Art it Up! (55) – Studio Ghibli & Little Red Riding Hood #Amigurumi

August 27, 2015 Art it Up! 22

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This week’s art

I made this adorable Little Red Riding Hood amigurumi toy that I am so proud of since I designed it myself. I plan to make a wolf too. Though this little girl has already been sold (I was amazed that three different people wanted to buy her so I’ll have to make a few more eventually) Honestly I get bored if I make the same exact doll over and over again lol so it will be a few dolls before I make another and I’ll likely make one with blonde hair and another with brown. The wolf will probably happen first.


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What I’m doing right now

Since this post is late in going up you get to know what I started working on yesterday. I decided I’m going to try to keep my instagram pictures to mostly finished pictures and I’ll have a section here in the weekly Art it Up! for my works in progress shots.


Have you noticed I have craft attention deficit? I’m always wanting to try new things. Or go back and forth between things I’ve already done (though drawing and toymaking are my favorites).

I decided to try making a picture out of craft felt so here is the beginnings of a KIKI’S DELIVERY SERVICE fanart out of felt.


I am ALMOST done with this doll in a TOTORO costume. I designed it myself so I’ve had to rework the ears and leaf a few times to my satisfaction. I saw another lady who had made a similar one and since I’m the biggest Studio Ghibli fan I of course had to give it a try. I’ll have to make a version 2 as while I like this one so far I think I can still make improvements. All that’s left is sewing the belly embroidery, the nose embroidery, giving it some hair and sewing down the eyes and ears. I am also working on a dust sprite scarf for it – if that doesn’t work out I’ll make a different scarf.

I will definitely be doing a little girl and her red umbrella to match! and a little white and blue totoro.

totoro kiki art


This Week’s Crafty AGGRAVATION!

I have a free day away from the kids today (omg has hell frozen over right?) and I’m just sort of at a loss for starting or completing any of my projects. I guess the downside of having too many things going at once is that you can get overwhelmed by them! Oh the aggravation though? Not having the materials immediately on hand that you need which necessitates another trip to the supply store which then eats up valuable amounts of my child free time! Grrrr – and people wonder why I hoard supplies. For moments like these (that and I just have an addiction)

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22 Responses to “Art it Up! (55) – Studio Ghibli & Little Red Riding Hood #Amigurumi”

  1. Emily Alfano

    She’s so cute Tab!! I absolutely adore her! I can see why so many people wanted to buy her in the first place! Great job! Out of curiosity- how many hours did it take you to make her? She seems like a lot of hard work went into her!
    Emily Alfano recently posted…Top Ten Tuesday (106)My Profile

  2. Silvara

    I love that little red riding hood doll you made! And I’m totally not surprised you had more than one offer for her. I’m actually surprised you only had 3! *laughs* I actually talked myself out of trying to buy her off you since she’d just end up on a shelf looking pretty in my house. And I was sure there was a little kid somewhere who’d play with and love her.

    And hoarding is totally a failing of mine. I have TWO baskets for my yarn collection. They’re waist-high and 2-feet wide (square shaped) and both are filled to the brim with yarn. I keep telling myself I’m not allowed to buy anymore until I’ve used up at least one basket worth…that doesn’t always work though. I just brought home 5 new skeins this past week. *laughs*
    Silvara recently posted…Fantasy Creature Friday – Mares of Diomedes!My Profile

  3. Zezee

    Those are so cute! I love that Totoro amigurumi. I also have an attention deficit when it comes to art too. I enjoy starting projects. I always thinking of something new but I sometimes for get to complete them.
    Zezee recently posted…Weekend Reads #17: On TranslationsMy Profile