Audiobook Review: Deadly Spells by Jaye Wells

August 25, 2015 3 stars, Book Review 5

Audiobook Review: Deadly Spells by Jaye WellsDeadly Spells by Jaye Wells
Series: Prospero's War #3
Published by Orbit Books, Recorded Books on February 10, 2015
Genres: Urban Fantasy
Pages: 400
Length: 10 hours, 13 minutes
Format: Audiobook
Source: Publisher
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After the grisly murder of a dirty magic coven leader, Kate Prospero and The Magical Enforcement Agency team up with the local police to find the killer. But as the infighting between covens turns ugly, an all-out war brews in the slums of Babylon.

When a tenacious reporter sticks her nose in both the investigation and Prospero's past in the covens, old ghosts resurface. The team will have to use all the weapons in their arsenal to stop the coven war and find the killer before the case brings down all their careers - and their lives.

Deadly Spells is the third novel in the Prospero's War series that started with Dirty Magic and Cursed Moon!

I had a up and down experience with the Prospero’s War series. Deadly Spells was quite enjoyable but not as much as Dirty Magic or Cursed Moon. Things seemed to move at a much more sedate pace and with me that doesn’t always work since I’m a bit of an adrenaline junkie. Still it was a good continuation of the story and there are a lot of things we learn about Kate’s past.

Sometimes you just wanna slap a …

Kate can be sooo exacerbating at times. If you’ve read this far in the series I’m sure you know exactly what I mean. But even with her faults I still like her because those faults make her a realistic character I can get behind. Some of the people I love the most also annoy me the most so I can’t fault her that I sometimes want to face punch her.

Who dunit!?

I love that this series is are quick easy reads. There is a fine line that urban fantasy books must walk with me in order to keep me hooked on the action and yet not overload me with TOO much action nor bore me with too much leg work. These books walk the line pretty well. There is still an equal portion of mystery to keep my gears whirring and time given over to the characters. I wouldn’t have minded just a bit more action in the first half of Deadly Spells though.

The right amount of spice

I love it that they call magic cooking haha. Also considering that its essentially taken the place of drugs in a contemporary thriller type book it makes this work so well. The romantic elements are developing at a decent rate. I think often urban fantasy gets a bad rap for being too heavy on the romance and moving too fast. There is definitely nothing moving fast romantically with Kate but we finally see some developments that I’m going lead top something in the next book.

The letter of the law

Kate isn’t our wasn’t a stranger to breaking the law when she was young. It’s been interesting to see all the things her and her other law enforcement colleagues also have in their past as well as what they are willing to do these days to get the job done.

The slow goings of Police Procedurals

Listening to these books has made me realize that I’m not the hugest police procedural reader. I don’t remember if I felt this way with the first two books but sometimes the procedural elements can have things moving slow and that is what I felt this time around.

Thoughts on Narration

Oh HOW WELL the narrator Morgan Hallett pulls off this character. I will definitely have to check out some other books. The pace and spunk of Kate is captured so well by Morgan that I know I’ll always have to stick with the audio format. If you’re looking to give these books a try I highly recommend the audio format. I don’t think I would have continued reading if it weren’t for the excellent narration.

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      I agree – killer narration. You know I’m right there with you. Perhaps I wasn’t in the mood for it but I don’t know if that was the case I think this one just didn’t have the oomph for me that the other two did. Especially the first that’s the one I’ve liked the most. I don’t know at this point if I’ll continue if there are more. I guess we’ll see how I feel when the next one comes out.
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