among my favorites!!



I’ve definitely done way better this past month knocking the books out. Here is hoping next month is even better! I’m gonna shoot for at least 20 in May!

GOLDEN SON by Pierce Brown (audio)
UPROOTED by Naomi Novik
PRUDENCE by Gail Carriger (audio)
HEXED by Keven Hearne (audio)
– JINN AND JUICE by Nicole Peeler (audio)
THE FORBIDDEN LIBRARY by Django Wexler (audio)
THE SIN EATER’S DAUGHTER by Melinda Salisbury (audio)
BECOMING JINN by Lori Goldstien
THE SHADOW REVOLUTION by Clay and Susan Griffith
AN EMBER IN THE ASHES by Sabaa Tahir (audio)
MAGONIA by Maria Dahvana Headley


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20 Responses to “That’s a Wrap! – April 2015”

  1. Mogsy @ BiblioSanctum

    I was just telling someone today how much I actually like the kickstand on the origami cover. I too use it when I’m holding and feeding the baby, or when I’m having lunch, or in the bath where I prop it by the tub where it won’t get wet but where I can still see it. It’s a wonky cover, but so far that feature has been worth it.
    Mogsy @ BiblioSanctum recently posted…Book Review: Garden of Dreams & Desires by Kristen PainterMy Profile

  2. Tammy @ Books, Bones and Buffy

    You’re putting me to shame reading 17 books in a month! I’m so envious. And with a new baby and toddler! Don’t know how you do it. Well I hope you’re feeling better! I was sick for almost 2 weeks this month too and it sucked big time. Ooh can’t wait to get started on Uprooted!
    Tammy @ Books, Bones and Buffy recently posted…Over-Booked [24] – A Book Haul PostMy Profile

  3. Lynn

    Wow, “Impressive. Most impressive” – thought I’d throw in a Darth quote for you – you’ve had a great month (the power of the force is clearly strong for you) – plus a little baby and toddler and not feeling well! I consider myself to be doing really well if I get through 9 or 10 books a month.
    Hope you’re feeling better soon.
    Lynn 😀
    Lynn recently posted…Hexed (The Sisters of Witchdown) by Michael Alan NelsonMy Profile

  4. Dragana

    Wow you skipped only 5 days. Good job. When my kid was so small, I was happy if I could post 5 times a month. You are a super-blogger. 🙂
    Toddlers are germ-magnets. My son always gets sick first and then we all fall down under the plague, as you said it. I hope you get better soon!
    That’s the way I read on a Kindle with a baby too. It’s pretty easy, when you get the hang of it. And you can read on Kindle and breastfeed at the same time (if you are doing that of course).
    Dragana recently posted…April 2015-Monthly RewindMy Profile

  5. Micheline @ Lunar Rainbows Reviews

    I totally agree with you: when I’m pressed for time, I prefer visiting blogger friends and commenting there than replying on my own blog where they might not even see/read it. You had a seriously fantastic month blog/reading wise. Wow! I’m envious of your schedule 🙂 Sorry to see that (almost) your entire household was sick though. But hey, sounding like Darth Vader on May the Fourth is kind of cool – but only if you’re a geek like me LOL I hope you all feel better soon, happy reading and have a wonderful May!! x
    Micheline @ Lunar Rainbows Reviews recently posted…ARC Review: The Wrath & The DawnMy Profile

  6. Anne @ Lovely Literature

    Wowza, you read and reviewed so much in April. I can’t imagine how much you can do without being sick. Hope you are feeling better! Also, Uprooted is my next read, probably later tonight. I’m glad to see how much you liked it!
    Anne @ Lovely Literature recently posted…Monthly Wrap Up: April 2015My Profile

  7. Danya @ Fine Print

    Tabitha, you are just…you are blogging goals. HA! The fact that you read 20 books this month – with a new baby – blows my mind. I’m very intrigued by the anime RPG show you’re watching; may have to recommend that to my guy, who’s a HUGE lover of anime. Hyperbole and a Half has long been a favourite of mine; I think God of Cake is one of the best ones. That and the one where Allie keeps saying “parp” instead of “park” after her dental surgery, hahaha.
    Danya @ Fine Print recently posted…Review: Crimson Bound by Rosamund HodgeMy Profile

    • Tabitha (Not Yet Read)

      You definitely need to tell him about IS IT WRONG TO PICK UP GIRLS IN A DUNGEON?! My husband and I are both really enjoying it. I made him promise to wait to watch it with me every Friday when the new episode comes out on crunchy roll. Normally we can’t watch anime together because we start a new series together and then I want to go to bed after a few episodes then he stays up and binge watches the rest. Every time he does that!!

      Well I’ve done good reading wise only because of audio books. 9 of those were audio and hey hyperbole is like reading a comic does ur even count? Lol

      I got it because of the depression parts and it was such a good way to inform my husband about depression. Sometimes People who don’t go thru it have such a hard time understanding I think.
      Tabitha (Not Yet Read) recently posted…Review: The Shattered Court by M.J. ScottMy Profile