Book Binging – ALA 2015 – Where I tested the weight limit of my car

July 10, 2015 Book Binging, Event 16


I returned from ALA and San Francisco over a week ago…

It was a lot of fun of course. I was able to snag a bunch of books for myself as well as some for other bloggers that I’ll be mailing out uhhh hopefully next week?

and of course I procrastinated about sorting my book loot until this week. What can I say I was beat! I’m way out of shape from having the baby..I know excuses excuses. Anways – I’m too lazy to list all the books that I acquired. I will however show you a few pictures of my most anticipated ones in groups of 9 books each. Then just a shot of the others I’ve put on the shelves.

ALA batch 1


ALA Batch second ALA batch 3 ALA haul 1


and here is another shelf yeah I suck at cropping right now…



ALA haul 2



I did also get a huge stack of middle grade books. I swear ALA is the middle grade fiction mecha. I also made it a mission to get as many childrens picture books as I could because my toddler is 3 in a few weeks and he loves books (YES!). I was able to go home with 31! I made a killing on the last day buying deep discount picture books as well as the giveaway ones publishers were promoting. So many adorable books!


I was so excited that I didn’t plan any schedules for book drops for this event. I didn’t want to have to worry too much. We perused the schedules the night before each day and made our plans then and it helped to keep things from being too stressful.

What was amazing was that I managed to meet a few fabulous authors that I love! KELLEY ARMSTRONG and ERIN BOW! I absolutely ADORE their books

My poor little prius was so packed with books I was worried we were going to bottom out driving home from San Francisco.

Anya is the best!

Anya and I had a great time. She is the absolute best person to room with at conventions. We work so perfectly together as well as apart. I’ve yet to meet a blogger that I am more comfortable with. I totally love her and miss her so much already. Aside from going to ALA we just had a relaxing week at my house lounging around doing art and her reading.

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16 Responses to “Book Binging – ALA 2015 – Where I tested the weight limit of my car”

  1. Micheline @ Lunar Rainbows Reviews

    YAY for having a blast, ALL the books, the authors and awesome roomies 😀 I love looking at book-loot so thanks for sharing pictures of all the lovely stuff you got! I hope you enjoy ALL of these and I can’t wait to read your thoughts on them all! Welcome back! x
    Micheline @ Lunar Rainbows Reviews recently posted…Stacking the Shelves *48*My Profile

  2. kimberly

    It’s so hard to not want all the books! These are some great ones. I’m currently reading an ARC of Illuminae, and I’m really enjoying it. Trying very hard to convince myself to go to the gym instead of going home to read now!
    kimberly recently posted…Review: Girl Underwater by Claire KellsMy Profile

  3. Diamond Dee @ Dee's Reads

    aww it sounds like you had so much fun!!
    Do you know if ALA will be in SF next year too? If so I want to go!! It would e more affordable than going to BEA in Chicago (alas, I can only go to one, if I’m lucky!)
    That’s really cool that you got to go with Anya! ^_^ You got some amazing books! I mean…wow Kelley Armstrong! she’s awesome! And I’m dying tor read Soundless >.<
    Oh I didn’t know ALA was the middle grade mecca?? That is soooo cool. you know me and middle grade right? lol 0.o I love me some middle grade… wonder what you got?!? That’s so cute your little kiddo loves reading (I hope mine does!)
    Diamond Dee @ Dee’s Reads recently posted…Review: Pride & Prejudice (Manga Classics)My Profile